Boss MX-10 10 Channel Mixer
Boss MX-10 10 Channel Mixer

MX-10 10 Channel Mixer, Analog Mixer from Boss.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 3 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Al1_24's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Small but mighty"

Boss MX-10 10 Channel Mixer
The format 1/2 1U is quite in line with my other equipment and is one of the reasons that made me choose.
Food, heavy and bulky, can not be replaced by a modern equivalent to cutting: it is a simple transformer and is waiting for an alternating current.

I currently uses two stereo inputs for my synths and - occasionally - a third to a PC, 4 mono and 2 stereo channels available.
Although a circuit effects (1 output, 1 stereo return) is proposed, I do not use it, preferring to attack my stereo multi-effects from the output of the mixer to keep the entire stereo synthesizers.
All connections are in jack 1/4 "TS unbalanced mono.

It is a simple mixer, given the size of the device, it would have been difficult enough to fit more an equalizer.


Operation is extremely simple and the documentation is far from essential.
The presence of a headphone output associated with its own volume control is a plus.


This mixer is totally transparent. I did not notice any breath or coloring of the sound on the line inputs.
I do not comment on the mic I do not use.


It is now 18 months that I use.
I chose it for its size and its adaptation to my (small) needs. I am also a Yamaha MG10 / 2, which was oversized for this purpose console.
A final advantage is its price on the used market ... provided to find!

Chrizzik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simple, effective, unobtrusive"

Boss MX-10 10 Channel Mixer
Is rack: we made a rack to keep her house between 2 keyboards
Connectors: all jack
10 entries
1 and return result
1 stereo master output
1 headphone


Config ultra simple: 1 rotary level in the master, 1 rotary level in the, 1 Volume, 1 headphone volume
I do not have the manual, and it does not maque


It is discreet, both in size (blends between two keyboards) in the sound chain: there is no difference between a keyboard plugged directly into the sound system, or the same keyboard plugged into the console and the console plugged into the sound.
No breath
No equalizer


Used for 2 months live
premix for an expander Korg, Yamaha synth 90's, and GR-20
Other models tested: small format consoles but not half rack (including spirit) it is battery-hair you need to use this. No adjustment required in the right format, good sound.
The most appreciated feature: format, transparent
The least appreciated feature: the power supply not standard - no possible substitution with another. Perhaps the headphone a little low? And yet, it really is to find something to complain about.
Value for money: excellent
I remake this choice: YES

Oliviercool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss MX-10 10 Channel Mixer
This is a small 10-channel mixer line (impossible to mix with microphones) that the first 8 are four stereo pairs with a starting and a stereo bus effects, all within a 1 / 2 rack width (rare !!!). All connectors are 6.3 jack but I can not remember if they are balanced TRS (I doubt) or TS asymmetric (more likely) it has been for ages that I sold. And it is obvious that in a small space, it is impossible to reach égualiseurs or effects processor. In my opinion, it is perfect for premixes synths.


Use ultra-simple, no need for instructions: one branch and we mix it all ^ ^ And even ultra-convenient to carry :-)))) And it can be rack: two units is in a single U height is only an option with fasteners, it's great!

If I can reprocurer me two, premixes for two pairs of inputs on my Korg D16, a 16-track (which has only 8 analog inputs) just as compact ^ ^ I would use mainly live or at the customer where space is very cramped.

Imagine I could take the Korg D16 + 2 Boss MX-10 + a Boss SE-70 (or SE-50 or VF-1) + cables + headphones, and all in the same suitcase to boot then ^ ^ as equivalent with the Akai DPS16 + 2 + Roland M-120 M-1 TC Elecreonic One + headset + cable, it will take two suitcases see 3, no comment ^ ^


Was a slight bit of breath, if I remember correctly.


Absolutely no competition in its Cathegory, at least to my knowledge :-))) And besides, it is no longer manufactured for a long time, which is a shame because, with two units in the same rack, this gives 2 x 10 channel = 18 to 20 channels (depending if they are connected in parallel or series) in a single U height: never seen! The closest competitor is the Roland M-120 (12 mono channels with two pairs of effects returns = 16 channels!) Or Behringer RX1602, 16 channels (8 stereo pairs) in a single device 19 '1U.

Now that I try to reprocurer mixers 1U rack max, I almost regret having sold. And it's hard to put the hand over time, and more. Well, for my Akai DPS16, Roland two go very well but for my Korg D16, a compact 16 tracks, I would just as two line mixers compact ^ ^