EMG 66-7
EMG 66-7

66-7, 7/8 strings guitar pickup from EMG in the 7 String series.

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Bierrepc 01/29/2014

EMG 66-7 : Bierrepc's user review

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I bought it with his companion and AB 67-7 (after burner to +20 dB). All for € 320 - $ 45 tax included FDP and customs.
To replace a couple of EMG 60-7 in the Channel and a 81 in the bridge + a
PA2 (+20 dB switch) to boost 81-7.
All connected in a Ran 7 Strings.

I'm a guitarist who quickly turned to the amp models and use on PA and monitoring.
So I have a POD HD500 and two blackstar (HT-DistX and HT-Dual) connected in LOOP for heat lamps).

2 old pickups barber began to me, and seeing this couple new pickups, I ordered.
Replacing a 60-7, the 66-7 can only be better.
In addition, the old configuration, the PA2 was used with the 81-7. Thing corrected here, since AB is trailing.
It will then allow me to ring the 66-7 in crunch tones on a clean channel.
Instead of 57-7 that will make a crunch / distortion, one hand on a more overdrive.

Nothing to say no more distortion where it is far ahead of 60-7.

So nice mics I encourage you to put in your guitar if you're a fan of the mark or, like me, you're stuck with this format bass pickups.