Klein & Hummel O 300 D
Klein & Hummel O 300 D

O 300 D, Active Monitor from Klein & Hummel.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
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Le Studio Voce à Morin-Heights Q.C. Canada02/03/2013

Le Studio Voce à Morin-Heights Q.C. Canada's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Studio Monitor"

Klein & Hummel O 300 D
A friend of mine had these boxes ready for two months. After he spent the pick it was like a drug that I missed j'ėtais became addicted to Klein & Hummel. Kind of box or you can work for hours and hours without getting tired. They sound and are faithful, when I listen to mixes also the representation is the same! They are deep without ambiguities. The problem is what are costly very expensive. We must break his pig and dig deep into his pockets and borrow money from his mother to get them ...
I use them in my studio.


Neutral boxes tell you pretty quickly if your mix does not hold. It shows the most successful tv bad mixes in you're face! The accuracy of spectrum is phenomenal. The stereo image is very wide.


I own genelec which saturates too quickly to a relatively low volume ... Not Klein. I do not like the price of these boxes ... I would buy these boxes but it takes SVP sales volume to lower prices. At the same time it makes it justifies the price of renting my studio.

Psklpt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "So there is a God!""

Klein & Hummel O 300 D
3-way monitor.


Pitin OH !!!!!

I who Genelec 8050A morning ... I thought I hurt.
Ouy Ouy Ouy Ouy!!

I had chosen because it was the Genelec speakers for my taste that offered far more "definition". Accuracy in sound incredible. It's like looking through a window transparent compared to competing side gave the impression of looking through a dirty windshield while ...

But here! there!! A SLAP ds mouth.
By dint of listening to music with the 300 D ds the studio where I bump my friend the impression that the "glass" from my Genelec has soiled ... : (

The medium cone of K & H offers a clear, defined simply amazing.

on the other hand hurts to p'tites zoreilles because the ultra high treble are ultra ... say that if you fatigue the ear Genelec, they will send you to hosto:)


I tried every conceivable models (Adam, Yamaha, Focal, etc ...) and I chose the Genelec far.
But I had never heard the H & K (thankfully because I could not afford and I would have depressed:)

The price is quite expensive but hey, if one follows the other prices for other instructors who are also quite expensive (Adam, Genelec ...) is "logical".

And it's an investment for life, for sure:)

If patrons are generous, they contact me I will convey my GDI

PS: If you can not afford (€), DO NOT LISTEN / TEST NOT it makes MAAAAALLLLL

elcascador's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Klein & Hummel O 300 D
CHARACTERISTICS: I know the only monitor proximity of three-way tri-amplified existing. Rponses frquencielle, impulse, momentum and spatial near-perfect.

Usage: home studio monitoring, costs hifi, home-cinema

Config: Stro, standing in an area of ​​acoustics mdiocre (shame!)


Let's be clear: one approaches the best sound that money can buy in a configuration costs of proximity.

Previous compared with my costs, Dynaudio BM6A home:

- I never difficulty in clearly identifying a bass line, even trs deep, despite the acoustics of my local mdiocre (which never ceases to amaze me enjoyable)

- Dynamic changes in the ears pop as if they taient "amplified"

- Vocals, guitars, pianos sound with astounding clarity and naturalness scary (probably thanks to the DME medium)

- The implementation phase is stupfiante, to the point that one recognizes IMMEDIATE MP3 @ 320kps from the original

- Treble so silky and thin and we could laugh so any apparent distortion


I use them for three months.

THE FIRST A costs at Univers Sons, I stopped breathing ...

What I like most: O300 possde sound the clearest, most powerful, sharper and bolder than I heard. Yes, all this time.

What I like least (fawn to speak): the max level in the bass is not huge, compare the overall power of the sound. In a proximity configuration this poses no problem. Configuration average distance (between 2 and 3m) may become limiting if the track really kick a large uncompressed trs. We speak of the volume consquent trs, @ 40Hz or lower.

Simply put, the sound O300 as a cost of high power, but still insufficient to Ralite stick to a wall eaters his most bitter!

I tried other models, including ADAM, Genelec, the new Dynaudio, Focal and ... Some of these almost Galenti MODELS K & H in some areas (dynamic, deep bass ,...), but not in all.

The report is qualitprix cohrent: we get a quality worth the 3000-3500 K (depending on options) countries for a pair.

Yes, I would do the same choice, with five years in advance so it's impossible to take them into default!

epiat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Klein & Hummel O 300 D
I use since September O300D qq years in a room of 60 m2 Fully dedicates trafficking in the region of Besanon. HomeCinema HiFi and use. This is only for the cost because I am not a homestudiste.

The O300D are fed directly via a sound card in Lynx2B symtrique. No pramp.

Distance costs: 2m40. This is the max that Nearfield near midfield and are able to cash in a properly damped acoustic if you want to keep a dynamic subjective crdible in the medium-high.


Like any pregnant irrprochable quality, the O300D is dependent for its Fully made of coupling with the room in which it is established. If we accept this to work, the O300D will render Specifies the height of these (see measurements on the site of K & H) c - d. exceptional full range frequency drives (except the point just BMOL APRS) and therefore capable of reproducing any of Manir convincing small and large training properly recorded (hello in passing to the studio Passavant my region which j'apprcie bcp the quality of production ). However, as with any instrument "sharp" and rgl at the factory to be the + neutral as possible, it is very easy to record his highly DGRAD if the environment is not the height (all as a formula will have a bad behavior on a country road irrelevant).

His only weakness: the curve of max SPL breaks quickly figure below 150 Hz (210 mm woofer is no miracle and can not send the max, 90 dB SPL 40 Hz). It means being asked Obviously ds rendering a less demanding in terms of dynamics in the bass (drums recorded with uncompressed dynamics, for example). We note in passing that although the rev limiter protgent pregnant vitent well runs of distortion. In short, a product made to last even in the demanding conditions of use trs.


In terms of the evolution lends itself well O300D an association with 38 able to climb high enough and therefore on the steep trs O300D cut to 140 Hz (filter numrique board. Doing it relieves the 210 mm high and the bass and amp power supply monitor, which seems at once absolutely tireless. With this approach, we can get a nice dynamic 2m50 up frquence of the So about 40 Hz is a product which can consider buying in a spirit scrolls. Otherwise, it will probably fall back on the new ø410 of costs which should ralistes up 3m50 (? ). But the budget is Different.

How do you report qualitprix?

In my opinion, it is correctly positioned the product as a no-fault had kept his design (with 3-way nearfield woofer 210mm)

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...

Without hsiter. But impractical choice coupled with a good sound, otherwise the weak link is the acoustics.

*Bilou*'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Klein & Hummel O 300 D
I compared these speakers with P22 and P33 and ADAM S3a, the Dynaudio BM15A, the Focal Twin6, and Genelec 8040A, MODELS for a little cheaper but still same, what pregnant!! It descends down hyper, hyper prcis is everywhere, right hyper, hyper gnial what ^ ^ All the others seemed really pokey cot. 3-way with the good mdium is I think a lot. Otherwise power level, we can Whereas it is the semi-proximity. The connectivity is fantastic, both in analog and it numrique There's everything you want. It accounts for a yammer an external amp with 3-way spares! The price: more than 2000 unit ... but I think it's worth!


See above


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