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Valhalla DSP ValhallaPlate
Valhalla DSP ValhallaPlate

Software algorithmic reverb from Valhalla DSP

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Public price: $50 incl. VAT

Thread Comments about the review: What's On Your Plate?

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1 Comments about the review: What's On Your Plate?
What's On Your Plate?
Most software reverbs offer a choice of halls, plates, rooms and other types of virtual spaces, but Valhalla DSP takes a different approach. The company has separated its reverb offerings into individual plug-ins for different reverb flavors, and sells each for only $50. As a result, you can get a high-quality reverb, albeit of a single type, for a very low price. So let’s take a closer look at ValhallaPlate, the latest module and fourth in the series.

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