Focal CMS 65
Focal CMS 65

CMS 65, Active Monitor from Focal in the CMS series.

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All user reviews for the Focal CMS 65

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 11 reviews )
 10 reviews91 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Goldybeats's review"They do the job :)"

Focal CMS 65
I really like these CMS-65. I wanted some monitoring to creat hip hop beats and instrumentals, and they really do the job.
I compose all in the box, in Logic X.


The stereo image is very impressive, and not to much directive. You really ear what you do.


I really like the strong material, the imersive sound and the global quality.
I tryed other brand, but these CMS-65 was the best choice for me.

MGR/Czar's review"Focal CMS65"

Focal CMS 65
The focal cms65 looks plain but are far from plain monitors.

I bought mine from sweetwater brand new for $1,000 each. If your going to be mixing you need serious monitors. These are the best I've found in the $2k range

Before I purchased these I was looking at dyn audio. All the great things I heard about Focal swayed me into getting these and I'm glad I did. These monitors sound really, really good. I love the shelving options on the back.

FYI you will need to remove the grills from the monitors and insert the phase plugs. I didn't and was disappointed when I first played these monitors. Then I noticed some pics of the monitors online had the grills removed and I read on another review that they should be removed.

After removing the grills and inserting the phase plugs I was blown away. I see myself keeping these monitors for a long time.

The back of the cms65 has plenty EQ shelving options on the back, however they are hard to switch

Focal has a really good rep when it comes to monitors and these don't disappoint

Excellent flat non fatiguing monitors. These monitors really sound great. I'm very happy with this purchase

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salas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Vive le made in France"

Focal CMS 65
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
After listening to several speakers store on mix that I knew well, in the same price range, I thought it was the most accurate.

For what purpose?
I homestudiste, I record and I mix a bit of everything from pop, electro, R'n'B and after use these speakers relates corresponds well they do their taff


The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral? yes
The stereo image is good? very good
The sound is clear and precise on the spectrum? yes
The dynamics are respected? yes


It's been a little over a year that I use and I am completely satisfied, in the same price game I would do this choice without hesitation.

Obviously, it's still monitoring home studio, but you can really do a good job with it, before I had Alesis MKII active and it is I took a slap in terms of definition, clarity, ...

Leulapin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent listening semi close"

Focal CMS 65
I chose them in the cabin listening to Michenaud.
Initially I went on the Adam or Dynaudio (which I could appreciate the qualities in the studio) and then listen to these speakers proved to be the most "balanced" just when I listened to music styles very different, Cecilia Bartoli Eminem or Metallica.

They are made in France Furthermore, and in particular robust and durable materials for magnetic noise (large aluminum block).

I use them in a home studio directly behind the sound card (that I must change because suddenly I hear its limits).

I put 8 because I would have preferred more digital inputs.


The frequency curve is not flattering for all mediums are warm enough to not have the feel of a monitor "cold" where the guitars are loud and the bass is well made, even dubstep or techno we feel they grow.

The dynamic is good.

The stereo image is correct but I do not have an acoustically treated room and although it is thirty m2 this is not necessarily the right place to assess this point. In fact I did not possibly enough apart so that it is good but I have space constraints.


I use them for 8 months to replace BEHRINGER B2031A with which there is no comparison.

What I like most is the sound, the speaker size is probably the first diameter with which we can do without subwoofer. For years I looked for a quality worthy of the m series of Dynaudio but adapted to the home studio. I found something that is not nearly as good.

I tried a dozen pregnant upstream, smaller jbl's from Dynaudio (with BM12A they are almost equal playing elsewhere) on various samples.

What I like least is the lack of digital input.

With experience I will not change any of the model, this is probably the speakers who will follow me for long.

The value for money is excellent considering the audio quality as the first criterion.
Dreaming Late07/12/2012

Dreaming Late's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good choice"

Focal CMS 65
I chose these speakers after going in a listening room (the universe) where full full models were in comparative listening.
Initially, I wanted to buy another brand (I do not remember ;-) already a chouilla cheaper. But when I put Pink Floyd Gorillaz, and another person with me has more techno songs, the comparison convinced me (also elsewhere!).
Personally, I mix rock, pop, or electronica with, and it is a joy.


I found these speakers very accurate and helped me rediscover my mixes. And especially to discover the weaknesses of the mix! Formidable!
Since using them, I work faster and the result is more credible than all other audio systems.
Unclear whether they have "holes" or "bumps" in the frequencies. Probably in the ultra-low, the additional enclosure of at Focal can win.
Otherwise, my technique is "simple": I mix with these speakers, respecting the "fair use" (distance, correct local, etc ...). If I like the mix and sounds good on these speakers (balanced, accurate), then, systematically, the mix sounds good also. And that's comfortable.
Caution! They are not listening to the speakers, because it does not flatter the pieces. If there's a ball, it does not forgive, we hear (and that's the goal!).


I use them now for 10 months. Despite the price, this choice would again without hesitation. This is a quality / price / comfort / extra happiness!
In addition, the micro-adjustment on the back to fit the dynamics of the piece demonstrates the professionalism of this model.
The metal box is very good (exit plastic) and there is no room to vibrations or resonances.
General speaking, it is important to go into a listening room to compare. Certainly there are more expensive with a sound that kills, but frankly, this model there is excellent. I recommend.

rombautsdidier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focal CMS 65
What characteristics have motivated your choice?

- The fact that the frequency band is wide enough
- This is done in France

For what purpose?

- Mainly mixing and composition

What amp / What configuration? ...

- Sound card Apogee Duet 2


The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?

Yes, although I'm not in optimal conditions to judge with certainty

The stereo is good?

Yes, provided much of the place and position themselves correctly

The sound is clear and precise across the spectrum?



How long you use it?

- 9 months

What is so special that you love the most, least?

- Most: Robust construction
- The least: The price is still too expensive but it's like that when we want something of quality.

Did you tried many other models before buying it?

Yes, I had the opportunity to have the KRK and Genelec models but smaller and therefore, not playing in the same court.

How would you rate the quality / price?

Very good

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

For sure ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad!"

Focal CMS 65
What characteristics have motivated your choice? Tried in a long time friend.
For what purpose? Studio project and training computer music

What configuration? ... connected to an RME UFX Vovox with cables.


The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral? You must love philosophy Focal.
The stereo is good? very good, yes.
The sound is clear and precise across the spectrum? yes, with the sub box, mediums live longer and release a little more sound, it lives longer.
The dynamics are respected? ... yes, it's not bad at all!


How long you use it? more than two years now.
What is so special that you love the most, least? Made in France (except for the sub which is made in C. ...)
Did you tried many other models before buying it? Yes.
How would you rate the quality / price? very good!
With experience, you do again this choice? ... Difficult to have experience with the equipment that we would not have been, but the answer is yes :-)

metrax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focal CMS 65
-The sound aesthetic of the brand that I could appreciate at a mastering studio pro.
-Used with Logic 9 / Apogee together


In a room with acoustics not mastered, it's a pleasant listen, but not hard enough states, which happens to my taste very good sub. The acoustic treatment of my hut is nearing completion it gets interesting. The gap between the rough mixes and productions neat. Much easier to work, the choices are made naturally, it seems to know where it goes.


-6 Months
-Some older models or fashion.
-The very accurate picture
"Yes, for the same price

filbaron's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focal CMS 65
I bought these speakers on the simple faith of the reviews for their power suitable to my room, and sympathy for a builder who does not delegate almost nothing to its subcontractors.
These bombs are not as easy to tame as the leave the reviews suggest: The settings on the back of the speakers are actually active, it changes!
I tried everything (methodical, noting every time) and I found the sound that kills.
I would add that all variants (except mistake on the entry level!), the sound is of extreme accuracy, unmatched fidelity and warm, just the trifle that flatters the extreme realism of these devices of the devil.
The advantage (which should be a duty for that product) is a mix on it is a mix of universal, with almost always the same colors found ...
Cheers linearity and quality of components!


The dynamic is a chouille compressed, but the loyalty is to the rendezvous.
Whether to raise a little lacking is the sound a bit (but really, it's nitpicking) metal enclosures, despite a generous round and a very good accuracy. the stereo is unbelievable, near triangular (equilateral triangle between the speakers and you).


Before, I was poor, and had poor Alesis MkII, which had the advantage of producing a mix almost listenable on anything else. I worked very long on overstated Yamaha NS10, tapping for Inge sourdingues legends of rock, very linear, fine, but only from 200 Hz, in addition, I have all the precision frequencies, including the serious, and without a subwoofer, and a feeling of loyalty and strength that changes a little ...
It is more expensive, but it is one of the best purchases I've made recently.

le_kornichon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focal CMS 65
No longer stand my KRK RP5 which offered a sound very nice but were not really tools for professional work, I was looking for speakers less flattering, rising higher in the acute and more accurate in the bass.

I was very attracted to the practical aspects of CMS65: many settings and grilles (for output when taken in its natural acoustics) removable (the studio). About the gates, they retire with a small label provided, but the operation is delicate, especially for the tweeter can be damaged very easily, even with great care.

The vent front and back panel with vertical connections allow for placement against the wall, and many of the serious correction settings are then welcome (and very effective). Pity that a precision screwdriver is needed to turn the tiny buttons, it's pro and it finds its meaning in a commercial studio, but the price are intended instead to home-studio sound professionals.

The entrance is on XLR or RCA, with a gain switch (-10dB, 0dB, +4 dB). Button on / off is at the back and difficult to access if the speaker is near a wall. The front has a sleep button (with the LED red / green) and a volume control (completely useless: it sounds much better by leaving it at the bottom).

Some details could be improved, but in this price range, and even three times, I see no competitor that competes in features. 10/10!


First impression on unpacking their sound: it is very strange, dirty and aggressive, or very unpleasant. The break is very important in these pregnant after a good twenty hours of music loaded bass at a sustained level but not excessive, that changes everything!

The most successful is the media! I have never heard better, and I heard many things, and NS-10 Auratone to Boxer T4 and T5, to the Genelec 1030 and 1031, M-Audio, Edirol, and KRK, the TAD , and proactive, and Mackie, Divatec of Adam and ... From my point of view, these are absolutely perfect Focal 500 to 5000 hertz.

The grave is very successful for speakers this size: firm and precise, it descends down (up 55/60Hz or 50 Hz extreme limit taped to the wall) without masking the lower medium. Obviously, it is back and lack of energy, but we do not expect miracles with 2 x 16cm. At least, the climbs are extremely fast and dragging absolutely nonexistent.

The highs are less impressive. It does not seem to rise very high, it may lack a little brightness, flicker, so they are perfect. But as they are, listening is not tiring and perhaps more balanced (the rule of 400 000?), Certainly not flattering, and does not change with the noise level.

To return to the break, one of my speakers had a fault and was exchanged against a new one by the VAS (very slow, by the way). I was able to compare a new speaker and a lapped 3 months. Listening to them one after the other, the new seemed very small and without energy, noisy and not very defined. In stereo, the image was completely displaced to the oldest. After twenty hours, they have become identical.

Go to the price, especially for their size, they deserve a 10! But in the bass and treble, it is much better for much more, if it has a large listening room treated well ...


I have for over 4 months now, and they fully satisfy me. I add to them a good sub will come out when a Focal in this range.

I love the sleek design and professional settings, screens and sound ... not too pleasant and always very accurate. It's never a pleasure to listen to music on it, and it makes it a perfect working tool that exposes your ears to the sound as recorded, without erasing flaws (as do many monitoring low-end) or exaggerating them (such as NS10, for example).

With experience, I take some of the best for more expensive ... but I keep them!