Roland A-37
Roland A-37
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All user reviews for the Roland A-37

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
 1 user review20 %
 4 reviews80 %
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kitof2lille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland A-37
I have a friend who had the same keyboard and I blew the engine. It is true that it is nice to work with. With a connection via the ASIO compatible sound card, it handles well. against by not using pedals yamaha style top as the effect will be reversed ...


I find this keyboard master of a good standard in terms of touch: it is a heavy half therefore not comparable with a piano, except for size. The buttons are useless to me since, once connected to the pc, it serves to call me, everything else is done on the computer. The record may be clear that if we practice the word of "master control" (which is not my case). A recommander!


I use it for a year, and despite a low rate, there is still a great value in the music via the PC. Recommend

Ludojazz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland A-37
dj was a time I use this keyboard ke matre and frankly, what happiness!

Its advantages are simple:
- The weight
- The black keys anti-draping
- Jouabilit the (semi-weighted keys, but should not be recess veteran pianist)
- The simplicity of operation (kan same is sought not hours)

Compared to other buyers if I have not had to complain, the AC transformer supplied with silent (I bought it in PROSL Belgium).


Touch is enjoyable, it is perfect and my use scne studio.
The weight is quite a plus for the fact scne.
MIDI channels are easy to select too there's no taking the head makes it worse and worse in There's a simple manual trs.


The A-37 is actually a bit expensive, cel said there's no shit, really works well and has 2 years ke I use if I buy, I would do this choice.

reXet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland A-37
MIDI controller 76-key agile, dynamic and pressure sensitive (channel aftertouch)
Compatible with General MIDI 2
Patch memory 128 users on two individual zones
Mtal finish, display 3 and 7 characters LED
Indpendantes two MIDI outputs, a MIDI input, 1 MIDI Through
Battery powered or AC adapter
CONTRL lever modulation and Pitch-Bend
"Slider" to give of
2 modes available keyboard (Lower, Upper Split)
Function "Edit" (Control, Data, Program Change)
Dclenchement of squenceur (Start / Stop)
Connectors available to sustain and expression pedals


The keyboard is a good compromise between touch synth (too soft, not very expressive) and touch piano (too hard, too slow to play rhythm). In short I was looking primarily a middle to play the piano, acoustic and electric pianos (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, etc..) Or organ (Hammond).
Its 76 keys is also a good compromise in terms of size and weight. Indeed, just as the keypad displays a robust lightweight.
I find that on the other hand is quite complex to use and program at first. Its LED screen is not what is best and will give you the bare minimum in terms of information.


+ Robusteste / weight
+ Space
+ Key Semi-ballast qualitbr /> + two MIDI outputs

- Not very intuitive
- AC adapter not supplied (abbrant)
- Price

captain.cookie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland A-37
Premire motivation: the weight!
Ultra light, it's important when you dplace often.
With a half-rack expander, was not a heavy package!

2 Motivation: the touch. A good compromise. Not too heavy, not soft.

2 MIDI, used to control a two half-rack for example. That's enough.

Enough for the two things:
Lack a modulation wheel. For the stick up, to monopolize a hand.
The transpose function is not super accessible.


Touch is a good compromise. It's all got to much sr.
But I prfre a thousand times that A37 + JV1010 XP80.
I come from Fatar SL880 and 01w/pro, and I mnage not the keys.

Here is the solid.

Sultra simple configuration. Saving patches (via LSB / MSB / CC) ultra simple. Just remember we stock o the patches!

With two MIDI, they thought 3 game modes to upper, lower and split. It's simple and effective.

Manuel OK.

Just a pity that the adapter is not supplied.
Also lacks a troisime entrepdale assignable.


I replaced my A37 01w/pro a 01 wr. For weight.

I thought taking a XP80 but the keyboard looks to me ultra fragile.
Ct budget is great value for Q / P. We can then paste a JV1010 or another expander, has opened a lot of possibilities.

I think the touch is important and all a matter of taste.
I am a fan of touch lightweight: Ensoniq (VFX, TS), K2000, ... anything that bounces.
For the keyboard from the bottom, I need the heavy / semi-heavy. L I Fatar SL880. But the A37 in its range is excellent.

Apart from the ridiculous display, the optional adapter, a modulation wheel is missing a entrepdale assignable function translates more readily available. The rest just my needs.

Chris.angel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland A-37
A-37 keyboard is the successor - dj - A-33 Hon.
It is equipped with a keyboard 76 keys (six octaves) semi-agile, sensitive, with afetertouch, a notch 3 characters LED 7 digits and a few buttons.
It possde two MIDI outputs, one between 1 Through, and all the basic functions that can be atendre a keyboard-Matra.
The power supply is ensured by an external transformer.


The A-37 is a keyboard-Matra Designed well and easy to use. The simple approach is not without foundation and minimum MIDI expriences in this type of keyboard.

The manual is comprehensive and clear rev. In addition, Roland provides a multilingual booklet explaining the basics of MIDI. Always practical for nophytes ... or to certain principles remmorer!


A-37 keyboard is rvle be a good compromise between 'features' on the one hand, and 'price' on the other. The number of keys, the 'joystick', aftertouch, MIDI functions can ensure that it can position itself as a main keyboard rich expander Home Studio, samplers, etc.. The feel somewhat 'lightweight' dcevra however pianists.

Despite the very modern look, it is unfortunate that Roland's failure CHARACTERISTICS few who have perfect destination for musicians 'electronic', including knobs for CONTRL Real Time.

Finally, dtail, it is unfortunate that food is not internal. Especially since this type of keyboard is not (too) sensitive to disturbances electro-magntiques. Similarly, it is absurd that Roland does not provide the transformer, but ... batteries!

In short, the A-37 keyboard is a robust, reliable, well Designed and which one should expect nothing less than the rle he assigned as a studio on scne.

Before you choose, determines your expectations, however, exactly for this type of keyboard ... Competition is fierce, and the characters are often complmentaires.