Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor

Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor

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SE-70 Super Effects Processor, Multi-Effects Processor from Boss.

9 user reviews

Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Boss
  • Model: SE-70 Super Effects Processor
  • Category: Multi-Effects Processors
  • Added in our database on: 04/29/2002

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Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 3 reviews33 %
Audience: Value For Money :
Mats Orbation10/18/2016

Mats Orbation's review"Very Good Swiss Army Knife of effects, still in 2016"

Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor
For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product?
All studio effects, live PA, reverb, limiting, and mostly synths, guitar fx, and bass.

In what context do you currently use this product?
Studio, project studio. Still using the reverb algorithms only.

What are the pros and cons of this product?
Pros are: Still analog distortion units inside, no tubes though, but solid state analog. Which is its forte, and best thing, but which also contributes to its cons:

It can be a bit noisy due to this! The distortions are more or less based on BOSS-OD pedals with EQ filtering and compression. There's a noise gate though. For modern high-gain metal sounds, it falls a bit short, but for 70-80s distortion sounds it is great.

Many people have complained about its reverb, but the reverb is only so-so when used together with Guitar MulitFX algorithms. If you dial up the reverb only algorithm where it automatically jumps up to higher sample rate, and bit rate, the Reverb still holds a candle to these days reverbs that comes in any pedal. You can have sharp spikes, and snare drums into that reverb without any digital artifacts and grainy trails.I e all its processor capacity goes to the reverb calculations only. As fast as one wants more FX added on top, you have to split calculations to these tasks, and the reamining reverb calculations will suffer, with degradation of sound as a result.

If you use it for synth, or anything else, the VOCODER still got rave reviews, even today. Sure, the Vocoder is a bit too niched but since the prices you can get one for today, the Vocoder is worth the price alone.

Also, on the multifx of today, there's almost only a "patch" or effects that says MOD where you can choose either phaser, flanger, chorus pitch shift and choose that one only. On this unit, you can use phaser, flanger, chorus, pitch shift at the same time if you like. It's very rare in any fx unit. A hidden secret is the Leslie simulator. Although its an early one, together with its analog dist circuit, you can provide a very convincing rotary speaker, and connect it to an expression pedal to control a myriad of things. Say, you can turn up something as you press the pedal down, but something els is turned down. And all of that at a certain ratio. And you can control everything via MIDI.

The one minor snag is the bulky and unwieldy power adaptor that you must run with it at all times. But if you can provide 12 V DC at 1500mA with anything else, please go ahead. Another minor snag is the small display and that you have to cycle through menues to edit the smallest things. Those 3rd party vendors on internet that made PC editors for this should be checked out. Also, it holds up very well to its internal CR2032 button battery, which I had to change out after ...15 years. It will run for 15 years more. It's very easy to change this one out, as opposed to the SONY units from the same era.

By and large, I think it still holds up very well in a few unique sweet spots today 2016, like the 20 Step Phaser, Vocoder, and analog distortions. The distortion and amp/cab sims aren't digitally modelled in any way. The rest of the effects are not modelling either, but DSP made. Digital. I e not modelled after any "famous" brand or gear, but stands clearly on their own. Boss and Roland type. :bravo:

Al1_24's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Practical and simple"

Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor
My first purchase was the size criterion: half a rack to associate with the mixer Boss MX-10.
It may seem trivial, but it is not negligible!
For my needs, the proposed effects are almost too many ... but I will not complain.
This is an almost entirely digital module (I understand by reading the docs that the distortion was analog)
Power is supplied with an external transformer, heavy and bulky, you can not replace it with a modern cutting power, more compact, since it is an alternating current is expected.
A large part of the current consumed is converted into heat must be taken to place it on top of the plant, so it does not interfere with other equipment.


Current usage is easy: a switch to turn to select its preset, double knob to adjust the volume and ... simply pressing the switch to bypass the current effect, while keeping the volume control.
The manual is clear and even redundant: when several presets share the same characteristics, it was nice that they are grouped together rather than repeat the same information several times.
Editing effects is quite simple, although accompanied by the display, even if the number of pressing a few buttons available on the front can be daunting.
However, it lacks an editing software that would certainly be more flexible to use.
And most importantly, I could not find any technical documentation on the MIDI implementation, including on the website of Boss / Roland. So you can not set yourself even just a simple tool for backup / restore.


I use synthesizers controlled by a wind controller noon to emulations of classic instruments.
I therefore limited to chorus, reverb (and a bit of pitch shift) to give fullness to my sound.
By varying the depth of the chorus and delays, I can multiply the sounds and forget that my main synth (Yamaha VL70-m) is monaural.
What I like is that it does not add impetus to the original sound.


I use it for a few months and I have yet to find fault, if there are too many opportunities for my needs.
New to the world of synths and effects, I have no point of comparison and myself based on reviews found on forums to make my choice.
If I had to replace it, I would look probably the same.

Philou13bis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor
Generator effect with pRSETA trs versatile guitar song for keyboard
Conventional compression distortion effects delay reverb guitar amp simulator, echo, chorus, flanger, ring modulator, keyboard emulator (guitar) whawha, vocoder, equalization;
there is also a function mtronome, and a tuner for guitar or bass
trs connector complte, paramtrable midi in out-through
MODEL is a demirack the adapter sold by Boss (a bit expensive ....)


The configuration is very simple, we select a chain ffects, we select in this chain effect that you want to keep, we change each parameter of the effect by one or more knob unless we go to the following para meter etc ... at the end of the chain effect is selected and the volume gnrale assignments noon ... then with the same knob is given a clear name to sound the you want to save ...


The effects are trs correct for my use as a guitarist ... I do not like too much distortion I find a little too numrique ... but good with good prampli arrangements can be made
Stereo effects are trs is well


I use it for 2 years, the presets are very easy to modify and very easy to use as is
I have not used bcp effect rack before buying pdaliers just not too much experience
The only default is the lack of versatility for a guitarist, who is to couple a pramp distos that gives good, but it's classic

therry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor
All in one.
You will find all that is needed for voice, guitar, bass, keyboards and other instruments.
Receive Jack 2 6.35 (L / R)
Send Jack 2 6.35 (L / R)
Switch 4 / 20db
2 control inputs configurable (6.35)
mini jack output for headphones.

There was a rack extension to make it at the time of its release but I think it drags more
too much money to shop.

WARNING: slight lag of a third of a second when you switch from one program to another before the effect starts running ... sometimes it's boring ...


No need to spend hours in the manual (as often elsewhere) ... The grip is super simple.
Once you understand that chaining effects are pre-configured in banks 100 to 127, you take over the head to want to delay your disto after your ...
Clearly, the SE has a range of effects chained .. you can not change the chaining (just activate or not the effect) ...
But hey, it's soon 9 years I use this stuff and I have not had to things that were not preconfigured in it.

For against all effects are customizable. Rather finely and elsewhere. I will not go into details ... But you can finely manage your settings.
obviously, you can save your settings in 100 possible programs.


Like all multi effects ... the sound is generally satisfactory in terms of super price ... except ...
I give you a thousand ... the Distos ...
however, the Boss has Pacquet offering a dozen different disto ... amp simulations with ...
That said, I do not consider whether a Tarre the SE but Tarre multi effects ... and I find the OS on the same ground as his brothers is doing not too bad.

There are also some oddities in the coupling of certain effects that are most interesting ...


I use it for 9 years.
early to vote on stage effects (compressor / limiter / de-esser).
now as multi effect guitar (except the distortion that I took the marshall;)).

The value for money I think is excellent.
A yes! clarification, after 9 years of transbahutages moult in concerts, chutte amps and other vile and sneaky moves that are referenced in the Geneva Convention, the beast still works without problems ... I have not tried it yet but as Bass Drum calle it's solid ...

A small animal that has made me good and loyal service over the life ... and continues to do so

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