Mackie MR5
Mackie MR5

MR5, Active Monitor from Mackie in the MR series.

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All user reviews for the Mackie MR5

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 10 reviews )
 6 reviews60 %
 3 reviews30 %
 1 user review10 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Mackie MR5
The Mackie MR5s are a pair of active monitors designed for use in the recording studio.  I've used these monitors for both monitoring during recording and for a little bit of mixing, but not enough to get a great feel for them in terms of mixing.  They are active monitors so they don't require an external power supply or anything and simply run by themselves.  They each have an XLR connection and have some minimal EQ for different room situations.


The sound quality heard from the Mackie MR5s is pretty great considering the price, but will only take you so far.  They are perfect for the home or project studio owner looking for a real cheap pair of studio monitors that will give you a pretty accurate read on your sound.  They aren't the best for mixing as they don't cover the low end all that well, but for the price you really can't expect that.  They do work great for monitoring during recording or simple playback and also will work well for A-Bing mixes.  However, I wouldn't recommend them to someone who will be mixing a lot as they aren't adequate for that.


I've only used the Mackie MR5s a handful of times, but I've used them enough to know what they sound like and have a good idea of what they can do.  While they do have a good sound quality, of course they don't match the high end studio monitors and for this price I don't think that anyone would expect them to.  The price is really the best part about the MR5s as this makes them accessible to people with just about any price range.  If you are looking for a dirt cheap set of studio monitors these are definitely worth a look, but if you want something to mix on and that will give you a truly accurate sound, check out the Mackie HR824s as that is about the cheapest you'll get for a good set of studio monitors.

uneville's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good quality / price ratio"

Mackie MR5
The choice of these monitors was motivated by the price, and the data published by the manufacturer.
I needed to listen rather round and flattering but small.
I could hear them in the store, and this step gave me the breakthrough.

Home Studio used for editing / Edit audio and video editing, but also for musical creation. The results are quite satisfactory.


The frequency curve is not really neutral. I have my NS-10m for that.
So it was not the intention. The dynamics observed. The power / sound is also very correct. The settings on the back of each


I use these monitors for 2 years, along with a pair of Yamaha NS10M, and another pair of Adam A3X in my home studio. I use a Mackie Big Knob to select my plays as needed. The Mackie MR5 monitors are my default 80% of the time.

What I like most about this model is its format goes everywhere, Designed by Mackie, robustness Mackie signed for sure, but also its Setting on the back panel.

2 filters are available (High and Low Freq.) And to mitigate unwanted frequencies.
0 dB, +2 and +4 dB for low frequencies, and-2dB, 0dB or +2 db for the High.

The three types of entries are also a plus (RCA, TRS or XLR)
Finally a general level control is also possible input.

With the same budget, I would do this choice of course, but in other measures, I opted for something more upscale ... It's like everything, but I do not regret that choice.

kewhewouzion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good quality / price ratio"

Mackie MR5
. What characteristics have motivated your choice?
They were a little more powerful than its competitors (85w RMS), and they produce a fairly neutral.

. For what purpose?
Initially as a monitoring table + ac turntables at home, then with software computer music.


. The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?
Yes, for this price range.

. The stereo image is good?
It is good.

. The sound is clear and precise on the spectrum?
They are limited to the grave which is somewhat normal, and the rest of the spectrum seems to me balanced, although it lacks a little bit too high frequency.


. How long have you use it?
More than two and a half years now

. Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No, it was my first pair of active monitoring

. What is so special that you love the most, least?
+ Versatility
+ The neutral
+ Value / Price
- Ventilation at the back
- Size (height and depth)
- They are missing a few (K) in hertz above and below the spectrum

rootsgora's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good speaker"

Mackie MR5
real and positive reviews on these monitors. I wanted small speakers with the best sound possible for an affordable price.


These speakers have revolutionized my mixes and my way of mixing with its sound rendering of many frequency ranges so all the little sounds from scratch or perceived subtle variations come through with a nice clarity.
Stereo rendering is great- we mix in 3D.
One vulnerable point, in my opinion, I think the bass is too flattened by filtering with the same button behind the speaker.
Frankly I was not expecting much bass on speakers of this size.
But I knit pick and lovers of good well rounded bass will be happy with these speakers.


I use them for a year already in home studio. I have done several kinds of mix on it, rap, reggae, world, pop accoustic ...
People appreciate the fact that I mix on the speakers when they play their sound on the sound.
These speakers are reliable and I find them robust, massive, looks solid.
In a year no problem.
+ confidence in the sound that can be trusted, speaker manufacturing solid.
the - they heat up a bit after heavy use, the bass is a bit too pronounced.
I will remake this choice without problems if I had to, I accepted its little peculiarities and the mix music in general is very well perceived, it's me and my little Mackie MR5!

mousquitoqq's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie MR5
I needed speakers to mix in my little studio and I was amazed at what I heard in the mix, we hear the music ... 


neutral sound with with an excellent power


The price / quality ratio is perfect:)

falpas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Mackie MR5
I wanted to find monitor speakers as neutral as possible in order to mix studio projects.


These were the most neutral in their class, with a good performance for this price range.
The accuracy of the sound is phenomenal, I even took my CD library to listen to and to rediscover the songs both the rendering quality and accuracy is exceptional across the spectrum


I use them for almost a year. They were recommended to me by a friend and sound engineer, the various comments on the website also convinced me.
The value for money is excellent and I highly recommend it!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good report quality price"

Mackie MR5
I chose this first for the very affordable to manufacture quality and the sound quality. I use it in a small home studio as listening to and proximity to a few levels. I do not think using them on the final mastering. I put this note for the right price quality ratio very well because they have on small gaps compared the more upscale.


For me the answer is relatively good but slightly too "box". They give the impression of hearing a sound speaker Logitech Computer. I'm pretty picky, this is not the point ngatif not to buy them.
However they go down well in the bass, and the spectrum is also very good in the high frequencies (my personal hearing is 30hz 17k). The dynamic is pretty good and they hit the air well, they can mount a very good volume remaining clear. We could use them to carefree mix (in fact I think they lend themselves very well to it).


I use them for a few months. I have not tried any other model except store KRK who have not impressed me (same price range). I love the quality price ratio, finishing, connectivity and srieux Mackie. I would do this choice precisely because this is my second pair :)

JulesdechezSmithenface's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie MR5
What technical specifications motivated your choice?
I looked for monitoring costs of medium size and with a good record in terms of low (which is often EHJV in this range). Also want something prcis and versatile. In stores, some costs seemed too "light" enough couillues, others too dense almost deaf. I t IMMEDIATE sduit by the quality of sound. The price indicated n'tait not what I expected and the vendor tells me they taient Chres three times more than other mid-range. Well no c'tait in the same price. I do not hsit.

- For what purpose?
Mainly mix. The desire for something prcis, which Reserved no surprises on other media dcoute. I'm not.

- What configuration?
I'm working on a big PC with Nuendo on prods electro folk, Mlenge allgrement of Reason with Nuendo, acoustic instruments with synthetic bass.
For the rhythmic "analog" I work with Addictive drums. A versatile monitoring seemed so ncessaire.


- The curve frequency drives is it neutral enough?
Yes I think has impeccable. As I placed the cost close to the wall, I had to compensate for the low rendering the source (small traditional switches the rear of the baffles). Now a roll.

- Stereo image is good?
Trs trs good. You can really have fun putting the beats around and ranges in frequency drives Different. We really feel like seeing them dplacer. Stereo for excellent management costs from this award.

- The sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum?
The highlight of my mind these costs. Have as much precision in frquences high and at the same time such EHJV in the low, a price that borders on the ridiculous l. I intended to buy a sub later. I will not need it. But I do not dance to ..

- The dynamic is it respect? ...
Yes, in addition to the signal to noise ratio seems to me Irrel. I confirm what was said by a Previous post redcouvre is the breath of the original recording. Ct and the other curve dynamic apche death without losing precision.


- How long have you use it?
For three months. I rcout all my old CD and remix all my compos;) ) It's like moving from SD to HD video. We explore new paths.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
What I like most: the clarity and dynamics, and precision EHJV time.
What I like least: The volume pots front t have fun for recalibration, but I quibble, I see no default.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Normment Yes, with friends in the studio store. In this price range, none had sduite this point.

- How do you report qualitprix?
Excellent. It is a euphmisme.

- Well, three months is short and exprience, but these costs are part of the best purchases I've ever done. I recommend them with closed eyes anybody, I n'esprais falling like pearls on this award l.
I almost Rasht a pair for my living room.
jr eakee09/22/2008

jr eakee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie MR5
I have just received so Premire impressions really hot ...

- What technical specifications motivated your choice?
really want to mix and stop wasting time cost r-listening and I wish you rrr-Listen in 15 different places to be on ...

- For what purpose?
Home studio apartment ...


Well I spend a pm-04 a. ... that necessarily can be better, not that bad either fostex the contrary, I highly recommend the setup for a small production but not for mixing.

- Stereo image is good?
or is it rather a lot!
typing this little comment, I listened to a good track of the album Tony Allen homecooking (for those unaware, the drummer of Mr. Fela Anikulapo Kuti)
and how to say ... ahhhhrrggg was good for low or ...

- The sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum?
for now I'm surprised enjoyable ...
I go on the album Common Sense - Like Water for Chocolate, which I know by heart at his, having cost more than once in the studio on big cost ...
I find this to be sensasion the track, to hear all the details ...

- The curve frequency drives is it neutral enough?
the bass is present, too, in my case being only 30cm from the wall and the event being at the rear, otherwise seems to me a fairly neutral.


- How long have you use it?
1 hour uh, I would edit alorzs a month in qq

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Mackie with what is right even when it is class ... enough to face first and then the packaging is fun!
You unpack your box and instead of taking out the head gear was being protected on all sides by the polystrene, Mackie thinking about putting the monitor in a small box with a fist to the out easily ... not cool!

- How do you report qualitprix?
seems to me a really good, I hsit Krk with the RP6 but are a little more ... CHRE the future will tell me if I made the right choice

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
these are covered in six months ...

fred806's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie MR5
I was looking for small monitor speakers, efficient, if possible with the minimum loss in the low (default apparently common among pregnant 5 "). The intended use is mixing, recording, but also watching movies .
The fact that they soienty active helps me pass the amp, so they are a direct output Audiofire Echo. All this runs on a pretty big PC (Quad Core, 4GB RAM, 10,000 rpm HDD, etc.).


From a vintage stereo pretty good but I could appreciate the difference. The sound is less "flattering" but much more clear and precise. I rediscovered pieces by entering details that escaped me before. The dynamic is pretty huge, the speakers have an impressive potato! The lack of breath is also very impressive, suddenly we hear the breath of the recordings themselves! Volume level, the power also surprised me, I do not use in general not even half of their power. And the bass is very present and well made, even at high volume.


I use them for a week.
The speakers are solid, sober, beautiful finish. The sound is pretty good to me, but I am an amateur, so be careful.
I wanted small speakers, but mid-range, I'm not at all disappointed with my choice. Instead, the sound quality made me want to remix my songs and work the sound more than ever! Not to mention the replay of my depth disco ...