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7/8 strings guitar pickups user reviews

  • EMG 57-7H

    EMG 57-7H - "Hard-rock, rock and metal sounds are here !!"


    Originally, this pickup was on my Schecter Jeff Loomis. You can hear the sound of this pickup in the "media" section. 3 samples: - clean sound (gain = 2, treble mid & bass = 5, volume = 3) - crunch sound (gain = 8, treble, mid & bass = 5, volum…

  • EMG 707

    EMG 707 - nickname009's review


    I can't really recall WHEN I got this pickup but it was definitely quite a few years back when I was in the 7 string phase like most people were in the late 90s early millennium. I had a bought a used Ibanez S7420. Loved the damn thing, the neck was …

  • Seymour Duncan SH-8B 7-String Invader Bridge

    Seymour Duncan SH-8B 7-String Invader Bridge - "Will fatten up any 7 string, maybe even too much"


    The Seymour Duncan Invader is one of the older extreme pickups. Before there were Bareknuckle pickups and all these extreme pickup companies there were not many really heavy passive pickups to choose from. This and the X2N were your only accessable …

  • Seymour Duncan AHB-1 7-str. Blackouts 7-string Phase I

    Seymour Duncan AHB-1 7-str. Blackouts 7-string Phase I - "7 string active warmth and fullness"


    Seymour Duncan Blackouts are taking over the metal pickup market. For the longest time there was 1 name in the active pickup market and that was EMG. Now Duncan is in the market and they are giving everyone a new look and something to compare the EMG…

  • EMG 707TW

    EMG 707TW - "Coil splitting 7 string active pickup"


    When playing extended range guitars you pretty much need active pickups to get the clarity required. EMG's were the first and are the best in this department. An active pickup means that there is a built in preamp that run on a battery in the pickup.…

  • DiMarzio DP759 PAF 7

    DiMarzio DP759 PAF 7 - "low output 7 string pickup"


    The Dimarzio PAF 7 is another pickup where I wonder why they even bothered making it in a 7 string format. Dimarzio is a modern pickup maker known for their cutting edge pickups made for contemporary music. This means they make a lot of 7 string pick…

  • DiMarzio DP820 D Activator 8 Bridge

    DiMarzio DP820 D Activator 8 Bridge - "Good passive 8 string pickup"


    With 7 and 8 string guitars it is hard to get good clarity with Passive pickups. This is one of the best passive pickups out there for 8 strings. With such low and extreme frequencies you really need the active preamp in the pickups to get the clarit…

  • DiMarzio DP793 Air Norton 7

    DiMarzio DP793 Air Norton 7 - "Great 7 string neck pickup"


    This is the 7 string version of the Air Norton pickup. The Air Norton has been gaining popularity recently mostly because of John Petrucci. John Petrucci Is the ugitar player for the progressive band Dream Theater and he is pretty much a hero for pro…

  • DiMarzio DP719 D Activator 7 Neck

    DiMarzio DP719 D Activator 7 Neck - "Active sounding passive neck pickup"


    Dimarzio is one of the most popular after market pickup makers around. They are known for their modern sounding pickups built for modern guitar players. Players like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci have been using their pickups for years an…

  • EMG 707

    EMG 707 - "Thick EMG sound for your 7 string."


    With the popularity of 7 string and larger guitars nowadays you need pickups that can accomidate these guitars and get a good tone for the users. Because of the extended frequency ranges of these guitars you need pickups with lots of clarity and dece…