M-Audio Key Rig 49
M-Audio Key Rig 49

Key Rig 49, 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio in the Key Rig series.

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All user reviews for the M-Audio Key Rig 49

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 19 reviews )
 6 reviews32 %
 11 reviews58 %
 1 user review5 %

sahamusic's review"A great MIDI controller for basic stuffs"

M-Audio Key Rig 49
I used M-audio Keyrig 49 with cubase 5 in a Windows 7 PC.

The Keyboard has velocity sensitive keys. I personally like this keys for playing synth instruments rapidly.

It has no advanced function buttons. It has one slider, octave buttons.

No faders, transport controls, knobs & pads. But it will suit for basic MIDI recording and editing.

Only one disadvantage is the modulation and pitch bend wheel are sticky rubbery materials.

Generally It is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users.

YuriW's review"Does its job fairly well!"

M-Audio Key Rig 49
I make soundtracks for videogames and after more than enough time writing all the lines for my midi instruments in Logic’s piano roll I decided to buy a controler to make the whole production process faster and more musical. The chosen one was this M-Audio KeyRig 49.
It has four octaves of velocity sensitive keys (but no aftertouch!), a modulation wheel, a pitch bend wheel, a volume fader, octave up/down buttons, an ‘edit’ button (more on that later), sustain pedal input, on/off switch, finally the usb port to connect it to your computer (no ac needed), and absolutely nothing else.

Construction is pretty good, but feels like it would get damaged if you drop it from a not so short height. No worries if you're always leaving it in the studio, just keep the box in case you need to move it somewhere else. Overall I really like the clean no-knobs look of it and its silver color.


On a Mac you simply plug it, Logic recognizes the new midi in and you can start playing right away. If you're a piano player you probably won't like the weight and overall feel of the keys, they're plastic-y and very light. I (not a piano player at all) also prefer heavier keys, but these ones will do the job just fine.

The only time I've ever read the manual was when I wanted to learn how to send the midi data to a channel different than one, and this is how you do it: press the 'edit' button once, the red light above it starts blinking, then you press one of the keyboards white keys for the desired channel (from D1 up), so: D1 for channel 1, E1 ch2, F1 ch3 and etc. I find it a clever way to reach a function like the midi channel select with only one button and the controller keys, very usefull if you like to have many instruments in the same instance of Kontakt, for example. The Keyrig probably has another couple nice things hidden in the manual, but seriously, I've never really bothered reading it past the channel select thing, never felt the need to.

For a long time I didn't feel like I was being less productive for not having knobs or faders or pads on the controller. Even if I record an automation with that I always end up polishing it later in the mix, inside Logic. If you also do it, you probably won't miss the knobs too.


I've tested many other controllers and keyboards from friends before buying the KeyRig 49, and think I've made a really good choice. For me and for my job, a midi controller is a tool that helps you have ideas faster: it's way more musical and productive to play around with a few keys to find a melody for a theme than to write it all on the piano roll or score editor and hit play on the DAW to hear how it sounds like every time you change a couple notes. The KeyRig does that without the extra clutter (and price) of a lot of knobs and pads.

One thing that would be cool though is the aftertouch, its a nice and visually clean way to control a parameter in many virtual instruments that I miss here.

Being a 49 keys controller I wouldn't call it exactly portable, but its also not huge and, compared to my LPK25, the two extra octaves are indeed quite useful to hear how a bass line sounds against a melody, to quickly make and visualize really open chord structures or the full note range of an instrument (or at least most of it). The LPK25 obviously wins on portability - and I have one because out of the studio two octaves are still better than none -, but I think that the KeyRig has a good bit of both things: its big enough to give you possibilites, but small enough to be carried around with not much hassle.

So if you really don't need all the bells and whistles of a full-featured midi controller, get a keyrig, you won't regret it.

stompboxjon's review"good but nothing special"

M-Audio Key Rig 49
M Audio Key Rig 49 is a midi controller that can be used in almost any software that is on the market. I think it’s a good handy little midi controller even though I got rid of it because I wanted more octaves so I when with a 61 midi keyboard in the end. But the M Audio Key Rig will get the job done especially if you aren’t really a pianist and don’t need that many octaves.

The keys are pretty light and plastic like, they really don’t have any weight to them but to most people that is fine but if you every messed with a real piano or a good digital piano then you will know the difference and it will feel like a toy. But its not designed to be like a digital piano, even though there are midi keyboards on the market that do have weighted keys this isn’t one of them.

Setting it up is really easy just go into your midi options, and with this board you can use USB it doesn’t have to be used with midi. If you don’t have a preset for it available in your software just use a generic controller that will be fine. Trying to use the touch sensitive option wont work though because the keys arent weighted so its point this to try to get tension and release with the keys.

Overall, it’s a pretty basic controller there are a lot on the market just like it. There are no programmable knobs or sliders that you can automate on this board. Check into some of the other M Audio boards if you need more options that are available the Key Rig 49 is just a standard midi keyboard that will get the job done. Its also very portable and extremely light, and takes up hardly any space at all. Great for use with a laptop.

yoTrakkz's review"great midi controller"

M-Audio Key Rig 49
I came across the M Audio Key Rig 49 because, I was looking for a larger controller to use with Reason, and came across this one for a great price. I was hesitant to buy it since I was afraid it was too cheaply made to hold up to regular use, but it has done well. My old controller was an M-Audio Ozone that only had 25 keys, but also had a lot more bells and whistles that were never used. The Ozone was also a pain to setup in Reason and frequently needed to be tweaked. In my case I only needed a keyboard controller since I have better firewire interfaces for everything else.

This one could not be more simple. 49 full size paddle style keys, Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels, Octave Up/Down buttons and an on board volume. The back panel is even more simple with a USB socket, Sustain pedal input, and an on/off switch.

Power is through the USB connection, and it was immediately recognized by Reason. I've been through hundreds of patches now and can say I am thrilled by its performance.

The Key Rig software is also great. I have had a lot of fun tweaking sounds to make them work the way I need them too. It actually took more time for me to setup the Keyrig software for this controller than it did setting it up with Reason 4 which surprised me. I have a lot more sounds to play with, and a lot more control over tonal parameters, in Reason 4, but Keyrig is really great standalone software too. If you just need great classic keyboard and piano sounds then the Keyrig software may be all you need to record or perform with.

This is a great keyboard controller for a home studio style setup. You basically open your software and start playing. No delays are present on my dinosaur PC setup so it should be great on anything P4 or above.

JackLudden's review

M-Audio Key Rig 49
I have been using this MIDI controller for about 3 months. It seems to be meant to be a compact, simple and easy to use MIDI controller that you can keep on your DAW desk for easy access. To that end, it works great and I'm very happy with it. You get 49 keys, not a whole keyboard, however there is a simple button layout for switching which traditional octaves are being covered by the keyboard section. So unless you're trying to play something with a really big note range, it isn't a problem. This is more suited for playing monophonic synth or piano lines, or something like that, rather than playing full piano parts with rhythm and lead within them. The key action is not that life-like when compared to a piano, but rather the light, bouncy action that you expect from a low cost keyboard. This is fine, considering the common application of just laying down simple synth lines.

It has a volume slider which can be used to change your output velocity. It also has a pitch bend wheel that snaps back to center, which is useful for the more lively sounding synth lines. In addition, it has a mod wheel, which can also provide for more dynamic performances. It also is rather comact, sleek, and stylish, so it looks good up on the DAW desk. Connection to your DAW is also a cinch - no MIDI interface required - so you just plug in the USB cable after installing the provided driver, and you should be good to go. Not only that, but the unit is powered by the USB as well, so this cuts down greatly on the amount of cables needed. It also has a jack for a sustain pedal (not included), and an on/off switch to kill the light blue LEDs when not in use. I have used other MIDI keyboards, and while this won't amaze anyone, certainly gets the job done and looks good doing it. It's also pretty cheap, so it's a great value. I'd buy it again.

Standalone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good MIDI keyboard!"

M-Audio Key Rig 49
I use this MIDI device for 3 years on an iMac with Logic Pro, and I'm really satisfied. Imperceptible latency (which is not the case in Windows) and precision in velocity.

Excellent keyboard for € 100 at the time being. The lightness of the keys makes it an ideal keyboard for composing studio, but not really suitable for a stage play.

boumbadaboum's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good product, simple and without headaches"

M-Audio Key Rig 49
I bought new in store, I liked at first its simplicity and price for the number of keys.
Before buying it I was torn between taking a simple model like this one or go on something more sophisticated (Oxigen, Behringer) I finally took without much thought, to prevent regrets given the price, and The gamble paid off as much satisfies me.

This is simply a master keyboard, so it has 49 keys, which manages the velocity rather well, you get used to some nuances.
As to the touch, I'm not keyboardist, so I can not judge accurately, but I can say that it bothers me absolutely not, on the other hand obviously it's not a piano, any so people who want a master keyboard or a synth with a touch tapper rather know that it takes in brands such as Roland, and in more expensive models (at least triple or quadruple that ...).
To pitch bend little regret because it is difficult to use because of its shape but not very comfortable to strength and we get out of the modulation is not bad, nothing more.
The volume fader is, it does its job, on the other hand the "Edit Mode", I do not know what it is and my software can not use it for the reconnaire, so too bad, anyway I 'm doing very well without!

Aesthetic level it is no more, the plastic is not too too cheap, strength level I'm afraid it is fragile (although AC is unfounded) because it is light weight level, he never travels and I am particularly careful with no problem for now. The seller told me 2 years warranty info.

GNU / Linux is Plug and Play, I really appreciate this if you know what I mean ;) I use it with Hydrogen (and jack of course), two three and this is synth niquel.

Its characteristic that I like most, he has no great fault, he does his job in general so automatically it's a delight to use.
Its characteristic that I like least, pitch bend not too handy, but not much!

I find the price / quality ratio Hon (89 € in store), as it does the minimum of a master keyboard well, know that the KeyStation is the old version of KeyRig, and we can not say that it changes a lot, so if you find a KeyStation, it's interesting to take it because it is cheaper (about € 50), and the quality / price ratio becomes great because we have a product with a certain quality at a very affordable.

I advise beginners in computer music or those looking for a keyboard frills.
If I had to make a choice, with the experience I have now I think I would have from the beginning Tappe high (300-400 € perhaps more), but in this range we do not really better, So I would say a big yes!

laurent_conte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a good USB keyboard on a Budget"

M-Audio Key Rig 49
I use it since 2009.

I had some on hand but that the keyboard was my first, the time it's my favorite ... the axioms are nice, but ultimately the weighted keys tire me: p

Very well made, my 4 year old son is in very much fun but the machine does not move.

We do not expect much from a device like the exception for which it was bought, and what level he filled his office, no surprise:

I recommend it to anyone looking for a simple keyboard and studio budget, without controlling.

Separate control them and the keyboard gives more flexibility, and allows to go to gig without the keyboard (which is used to dial), and its controlers have to play live on the sound and loops prepared.

Raphael.T.18's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great price / quality ratio to start MAO"

M-Audio Key Rig 49
I use it for about a month and I'm very happy! This is the first I bought, and what I think is a terrific value! This e keys are not so heavy not even touched a piano, but very satisfying to start computer music!
I am very happy with my choice, I hesitated with the model a bit bigger, but in fact one and perfect for my office! I would do this willingly choice!

Zeknas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Crap ...."

M-Audio Key Rig 49
Not even a year and a dj down! Big stew ... Cheap but you get what you pay for ... I just wanted a small keyboard to enter my data on the computer and the keyboard fit that need. A priori, should have a resistance: no transport, still warm in the studio. No, just used the USB and dj that no longer works. But that's not all: Can not run the software that comes with: full of patches available on the M-Audio (English of course, is always easier ...) but not one that works! The updates do not even find the original software installed from the CD! Stay away! And running quickly and more!