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trevellin 02/29/2016

EMG 57-7H : trevellin's user review

« Hard-rock, rock and metal sounds are here !! »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
Originally, this pickup was on my Schecter Jeff Loomis.

You can hear the sound of this pickup in the "media" section.
3 samples:
- clean sound (gain = 2, treble mid & bass = 5, volume = 3)
- crunch sound (gain = 8, treble, mid & bass = 5, volume = 2)
- overdrive 2 (gain = 2, treble, mid & bass = 5, volume = 1)
Master 1 & master 2 set at 2 ; all this was recorded on my Marshall JVM 410C.

Strangely, I found it to be noise-sensitive and not as silent as it's claimed to be!
The clean sound remains clean and pretty even at a respectable volume. The crunch sound is quite good, well defined, and the overdriven sound is just awesome!! The sound always remains well defined, pretty in clean and well articulated overall.

Only downsides: the price (it costs a good €160), the sound that remains powerful and loud (don't forget it's an active pickup!!), so not as versatile as a diMarzio and it requires the guitar player to be very accurate, otherwise each and every mistake is to be heard!!

It's more of a rock, hard rock and metal-oriented pickup. So, no jazz, heh heh!