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AER Compact 60
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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 32 reviews )
 20 reviews63 %
 10 reviews31 %
 1 user review3 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent

moustache1947's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AER Compact 60
reverb, gain, treble serious mediums ..
60 W
jack or XLR


no manual
the sound is (in my opinion) perfect for use with microphones, however some find too compressed, I like


I use it only for singing or the sound with acoustic microphone ... I hate piezo
I therefore rule the more neutral and clear as possible


I have 2 years and last year, I purchased a second for the two connected on one serve me micro mini sound system.
I was immediately seduced by this model: power, quality, durability, mobile computing, neutrality
as any material ... he can not do everything on a power, it is no flat
value for money is good

bopel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent amp ... if it is set!"

AER Compact 60
two channels
1 jack with gain bass middle treble, switch, Mic / Line switch a "color"
1 jack / XLR with bass treble gain
1 send and return (can be used as a third input for guitar equipped with an active preamp)
1 dose knob effect (canal1/canal2) button effect level switch selection effects (4 reverb effects, chorus and mix ...)
1 master button
headphone output
tuner output
power 60 Watts RMS into 4 ohms ... Thank you for the technical information, Midièse ;-)


Very easy to use (for me essential criterion)
The sound reproduction is excellent with my archtop (its fantastic) I was also excited by rendering my first Godin (Multiac (Duet): the fact that it has two microphones allow beautiful combinations.
However, I'm a little less excited about my new rendering Godin (Multiac SA), a little dry for my taste ... Despite my mods with the knobs of the guitar AND amp.


For jazz "sound" c'' is fantastic. For Bossa Nova, Latin jazz, that's fine ... If you are not allergic to the sound that lacks a bit of roundness (nylon strings) I relativiserai specifying only a Multiac Duet, is quite impressive.


I use it for more than 5 years, with the same pleasure!
VERY convenient (no more than 6 kgs, it takes little space and yet it is enough to play in a trio / jazz 4tet), I use it now as part of a guitar duo. He also served many trio (vocals, guitar, percussion).
Well, this gem is not given, but occas' around € 600, it can be an excellent deal.

midiese's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AER Compact 60
two channels
1 jack with gain bass middle treble, switch, Mic / Line switch a "color"
1 jack / XLR with bass treble gain
1 send and return (can be used as a third input for guitar equipped with an active preamp)
1 dose knob effect (canal1/canal2) button effect level switch selection effects (4 reverb effects, chorus and mix ...)
1 master button
headphone output
tuner output
power 60 watts but nothing to do with the usual watts, here are megawatts


Very simple, one branch, we put all the knobs in the middle of equations, we drop the master and it sounds!
His most pure: you will hear the sound of your instrument


Suitable for all
guitarist singer small group (with a small mixer connected in mono output on channel 2)
but also with a strat and a GR55 or VG88: it sounds terrible!
Same with electric guitar and effects pedals (ovredrive, Crunch ...)


For 8 years, he never gave me yet ... I did not spare

Value: super top, beautiful!

Prosssper's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" beautiful"

AER Compact 60
All was said about this amp, I can only tell you my feelings on this noise that I use with an acoustic-electric guitar

Reproduction is just powerful, faithful.
piezo equipped guitar (from my perspective) or its rotten bad bill =
guitar in good order and internal mic sound quality = sublissime.

It is a powerful amp without fioritue (eq basic minimum effect).
I think, anyway, if you want to "sculpt" the SON, an external preamp is often recommended (no matter how sound or combo amp on hand).

Having used this amp with the same guitar (d first with a piezo microphone and then another system), I can tell you that everything they say about the "cold" side of the machine is wrong.

all depends on the equipment upstream: p

For what is sound, power, compact side, transportable and its operational life (I've been 11 years old) .... 10 out of 10.






must to have.

fitucci's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" AER Compact 60"

AER Compact 60
- Amplifiers non lamp acoustic instruments trend (the violin, guitar etc.).

-2 Independent channels plus an effects processor including reverb, flanger, delay choice

- 60 watts

- Inputs: XLR or jack
outputs: mix out, DI, headphones.


The configuration is it simple?

yes very simple.

Gets it easy to sound good?

Oh yes, a lot of dynamics and precision, the player has to behave.

The manual is clear and sufficient?

I do not remember to have had a look, it's a guitar amp, not an airliner.


Will it fit your style of music?

This is an amp that serves for faithfully reproduce acoustic sounds, so more transparency color.
With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
electro acoustic guitar, steel strings, nylon ...
jazz electric guitar gibson es

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold", ....)?

rather in the lens type, generosity is relative low, it is rather an amp that is in the midrange and treble, so too for bassists.

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

I like the amps have either:

personal and specific color or be transparent and allow to provide the best and in detail the quality of your playing, and it is rather lá in the second case.


How long have you use it?

2006> 2013 = 7 years

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

Plus: all in one
The least: I'm still looking ... not found

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Some modeled similar competing brands, all assets in a compact I did not find format.

How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Essential enough for semi-pro and pro lovers acoustic sound musicians in need of amplification amplifiers, this amp can be used in all types of conditions in itself á á la Grosse scene where he can (once again by the output DI) used preamp wedge for the player ... through the local clubs and repeated

Philart's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Safe and bluster"

AER Compact 60
See also


Using fairly simple. The settings are very effective and sound can (must?) Will work fine.
The manual is quite clear, but we can live without ...
Obtained immediately sound good but will have to "fine tune" with the instrument used for this amp can be used for many things: acoustic guitars, electric violin, vocals, harmonica ...
The use for the scene is perfect: small, lightweight connectors ...


There is no "bluff" as some amps can be very flattering effects immediately but ultimately boring. It has an incredible dynamic, impressive power reserves for its size. Effects (reverb, chorus, delay) are very thin and beautiful qualities you will not get a "sound space" with them ... it will require to add pedals.
No, in finesse!
I personally use a folk guitar (takamine EN10C), this is perfect! But I've played with ropes nylons (godin multiac) ... Auf! This is fantastic!


Of pro gear! (All sound engineers will tell you)
I had already used fender (nothing), a Roland AC60 (not bad but (too) immediately flattering, treble and bass less defined, and then much less dynamic power!) Of boxes direct ... Not there I SURE amp, his faithful practice, which sends THE sound of your guitar! If this is not nice ... change the guitar!
Is not given, it is true, but it is long. Look what you can put in gear we tired after a while ... It is more expensive!
le reverend10/05/2012

le reverend's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great little amp electro-ac"

AER Compact 60
Given to 60W Transistor is powerful enough
2 channels, one XLR if you will, that allows the guitar duo + micro




Sounds very nice. I play a Taylor b-equipped band, it does.
For the picking: nice
for the strumming: nice
for a drink: nice
Nice I tell you ...


Nice little amp that does well the job. easy to carry, easy to setup, good sound, what more?
ah yes, it is cheaper.

paraglisse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AER Compact 60
60 W audio amplifier
Dual channel
Some reverb


Easy to use acoustic or electric amp modeling (it's like mono hifi, it renders well the models)


Its very clean and neutral. Suitable for any acoustic guitarist wanting to be heard. Its maybe too uni-directional


Since 2010, I can use it but it is very compact, well built but expensive (800 € negotiating)

chr35's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bluffing!"

AER Compact 60
Transistor amplifier of 60 watts. All connectors are essential Submitted. Reduces effects but rather devilishly effective. A quality reverb trs own. 2 separate channels, one optimized for voice. In addition it is ultra lightweight and can be mounted on a tripod.


Config trs simple, you turn (watch the volume!) And we play. The sound is the best I've heard on an amp Electroacoustic. I redcouvre my Martin. No need for manual, everything is simple. A bit of breath occurs even when heard, but it s'loignant forget this fact.


I play contemporary pop rock guitar and vocals. Accompanied by my looper, I am thrilled. Note that output "direct" is present, and plugs into a soundcard, I can record my times with the quality of sound of the amp.


Since one month, I do not spend more. I tried everything before (Marschall 50 and 100 but too bulky goods). T20 Troubadour, good dpanner. I remake that choice without hsiter. Finally, more than 800 even when the machine!

Avilla's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Multipurpose"

AER Compact 60
Transistor amplifier (60 W)

Face (left to right):
Channel 1:
Input High / Low (impdance)
Clip / Gain / Colour / Bass / Middle / Treble
Between 6.3 mm jack. Switch to the sensitivity dajuster dentre. High (high impdance): only for instruments quipsdun pizo sensor. Low (low impdance) pramplificateurs active team of instruments and microphones magntiques. Indicator of saturation. CONTRL dentre level. Mdiums contour filter. CONTRL serious. Mdiums of CONTRL. CONTRL treble.

Channel 2:
Input Line / Mic
Clip / Gain / Bass / Treble / Eff. Pan / Select / Return / Power / Master
With combination XLR and XLR jack 6.3 mm mle. Switch to the sensitivity dajuster dentre. Line: sources with line level, instruments with active and pramplificateurs magntiques microphones, Mic: Microphone symtrique fantme powered 30V. Indicator of saturation. CONTRL dentre level. CONTRL serious. CONTRL treble. CONTRL distribution of effects between the two channels. Switch to two programs deffet (rverbration, rverbration / time limit). Levels of CONTRL leffet house. Indicator of power. CONTRL gnral volume level.

Rear (left to right):
Phones / Tuner / Line-out / DI-Out / Send / Return / F / S Power
Headphone output. Tuner Output APRS Master the CONTRL. Output (line) pramplificateur the APRS CONTRL Tone with effect from the APRS and CONTRL Master (this output can be used to lenregistrement). XLR (DI) APRS to the CONTRL Tone but no effect and before the Master CONTRL. Output for external gnrateur deffet. Between gnrateur deffet for external or other source, eg CD. Footswitch connection for a double with which the effects can be enabled / disables. Switch mains with fuse compartment (1A slow).


Configuration extremely simple!

I have a version of the manual in French quite clear to those who know the minimum amplification.
Moreover, the basic use (voice, guitar, for example) is quite intuitive and it's almost plug / play. The knobs are fairly standard across: Gain, EQ, effects, effects pan (to add or remove in one of two channels), effect level (I MODEL old with only one option rverb or a single option with Dlay rverb) and master. There are some switches to change the imput in low / high (impdance) or if line / mic on channel 2. A troisime options for both effects.

There are good sound quite easily!


This amp should totally my style of music.

I play plutt of MPB (Popular Music brsilienne), but not that of bossa and samba. So I use the guitar mainly nylon, with enough rhythm Submitted (many samba-funk, samba-rock, the more traditional genres as well, finally a broad range of rhythms and styles brsiliens). has meant that I dj branch of the voice and guitar Scheer (amplifies Obviously), but also percussion instruments with mic clip, violin rustic micro- contact, and even bass in situations galres o bassist did not take his amp!

And plays! The small bbte is really versatile! Obviously dpend this context and I do not mean that it replaces a bass amp. Far from the but the question is that for small spaces with prsentations plutt informal and quiet (small rception or bar), it works well in gnral trs for voice and guitar in particular.

And that's not all because I use it also as a return of both DI and scne, especially for rabeca (rustic violin), and my guitar (but not the two branches together of course).

For instruments (from line), this little amp is spcial for Electroacoustic guitar, especially for nylon strings. So my case, my choice lpoque do.
I use a Godin Multiac and sound from the amp is more than simply correct. It gives us back what we play.

For microphones and instruments including voice, those prfrent effects, color or warm voice or anything like that, it is better to take a further option pedals or amp. It gives back a sound quite right.

I bought long ago for playing in small bars, and for this it is very well. Not just in terms of sound but also for the practicable (lightweight, no clutter and powerful enough to be heard without breaking the ears of customers ct of the amp).


I have over 10 years (it is the old models), bought used a friend.
Adj He traveled extensively and took shots of yours forever.

Excellent voice and guitar to play in small spaces without major compromises.

But it is really versatile because I use it for some time for plutt scne as a return and DI. And this is the "most" because the analog signal processor AER Compact 60 is a dot limit, a subsonic filter and enhancer. In short, a means for Godin, just like the guitars piezo magntique dots capture the clicks of the attack of the fingers, mdiateurs or nails are partially limitsdj the source. This can be really embtant for some styles of music (with distortion, for example), but with a guitar Electroacoustic capture piezo gnral it is an asset. Just an EQ pedals and you're jou. You could almost open hand dun compressor. In any case, no longer exclusively dpend possibilities of hardware (table mix, etc.) o rooms you play for this kind of problem rgler frquent enough.

I certainly would do the same choice.