Mytek stereo 96 ADC
Mytek stereo 96 ADC
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All user reviews for the Mytek stereo 96 ADC

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 6 reviews100 %
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dado5555's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Stunning!"

Mytek stereo 96 ADC
analog / digital ADAT, SPDIF, AES a real Swiss Army Knife ... Clock really amazing! all my other devices (card, RME ADI2) suddenly took a real boost quality!


I use it for two and half years now and I am extremely satisfied! Capita paris I have the opportunity to work with a lot of big studios (HAXO, WAGRAM, PATHE MARCONI and many others ...) and I can tell you with this little thing and everything that goes with it ( cables, preamp, good mics, good source) there is at least the same level ....
Parisian studio pro, 90% of the time are equipped with Apogee gear or outright 192/96 i / O conversion, and I can tell you that this is not mytek below even better ...
I think that with the Lavry gold Forssell, prism or we will certainly better but much much much more ...
I'd love to be able to buy the model or 8X192 Forssell MADA2 but my finances do not allow me for the moment ...
I'll certainly back on the 96 DAC for monitoring now!

fabamarie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good good"

Mytek stereo 96 ADC
see instructions


I can only join what has been said above, great converter with good microphones on the sound is really great, the sound is rounder ie less digital caricature (which we boost well treble or bass but is quite low mids) (this sentence does it mean something?), better controlled dynamics

In short, I do not know if it's objective but I love
I compare it to my soundcard converters which is a RME FF800

I can finally record the guitar and voice to be filled because the sound is rich enough and sufficient to itself

Profmao's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mytek stereo 96 ADC
The 96AD is a Anologique converter / digital stereo with two XLR inputs, outputs, S / PDIF (coax on my model, they are formatted toslink fiber optic today), AES-EBU (XLR) and that of a pair of BNC connectors to handle the word clock sync (master / slave).
In short, a machine, but rather well endowed side connections and has the merit of using as it is super compact half-rack 19 'barely bigger than a hard drive 3'5 pouces.La bike can work from 44.1 to 96khz and the only downside I can report at this level is the requirement to set the "range" frequency by opening the cover and moving a small jumper (simply not practical). Basically you must choose to work 44.1 - 48 (position 1) or 88-96. This established, only two frequency options will be accessible from the front panel switch with 4 positions yet (44,48,88,96).


I use this wonder for over four years now and the benefits of such a purchase is immediate because even outside the sessions taken or you will have a very neutral conversion that justice will finally pickups and preamp to your level by Retail, simply use the beast master clock transforms almost any soundcard acting on the stereo, which immediately becomes wider with localization facilitated center précis.La quality of interpretation of frequency is affected also with more serious "trusses" softer treble and midrange analytique.J 'was able to try on a Digi001, a 96 IO (protools HD), a fireface400 and Steinberg MR816CSX and each time the difference with and without the clock to jumping oreilles.J 'different convertos had listened before making my choice and I must say that the Mytek won me above all by its neutrality although the slightly flattering an Apogee is not désagréable.Je'm not about to sell this gem and I recommend it to anyone who wants to make a leap in their home studio at lower cost. (do not forget the wiring of any quality chain before attacking the converter, capital)

rroland's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mytek stereo 96 ADC
Convert stereo analog / numrique, AES / EBU or S / PDIF or ADAT (MODEL the current is more complete than that in the photo). The volume knob can be bypass via an internal switch.


I use it for over a year. The look is not very pretty, size 1 / 3 rack impractical. I do not care: the sound is excellent and that alone is important.
It is simply the converter as neutral as I know. Price intressant.
I availing oneself of other converters quality but I think the Mytek is more neutral.

U-FLYstudio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mytek stereo 96 ADC
Converter high end 2 channel AD with clock generator
from the photo, there is now a + adat output format, and a true 3-pin plug with earth, the rest is like the picture!
Internal clock stability formidable
excellent finish (connectors, knob, buttons and LEDs)


The sound is incredibly natural, dynamic spotless, the broad-spectrum, serious flexible, sharp chiseled, stro excellent image and respect for the central image. trs good headroom output prcis, say anything, it's excellent, much better on every point that the apogee Minimal (USB connection less)
left that to a good pre amp because dfaults of it will be converted with great accuracy!! ,

For my part, I opt for a lunchbox with 2x API 512c and 2 x Vintage Design M581 (Shma Neve 1081) in the 96 ADC Mytek is to choose a color super punch and a softer color

grumph's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mytek stereo 96 ADC
A / D converter in Stereo 24/96.Entrées XLR.Sorties AES (XLR) and SPDIF (RCA).
Word clock in and out on BNC (75 ohm termination with via internal jumper)
knob volume of choices facing avant.Nombreux via internal jumpers (+4 /-10dB, balanced / unbalanced, knob volume in / out)
Resolution 24.20 and 16-bit (with dithering for the super 16 bit) 44.1 / 48 / 88, 2 and 96k.
Internal or external clock.


Used for 3 to semaines.Comparé MOTU 1296 (though a clockée Big Ben), is the most
indiscutable.Par psx100 compared to Apogee, the sound is more full naturel.Plus in the lower-medium without flou.Moins "inflated" the peak in the sub-bass and treble.
Price level, it is the same as a Rosetta 200 if you want to convert as D / A.
on the other hand, if you need only the A / D is a good deal.
In short, a high-end converter for a reasonable price (960 € including all taxes on the European site).
And in addition, direct contact with the designer ...