M-Audio Axiom 49
M-Audio Axiom 49
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All user reviews for the M-Audio Axiom 49

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 54 reviews )
 28 reviews52 %
 23 reviews43 %
 3 reviews6 %

beatsbyclos's review"Axiom 49 Review by C-Los"

M-Audio Axiom 49
M-Audio’s Axiom 49 MIDI keyboard controller is a great board! In my opinion, it’s probably one of the best out there. Producers who are skilled in playing piano gravitate toward this controller for the semi-weighted keys alone. I’ve seen many people from bedroom producers to long-time professionals utilize this controller in their studio, and I definitely understand, and agree, with their weapon of choice.

The Axiom was my second MIDI keyboard controller. I bought it used from a user on Ebay. It served it’s purpose well and though I do not have it hooked up to use in my studio anymore, it is still capable of getting the job done should I need it again. During its time of service, I used this controller for everything from school projects, to commercial productions, and a lot of practicing, all within Logic Pro, Maschine, or a combination of the two. Before I bought the Maschine hardware, I also used the Axiom 49 to program my drums and different instruments I created using vocal samples I recorded. This board also has faders and knobs that useful for setting volumes or automation. I also would use the board to control basic functions within Logic.

The Axiom 49 is very sturdy weighing six pounds. Like many boards this size, the Axiom 49 has nine faders, and rotary knobs, and eight soft drum pads. There’s also a modulation wheel and pitch-bend controller. The thing I like best about this keyboard is the semi-weighted keys. I now use a Nektar Impact controller and I wish I could take the keys of my Axiom and put them on the Nektar controller! I love the feel of playing a real piano no matter what instrument I’m actually playing. It just feels right. The faders are nice to have, but they are limited to being programmed to control one track. If you wanted to control another track you would have to reprogram it to do so. The transport bar is very convenient. Without having to go back and forth in between my keyboard and computer, I can play, stop, rewind, fast forward, cycle, and record right from my keyboard. The other thing I wish I can salvage from this keyboard is the rotary knobs. I love them because they are infinite not having a start and stop point. Because of this, I am able to automate any parameter I come across while producing and mixing music. The only board I know that offers this is Nektar’s Panorama series. The only reason I do not use this board now is because the sensor alignment for my pitch-bend wheel is off and it hinders what I play when creating music. It was so bad at one point, before I realized the real problem, I literally transposed and entire song I did song I made a while ago because I thought that key was off somehow, when in fact the pitch-bend knob was not resting in the “neutral” position when not being touched. Though I can turn it off, I am finding that I desire to use the wheel more often, but it would come at the expense of constantly adjusting.

The Axiom 49 is a great controller, especially for experienced keyboard players. The price is not as competitive as others, but you will get more of the features that you need (and maybe want) by investing in this controller. Forty-nine keys may not be enough for some, but for most this board will exceed expectations.

Semi-weighted keys
Infinite rotary knobs

Be careful when using knobs not to move unwanted parameters

johnrae's review"My 2nd Favorite Small Scale Midi Keyboard"

M-Audio Axiom 49
The M-Audio Axiom 25 is a 25 key, semi weighted keyboard, with 8 pads, 8 knobs, a set of transports and a modulation and pitch bend wheel. The feel of this keyboard is AWESOME. I HIGHLY recommend the larger size models of this line for a keyboard, but I use this one as my small scale midi keyboard. It's my second favorite for the size, and it just feels great. The semi-weighted keys are awesome, and the drum pads are great. I have used this keyboard for a while and love it.


Instillation is simple as plugging it in and mapping it to Ableton Live. Everything works fine, but the knobs feel a little clunky and rough, but passable. I love the pads, they feel awesome, and the keys feel SO good under your fingers. I love the general feel of the whole thing and everything has the perfect amount of responsiveness. I love the way that they feel so much, that I bought a 64 key version that I use for pads, leads, and some piano stuff. I'm thinking about picking up another one for live performance. The modulation and pitch bend wheels also feel AWESOME. They are super responsive and smooth.


This is my 2nd favorite keyboard because of it's feel. The keys feel SO good, and the pads rock, though the knobs are nothing special. I use this as my secondary small scale keyboard, and the Roland A-300 Pro as my main. I do love this one though, but the A-300 has more knobs and sliders, and is 20 bucks cheaper and spans 4 octaves. What this lacks in controls it makes up for in the incredible feel and response. The newest version comes with one fader that I've messed with and feels pretty good, so pick one up if you want. I highly recommend this keyboard.

stompboxjon's review"Axiom is one of the better midi keyboards"

M-Audio Axiom 49
The M Audio Axiom 25 is a great midi keyboard that will work with virtually any computer music software. I am pretty sure at their website they also have updates just in case that for some reason it doesn't work with your DAW or Sequencing program. You can connect using midi cords or usb. I used usb just because for my mobile set up it was a lot easier to use and just plug in.


Its actually really easy to get set up, just plug and play. You may need to update the drivers though but no need to worry they come with the Axiom when you purchase it. Or if you buy it used or lose the disk you can always do it from their website without any problems. M Audio is usually really good with handling their customers and they will do what they can to keep you up and running.
As far as the manual goes, I did have to use it several times because of all the menu options and buttons on the board. It was a little overwhelming to have all of those options on just a midi keyboard. Not to mention and midi keyboard with its own viewing screen. Now the screen isn't too big though its really small but it will do the job.


For the price, which is pretty high. But its worth the buy! There are a lot of midi keyboards on the market today and to me a lot of them basically have the same options but this one actually has a good weight to it. Its not built cheap. Even though its just a 25, they make them all the way up to 88. I have used the 88 before an it felt like I was going through progressions on a real piano. But the keys aren't too heavy so you can still get those quick synth and leads in. I am a happy M audio customer and will continue to be for years to come. I recommend this midi controller.

ericthegreat's review"Good midi board for a starter"

M-Audio Axiom 49
The M audio axiom 49 is a great keyboard for your midi production system. With enough knobs and sliders to program to all of your functions that you program has. I have used this will Logic and fl studio and had no problem doing so.


I like being able to mute, solo, play, stop, rewind, forward, and record without ever touching the mouse and the fact that pressing stop twice brings the marker to the beginning of the session or loop point. The new keybed is also nice too. It's not as stiff as the first Axiom controllers. It kinda has this extremely light piano feel but yet the keys aren't so heavy where you'll still feel comfortable whether you're playing pianos, synth, or expressive drum parts. The pads are cool as well. Even though M-Audio could make em' a tad bit "fatter" like MPC style pads, they still feel good when i'm doing drums from Ultrabeat or my own personal sounds in the EXS24. The only thing I have against it is that when you're "slam-dancin" on the pads to much, they tend to blank out a little but it dosen't happen that often. Not to mention i'm sure that M-Audio will work out the minor bugs in future versions of the OS. Above all else it's a great feeling controller and my next move will probably be the 61 key version when I install Logic on my new MacBook Pro. I recommend it for flawless workflow in sequencing or recording on Logic, or anything else for that matter. New buyers don't forget to download the HyperControl protocol for whatever software you're using from m-audio.com


Overall its great, it comes in the 49 and a few other versions, I must say the feel of it is great. Like I said before the keys arent too heavy so you can still play your leads on it well. But when you first get it if you buy it brand new the keys will be kinda stiff. But they will loosin right up for you after a few uses.

James...'s review"Excellent small midi controller"

M-Audio Axiom 49
M-Audio Axiom 25 MIDI Controller Keyboard Features at a Glance:

25-key velocity-sensitive semi-weighted action keyboard with assignable aftertouch
8 MIDI-assignable trigger pads
8 MIDI-assignable rotary encoder knobs
6 transport buttons reassignable to other MIDI parameters
Assignable pitch bend and modulation wheels
Octave up/down; transpose up/down
Preset / program change / MIDI channel +/- buttons
Backlit LCD screen
Sustain and expression pedal jacks
Built-in USB MIDI interface including standard MIDI In and Out jacks
Powered via USB or optional power supply

I purchased this unit for a number of reasons. It's compact, high quality, has USB, encoders, beat pads, and good keys. I compose with Cubase as well as a few other programs and I needed a new compact controller for that use.


Out of the box, the unit is easy to use. Simply install the driver and go. Some softwares will require a bit of setup, but that has nothing much to do with the axiom itself. Most of the functions are ready to go. The factory settings have been well thought out and assigning pads and encoders is quick with most software. I really like using this unit with ableton live. It integrates quickly and effortlessly.

The manual does a good job of describing features. I really like the different velocity curves available on the axiom. You can choose from a variety of attack curves to match your playing style.


By far my favorite thing about this unit is the keys. They feel real. The weighting is much better than other controllers. It gives that real piano feeling that I need when I track. The pads on the other hand are just okay. Usually I set the velocity to flat because with a curve they are all over the place. Pretty annoying, but they work. The encoders feel sort of clicky in a way I'm not crazy about, but again, they work well. I don't use them much in the studio. They come in handy sometimes playing live. The menu is quite deep and requires a manual unless you REALLY know what you're doing. Don't try to program it on the fly. I doubt many users will need to do much programming though. It comes with most everything done for you. The abilities the axiom gives you are a great addition though for those of us who like to mess around.

If the keys didn't feel wonderful, this would be a so so value product. Fortunately, M-audio got this one right. The keys feel great, and for that I give it a high level of value. I can also say that the quality is great since I've banged it around for a while now and it hasn't hiccuped. Overall I'm very impressed. It's not perfect, but for the value it can't be beat.

yoTrakkz's review"M-Audio Midi Controller For The Pros.."

M-Audio Axiom 49
M-Audio Midi controller has extremely easy connectivity to your computer/daw. Everything with this midi keyboard can be personalized to fit how you want it. It has plenty of knobs and sliders that you can program with your daw to move just about anything. I have used this midi controller for almost 3 years now and it is still my favorite controller. It has velocity-sensitivity keys and a very compact design that will look amazing in your studio. Not to mention the MPC like pads that can be programmed for your drums. Its like having a keyboard and MPC all in 1 unit. The m-audio 61 controller comes with 5 octaves and you can go low or higher than that with the push of a button. This midi controller has everything need for the seasoned keyboard player or the rookie just starting out.


The M-Audio midi control is by far one of the easiest pieces of gear you will every have to configure and/or set up. Just hook it up to your computer through midi or through usb. Insert the disk (it comes with the keyboard) and load the drivers up, you only have to do this the first time you set up. Go into your program and enable it, and you are good to go. It is compatible with almost any daw/program you can think of. There is a blue screen on the face of the keyboard so you can see what octave you are on, or to work your way through the programs and options.


Overall this is a great board, I love how easy it is to use this board and it works perfect with pro tools and fl studio. I am extremely happy with my purchase of the M-Audio 61 controller. This is a very sturdy board, it has good weight to it and it doesn't feel cheap or like plastic. A lot of midi controllers feel like toys and are very cheap. This one will last you for a long time without a doubt and work with any daw and/or computer you have in your setup. I am glad I chose this board to go with for my second time around. My first board was extremely cheap, and this one makes you feel like a pro!

Anonymous 's review

M-Audio Axiom 49
The M-Audio Axiom 25 controller is the preferred controller of one of my dear friends, and one day, I got curious, and just had to go sneak a peek.

The first thing that struck me about the Axiom was its feel. The thing FELT well made, and looked far more expensive than it actually was. The Axiom 25 has 25 keys, obviously, and as far as connections goes, has the entire suite. It has the USB connection, which eliminates the need for an external power supply, but also has MIDI out and IN, which is very nice considering the price point. It also has connections for the sustain and expression pedals, and of course, the power jack should one choose to use the MIDI connections instead of the USB.

It also has knobs that are continuous, meaning they don't start and end anywhere. This is nice because it means that the knobs don't have certain positions "hard-coded" into them. On non-continuous knobs, if you have a parameter set to 100, but the knob is turned down to zero, and turned the knob up, the value would reset to zero before increasing with the knob. With the Axiom, there's no worrying about that at all.

The Axiom also includes drums pads which are very useful when programming beats. It is far easier to use than a keyboard, which I am stuck with most of the time.


What blew me away were the keys. Granted, with 25 keys, am I going to be playing any sonatas? No, but the semi weighted keys on the Axiom are far superior to the trampolines that plague the Keystations and Oxygens. And again, the knobs were a big deal, as were the included drum pads.


The Axiom is a piece of magic. Unfortunately for my spoilt keyboardist self, the lowest I can ever deal with happily is 61 keys, and the Axiom 61 is considerably more expensive than the 25. However, it is a far more comprehensive MIDI controller than the other offerings from M-Audio, and I suggest you try it out before you settle for anything less.

ElectronikPromo's review"Very Satisfied!"

M-Audio Axiom 49
The M-Audio Axiom 49 has a TON of features which makes me very happy with it, it comes with 8 knobs, 9 faders, 8 drum pads, a pitch bend wheel, a mod wheel and of course 49 semi weighted piano keys.

On the back it has plug-ins for an expression pedal and a sustain pedal, MIDI out, MIDI in, USB, 9v power and a on/off switch.


This product can be very confusing to a new user of MIDI keyboards. The manual can be a little vague on some points and the customization of the MIDI controllers is very tedious and frustrating. For some this can be a good thing or a bad thing but if you get confused easily and aren't very "computer savvy" then you might want to reconsider your choice.


I like the amount of customization it offers and the feel of the keys. I dislike how confusing the interface can be. It was a great deal for the price. There was a little bit of latency in my DAW but that was taken care of by using ASIO for my audio driver.

MGR/ctargia's review"M-AUDIO Axiom 49 Key MIDI"

M-Audio Axiom 49
Axiom 49 - Advanced 49-Key Semi-Weighted USB MIDI Controller

I set up a student music studio/computer lab in college, the lab had these keyboards hooked up to them. I have experience setting up and playing with this keyboard for Garage Band, Logic Pro, and Albeton Live

This is a great keyboard. I love the way the keys feel, the semi-weighted keys play just as I want them to. It reads velocities correctly, some other keyboards I have played will play either too soft or too loud of a velocity compared to what you are actually playing. It comes with a driver disk, but I never needed to use them. However I never tried to use it on a windows machine. But for Macs it will work no problem. All of the knobs on the keyboard can be customized to different midi functions depending on what software you are using. Channel pressure, pitch bend, modulation, etc. Its a great keyboard and will work well and with minimal setup for many programs.

I honestly can't think of any cons, It is big and not as easy to carry around as a smaller 25-key midi controller, but if you want more keys you need a bigger keyboard. Although the top and low ends of the pitch bends kind of maxed out before you extend them all the way. The best way for me to explain it is, when I go to bend the pitch up, about 1/8' before the pitch bend knob reaches its end, The controller reaches the highest point. So basically you don't have as much control of your pitch bends as you had ought to. Hope that makes sense.

Great quality, durable construction.

It is a great keyboard, and is no that expensive. You can do a lot with it and is a great addition for your studio, or for performance if you play through a laptop, the possibilities are endless depending on what software you use.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

moosers's review

M-Audio Axiom 49
The M-Audio Axiom 25 is a MIDI controller that like the name states, has 25 keys. As far as it's connections go, it's got a USB port, which can provide power, as well as a MIDI input and a MIDI output. It also has 1/4" connections for sustain and expression pedals, and for a power supply if you aren't using the USB port. It's a very complete MIDI controller, with just about all of the parameters and control that you'd want from a MIDI controller.


It didn't take too long for me to get used to the make up of the M-Audio Axiom 25. I do have a good amount of experience with different MIDI controllers, but even if you don't I think you'd be able to catch on pretty quickly. In addition to the 25 keys, it's got a transport section with control over your playback and record buttons, as well as both pitch and modulation wheels. It also has eight trigger pads, which to me are one of the best features on this. It then has eight programmable parameter knobs, an LED screen, an octave selector, and a variety of other parameters to control. A manual might not be a bad idea, but probably isn't necessary.


As far as 25 key MIDI controllers go, the M-Audio Axiom 25 is definitley one of the best ones on the market. It's got all of the parameters that you'd want, including the trigger pads, which are perfect for programming beats. Everything is pretty straight forward, so it isn't like it has all of this features and isn't still user friendly. While I do like the feel of the keyboard, it isn't as good as the Pro 88, although it definitely does the job fine and better than the other lower end M-Audio MIDI Controllers. M-Audio has some great MIDI controllers at very reasonable prices, and the Axiom 25 to me is one of their best...