Ibanez AEL10E
Ibanez AEL10E

AEL10E, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Ibanez in the AEL series.

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Virtual Decadence 09/09/2005

Ibanez AEL10E : Virtual Decadence's user review


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A jumbo cutaway.
3-band EQ and contour very effective.
Lutherie average but quite consistent with the price.


The acoustic sound is not very nice (however I'm not used to jumbo). Lack of deep bass and treble that breaks non-existent ears. At the same time considering the price ...

The sound is electro against him rather surprising. The preamp is set so fine.
Passed through a tube preamp or even a POD XT (with choice of amp Piezo even if it is not for real to electro acoustic case), I get a sound that will delight fans of large rhythmic slamming or not a metal arpeggios.
Avoid ryhtmiques wholesale agreement with a pick too hard anyway.

The action is a bit high (I do not care a bit but my girlfriend was moaning a lot before I make the deal) so be sure to have it settle the purchase. Since setting .. a treat even for a little girl in hand.


I bought it as a travel guitar (electro because I travel with my Mac) and I do not really sorry for this award. I think I will use it also for the rhythm in my home studio because I can work well for the sound of rhythmic incorporated into a mix of pop rock type. When I compare the sound with an acoustic dreadnought, I cry it's so sharp (but not too unbalanced). In electro we correct it finely enough.
For a beginner, I suggest as a first electro (this says for the price, look at Cort there are probably better .. I had no time to time when I bought it)
The Ibanez however, known to be fragile, we'll see. Too bad there's no plate pickguard still nags for rhythm with a pick like me.

(EDIT: yes after a year is not beautiful tracks on the table right where you put the pickguard normally :-)).


I've had just one week.
I love the electrification. I love the clean look.
I tried all kinds of models in this price but quick. It was not necessarily the best in acoustic, but it was not the most expensive nor the least attractive and above all the sound and the possibilities of electro settings preamps justifies this choice.

08/2005 EDIT: Now it's been a year and after looking at the same price at Cort, Takamine, and even Fender, I do not necessarily view as positive on this guitar. It's still a good electro but some others are also sound more than adequate.