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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
 5 reviews83 %
 1 user review17 %
Audience: Beginners
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MGR/Michael March10/15/2006

MGR/Michael March's review"Taylor 310-CE"

Taylor 310ce
I've played guitar for over 30 years. Took my first lesson at age 10. I play guitar and mandolin, and am currently in a folk/bluegrass trio, and a four-piece rock band. I like all styles of music!

My buddy in our band plays this guitar. He was looking to step up from his other acoustic. I had owned a Taylor and really liked it, he played it and went out and found himself one. He paid $1500 new for this Taylor.

This Taylor guitar is really nice! Mahogany back and sides, Sitka spruce top. The tuners are top notch, and the fit and finish of this instrument is what you'd expect from Taylor. My partner in our band plays this one. Comes with a great hardshelled case. This guitar is rather quiet though, I guess to be expected with the mahogany body. Not a very big bottom end. Somewhat thin top end. What makes up for this is the built-in pickup and preamp. You can dial in just about any sound you'd like, and this makes up for it's shortcomings. If you're looking for something more open acoustically, I'd look around. But a great value nontheless.

The only thing I don't like about this guitar is that the tone is somewhat quiet, and thin. I guess that's due to the mahogany back and sides.

Taylor quality is well known. This is a very nice guitar. Beautiful tone woods, great fit and finish, and a nice hardshell case.

This is a beautiful, quality Taylor guitar. I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a great acoustic. The built-in electronics make it very versatile.

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MGR/Jeffy's review"Taylor 310 CE w/ Fishman Prefix Plus"

Taylor 310ce
Bought at London Guitar Shop in London Ontario Canada. I wanted a high class guitar that i would have no quams about...I was sick of cheap acoustics. This guitar automatically stuck out. The tone was sharp and clear.....and i knew it would warm up as it aged. I paid $1849 plus tax.

I love the look of this the experienced eye it is well made. the satin finish is beautiful and the sappele sides are quite stunning for the implied lower quality of the tonewood.
I dont know much about the new Taylor neck setups but i do know that whatever they did is great cuz its not much stiffer than your average electric. The fit is sits in your lap and jsut becomes apart of you.

The 12th fret seems to have a bit of a mar on it...but im not sure it might be glue or something else....and im too afraid to pick at it.....

There are no visible defects except the slight mar on the twelth fret and and little shadyness on the stain of the truss rod adjustment hole cover

This is truly an amazing guitar.....i may have even compained too much up there because i am super picky sometimes-especially with that much money. Great insrument...and im looking forward to listening to how well it ages....the sparkle when i tell a fellow guitarist that i have a taylor and the lifelong companionship of a well crated piece of art.

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MGR/L. Haqq10/06/2001

MGR/L. Haqq's review"Taylor 310 CE Acoustic/Electric"

Taylor 310ce
I got this guitar at Mars Music for around 1200 hundred bucks. At the time I bought it, I did not konw the least bit about what type of guitar to buy. I played tons of guitars in the store, and every time I ended back in the Taylor section. I needed an acoustic/electric, and the only one available that was close to my price range was the 310CE.

I like everything on this guitar. The resonance is great. It has the best action out of any guitar I have played (besides other Taylors). The treble as well as the bass in the guitar sound great; whereas some guitars only sound good in one of those areas, the Taylor sounds great in both. I have not ever had any problems with the pre-amp. The equilizer suits all of my needs.

Hoo boy, I do not think there is a single thing that i could find wrong with my Taylor.

It is a top-quality guitar, and there are no constuction problems that I have encountered yet.

Bottom line, I truly do not see why anybody would want another guitar. Given the opportunity, I suppose I would have liked to have bought a 410CE or 414CE and have gotten the white trim around the neck. Regardless of that, for the lower end of Taylors, a 310CE sure sounds close to something like one of the 800 or 900 series!
Perhaps its largely becuse of the Elixir strings that i have always played with it, but I think that most of the credit to the wonderful sound produced can be given to the guitar

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traduab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great"

Taylor 310ce
In which country was it manufactured: USA
for characteristics see the manufacturer's website


love to start the handle of this guitar, I have big hands and I feel very comfortable on it, the ergonomics are excellent including access to the treble.
we get easily a good sound, and you plug it sounds!


I play mostly unplugged rock (Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin) and variety, pop etc.. I think she is perfect.
I play on a tech jam sr 400 and I enjoy it end it's good that pete nice, finally you will understand my love and my guitareb amps too.
it has low crazy when I'm ringing a deal means all the notes with finesse. it does not have a frieze coat and has huge sustain the note lasts lasts short, but fun, for now I do not hate ...


I did that last week so a few times I will end my comments.
not to deceive me as I have done some time ago about it, trying the same brand (Takamine) not to quote her version of a handle and the body of another for the sound because the seller did not have the exact model I wanted, especially for beginners so do not do ...
I tried a good dozen different makes and models (Gibson, Takamine, Larrivee, Taylor, lag etc..) flights I have hooked up with the taylor, I tried several in the same series 700.800 (too expensive for me but I did not tell me one day, oh for 3 or 400 € more I could have a bomb and regret anything ...) these series are pretty well finished but not really big favorite sound level and then I came across this 310 it really by chance in a small shop and ouahh stuck, I'm back again and I tried again in my favorite magasibn and I was definitely excited. .
I paid € 1600 "is still too expensive, but hey" I have absolutely no regrets, so to hell with varicose veins ...
ruby rhod08/25/2008

ruby rhod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor 310ce
Made in the United States
20 boxes, more than enough for a dreadnough. system a clean preamp taylor;

three settings, bass and treble volume. very simple

handle very common. rather thin and round.


The handle is really great fun, it looks like many other guitar, it was not a lot of personality, but asked to be pleasant and it is.

access to acute is very simple via the cutaway

form is trivial since it is a dreadnought

in terms of sound. it sounds terrible, its hyper power. live, some said there was a blast on the preamp ... I never had this personal probleme.elle want the agreement fully, I change my strings before every concert, the guitar does Disagree almost never. and yes, we have never seen used tires to the bone on a ferrari ... deserves a good guitar strings good all the time!


Super well balanced in the bass and treble. bass, treble slammin.
I use it on various systems, such as HK sound, AER amps and more ...

MEDIUM strings play a lot on the sound of this guitar. elixir strings sound terrible but they are so expensive that I prefer to put martin eric clapton signature that I find give her really good.


I use it for 2 months. I use a home studio and on stage.
the features of this guitar its power, ease of play, despite pulling the big strings and the sound ... I love short.

I tried Martin D18, D35, I think it sounds ... but nothing really huge compared to the exorbitant price. Similarly for gibson, I tried humming birds, I-45, J-50, songwriter, SJ200, J150, DOVE, well I think it sounds like wood crate, except one who was above 3000 euros Euro 1500 is over my budget.ah it is on a special sound ... but to each his own m ... are fans of each brand is me taylor, here

I got a 1500 euros, with a case that I think is very well and do not sting ... it's very good ... and the price is fair compared to martin or gibson

I would do this choice, for me it's the perfect electro-acoustic

petitdavid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor 310ce
Acoustic Guitar made in El Cajun, California in 2002.
It has a handle 20 boxes all accessible through the cutaway. All notes and sound are good enough intonées. In terms of wood used, the table of resonance and sides are sapele, the soundboard spruce, mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. The glaze and the bottom edge of the box gives a natural feel while the BEYOND soundboard is brighter.
Importantly, the guitar comes with a hard case of good quality but has only one handle, which is not great for carrying the instrument on a long distance.
I put 9 because of the quadruple case that (at least) the weight of the instrument, which has only one handle that cuts a few hands.


The guitar comes with a set of Elixir strings 13/56. And I advise to keep the pulling rope. Indeed, the guitar was perfectly set and delivered pulling no problem .. you'd think the 11/48. (That's what I thought the first time I played). It is learned that to really feel the pulling and you have to beef up a bit.
I plugged in but rarely plays the fishman preamp is good and the notch filter very effective in transferring the feedback.
In addition, the mechanical reliability and maintenance of good agreement.


The sound is super clear and balanced. The guitar projects well. I can play with your fingers and cover the singer with no problem. To pick out the agreements very defined. All notes stand out bien.J 'loves to play chords with the guitar. In the solos note for note, there is no volume jumps from one string to another and the sound remains consistent. I play in jazz and blues styles rather the color of the stamp and suits me perfectly.
The stamp is very modern compared to some of Martin Gibson or other older design. That said I do not put that string in his brilliant (Elixir Nanoweb, D'addario EXP17) for which this guitar was designed. You can really play on the dynamics of the game that will be fully restored in a very direct and precise.
I do not put that 8 becaufe piezo sound is not as good as its acoustic (far from it, alas).


I for 2 years. I play all day. I played with on stage. I recorded it. In all these cases it is still responding positively to my expectations. It is an instrument of very good quality made to last and sounds typical of Taylor (used by Prince, Tracy Chapman, Doyle Dykes, etc. ..). If I had the choice again, I do it again without hesitation. This guitar made me change. She does not forgive any inaccuracy in the technique of the musician who uses it. Apart from the piezo is fairly common and carrying case that protects well but is not practical, I think that is more favorable, and I encourage you to try this beautiful dreadnought.