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All user reviews for the Ecler nuo4

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
 1 user review14 %
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jguastel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good restaurant"

Ecler nuo4
Not rackable.

Inputs: 4 phono / RCA + 1 x RCA + USB computer to manage the MIDI mapping + RCA in / out for effects
Output: XLR Audio OUT1 OUT2 + Audio (booth) with volume control RCA + Audio + MIDI out REC

Sampling not applicable because it does not have a sound card or digital effects.

4 channels (assignabls effects on all channels) + path PC

3-band EQ with Bass switch off


Table very easy to use (from a 2-way).

Manual clear and sufficient also for MIDI.

Very well thought out ergonomics of this table is really accomplished, with big buttons and functions are easily identifiable and accessible.


No breath, effective equalizer, though kill would have been interesting!
The sound is very good quality analog, nothing to say, I use it with studio monitors so a default would be easy to detect.


I use it for a year, I have not tried a lot of models before using it, given my experience in DJing but perfectly meets my expectations, can be integrated effects would be interesting but if it comes at the expense audio quality as with some brands so it's not worth ...
+: Very good construction and elements of high quality, audio quality unquestionable, not expensive, all the essential elements are in it.
-: Effects would be interesting, though the fact you can use MIDI erases somewhat the default (but it makes more work for the preparation of loops for example).

volcom2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the top for me !!!!!"

Ecler nuo4
c is a table with simple but very component costo! any reliable representation for dj'ing or evening course wild dj volcom thank you !!!!!


very large knobs robust nival cuts


Calita one of his nikel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


c is a very good dj gear volcom thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tweak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo4
10 for MIDI when we retouve leaving only the Xone 92 2 times more expensive option. It was very convenient for me and I could still use more in the synchronization of the drum machine and all my order from nuo.
I also put 10 for the cross p'tain missing just a little flexibility, but some people like that it resists all a little bit. It depends on the tastes and colors.
10 for EQ and gain.
10 for the scalability of the product. Can be mounted above the cross ethernal HAK360 (that rivals all the same with that of the rane TTM56) and for riders who can win the gain.


The manual is good but damn if I mention a anner not mistaken. From memory it is said that in setting cut to adjust finely the cutoff point of the cross is the cross innactif home. Quietly I have not touched this setting for at least a year because he was advised to let off on a cross as ethernal is not mounted. Except that this setting works perfectly even with the original cross.
I ask a lot but can be a kill switch like the bass was present for the mid and treble ca would have been terrible for a creative point of view and the table would have been completely hybrid (mix, scratch and components with the pm)
Personally I used to use 3 and also with MixVibes Pro 6. It works perfectly but now I go to the TTM57 SL because I want to cross an even more flexible (I could have a ethernal) but I also want a dedicated table with a scratch and scratch for ergonomics with controls directly and not through the computer keyboard. The thing that I will miss is the MIDI. (To AC remains the possibility of using a control pad and it's good luck I need one)

Seen by a meter would have been better and the screen around the cross is a bit fragile (although I have many, many scratched and the screen is part of that 2cm ², while the cross was no sign of fatigue; I've also seen a Pioneer DJM909 completely polished by the finger of a scratcher so the nuo comes out again not too bad.)
-1 For all of the same screen.


Great sound
Warm and pleasant
No saturation, no distortion
Same for EQ
The cut is fine to fine scratch

RAS for sound what is ultimately most important.


I am very happy with my nuo. It all:
MIDI (you can get away with soft and with a DJ on a laptop and that's enough)
of which kill and musical EQ
Balanced outputs
if it is not enough gain can be added riders to win 6dB
A send and return effects is by pre or post fader
The headphone and Cue mix
2 headphone jacks
A cross of thunder, strong (2 years of scratch and it has not moved, it is still soft, I had to blow guns once and for all it's form)
There is a low line input that helped me out often to get a synth on the table.
there are plenty of gain and a beautiful sound and no audible breath reading. A slight breath but if one is to knock on the master and the amp and there is no light read but it is especially not a realistic condition of use.

I gladly referrer this purchase, rappport money is very good, it's been two years since I use it, I tested Numark Pro SM 1 2 3 DXM06 and 09, Pioneer DJM 400, 800, 707 and 909, Rodec , amix, gemini, smack ecler 40, nuo 2, 3, 4 and HAK360, ttm56.
I go to the TTM57SL because I do not need 4 channels and I want a special table and the best in its field. I took the nuo 4 knowing that for € 750 2 years ago was the best hybrid (mix, scratch and noon) and without taking risks without compromising on features and quality until they really find my way.

djsebr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo4
See global opinion


See global opinion


See global opinion


I use the nuo4 for 1 year, I could be really happy, the sound is nickel buttons equalizer enjoyable, it has a more micro way with knob straight (which is rare). but now that the guarantee is now Exceeds, go lments of bulk aa first t prcoute a button that only worked on one track, and a bad contact the headphone (fortunately it is as collateral APSS) but since I have another button that prcoute DCON, and since yesterday it's a gain knob which cuts, it is too early by night, and I think that the other buttons will surely follow.
Mike Kröfone03/03/2007

Mike Kröfone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo4
- Is the rack? yes, the brackets are optional.
- How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns ...)? 4WAY that channels 2 and 3 assignabes Midi. Eternal crossfader optional (standard on laNuo5)
- What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? RCA on all channels, XLR L & R for RCA Master 1 and Master 2. ConnectionUSB Firewire for items of message to PC or MAC.
- The effects section is it integrated? ... No, only the Nuo5, but can put FX on each channel with the bulk of the + TAP manual 4-stroke synchronizes the effects on the track played.


- The general configuration is it simple? In my opinion yes.
- The usual functions are they easily accessible? Yes as long as you read the manual for MIDI.
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ... Yes very clear.


- The console is transparent? Yes and very pleasant to listen
- Introduced she breath? Absolutely no
- The equalizer is effective? ... kill it! Kill the Bass is very convenient, Bass / Med / treble from 0 to + 10 very precise


- How long have you use it? 1 year
- What is so special that you like most and least? + The ease of use of MIDI control, the precision of the equalization
- Have you tried many other models before buying it? Ecler MAC 70, Ecler SMAC, Rodec MX180 MK2 / 3, Vestax ...
- How would you rate the quality / price? Very good views of the functionalities
- With experience, you do again this choice? ... 100%

ML's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo4
Ecler DJ Division (
and / or
ECA Distibuteur France (


The console is very simple to use and installation.
Everything is clean and clear of prcis THE FIRST page of the manual knob on the top of the table


The console is well and truly transparent and the breath is nonexistent.

Posibilit to select the Hi-Line, Low-Line or Phono input is exclente.

In terms of EQ, the knobs are large, flexible and above all enjoyable trs handle.
Bass Cut switch ... trs sympa!
Each EQ (Treble, Mid, Bass) goes OFF 10.

Trs faders are flexible and there is no lag (unlike what I've read in other forums).

The output level of the console is REALLY 0db and does not saturate immediately, there is a good margin ...
So an output level Relle! and not "bidouillquot; normment consoles like non-pro and very popular.


I use it for a month in my studio to mix and record analog synths of rooter, my computer and even a television ... everything is nikel.

I test several tables before it and without any hsitation, I chose the NUO 4.

Report qualitprix is ​​a good choice trs, of course it has no effect Intgr but thanks to the MIDI you can control absolutely everything you want.

The pros: The table.
The -: Another table

This form is not the best table on the market but the price and I got, it is!
In addition, it is the only table / MIDI controller on the market right?

If c'tait again, I Rasht the same again and again;)

SuperClubber's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo4
Dj Console 11 inputs, 5 way. 3 band equalizer per track + killswitch on bass. Gain 15 dB per track. 2 XLR + RCA master outputs.
dpart effect on 4-track switch with pre / post.
Connection to the PC with USB connection for sending MIDI messages through the potentiometers of the environment.


Trs simple CASC, the manual is in French and well done. REFERENCE less clear that the march of my NSIS = Mackie but not bad.
The functionality of a USB connection on a PC is fabulous because it is used to control a virtual mixing software directly from the conbsole!
It's absolutely g-nial! It is also possible to use the knobs to CONTRL software such as Reason and Rebirth in MIDI! In fact it is this feature that made me dpenser about 200 more for the Nuo4 while a Nuo 2 or 3 would have sufficed. I'm not.


The quality looks nickel, and finally nothing to do with my old mixer. Curves qualisation can really change the sound without losing too much momentum.
Being able to add 15 dB of gain per track is particularly apprciable connects computer to play mp3 trs whose level is variable.


I bought it yesterday! It is great and totally rpond my expectations. Anyway with a price of more than 700, I expected something that explodes my old mixing desk. I expect my next night to see what was going to give, I hate to be.