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  • Ovation Custom Legend 1769

    Ovation Custom Legend 1769 - "A clear, crisp, warm sounding guitar." contains audio examples


    A very nice sounding guitar. It has a crisp, clear, warm sound. Just used it at home. Never left the house. It comes with the original case. In some pictures the guitar appears without strings, but that was only for taking the pictures. The guit…

  • Ovation 1761

    Ovation 1761 - "Overpriced and Overrated"


    This is an acoustic electric guitar made by Ovation, an American company so it was made in the USA. There are controls for volume and bass and treble on it. Three are 15 frets before the cutaway and a few afterwards. It has a spruce body with a rose…

  • Ovation Ultra 1517

    Ovation Ultra 1517 - mooseherman's review


    This guitar was made in America. It has a rosewood neck, and a spruce top with a walnut bridge (which I've never encountered before). It claims to have 25 frets, but you can't reach a few of them, so in practical terms it has 22 or 23. There is a Pie…

  • Ovation CC057-H

    Ovation CC057-H - "Ovation Celebrity CC 057"


    I'm originally a piano player- picked up guitar about 10 years ago and have attempted every style up until now. I tend to naturally side with contemporary blues. I bought this for $299 at Guitar Center, I really wasn't sure what brand I was looking …

  • Ovation CC057-H

    Ovation CC057-H - "Ovation Celebrity CC 057"


    i got this guitar from a friend while i was in hawaii in the navy. i bought from him for $150. it has a tuner built in to make it easy for tuning and an electric hook up. This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com…

  • Ovation CC01

    Ovation CC01 - "Ovation Celebrity"


    I bought the guitar at Guitar Center. I paid $300. I wanted an affordable, well made acoustic/electric. The construction is first rate. The natural sound is captured well through the amplifier. It looks beautiful. It plays easily. I like eve…

  • Ovation CK057

    Ovation CK057 - "Ovation CK057"


    Purchased w/Visa at Mothers Music - Calgary AB, Canada for $495 to replace older bulkier acoustic... An Awesome guitar. It has already helped me improve my playing and is so fun to play, the sky is the limit. Firstly it looks great. It is a sup…

  • Ovation CC057-H

    Ovation CC057-H - "Ovation Celebrity CC 057"


    I purchased this guitar at Guitar center, I paid $299.00 when it was on sale. It normaly cost $399.00. That is customer cost not list price. Great sound and very comfortable to hold and play for me. The price was very reasonable for the quality of g…

  • Ovation CC057-H

    Ovation CC057-H - "Ovation Celebrity CC 057"


    I payed somewhere around 400 at Guitar Center, Seattle, WA. I started doing alot of solo gigs and needed an affordable acoustic/electric. In general I find ovations vary attractive guitars. I did a lot of research in this price range and this ovatio…

  • Ovation Legend 1777

    Ovation Legend 1777 - "Ovation Legend"


    I was looking for an acoustic guitar that i could play on stage at a loud voulume that would not feed back. I found that the legend has a mid shift control that you can use to dial out feedback. I first tried the baladeer but did not like the thick …