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  • Midas Venice 240

    Midas Venice 240 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by pilip/translated from Audiofanzine FR) See manufacturer's website. UTILIZATION Versatility. SOUNDS Very transparent (preamps, EQ). OVERALL OPINION I used it for two months. High-quality mixing desk. I've te…

Translated user reviews
  • Midas Venice 240

    Midas Venice 240 - " clean and musical"


    semi pro UTILIZATION perfect SOUNDS console rather transparent, no breath, eq musical Q filter can resonate .. : ( OVERALL OPINION jai tested several consoles ds the same price range, the midas is my preference but: faders a bit shor…

  • Midas XL4

    Midas XL4 - "Her Majesty XL 4 .."


    The Midas XL4 is one of the most powerful analog console and comes with automated routing functions. It comes in one version with 64 input channels (48 mic / line inputs + 16 returns to the intended effect), 45 outputs and a section of mastering 8 ch…

  • Midas Venice 160
  • Midas XL3

    Midas XL3 - blackle's review


    Each input channel has all sixteen Aux switchable on / off and pre / post fader, which can be used both in separate groups in subgroups or even group of paramedics. These 16 groups can be controlled by 2 Grand Master Vac .. There are also 2 outputs …

  • Midas Venice 160

    Midas Venice 160 - lifo's review


    Fully analog console and passive It is rack using 2 rules All tranches have an XLR microphone input and line input jack symmetrical. The L / R (a and b) Monitor and Aux are XLR outputs FX Group and Speaker, in Jack symmetric. Tape In and Out in th…

  • Midas Venice 240

    Midas Venice 240 - q.thierry's review


    see below I do not put the max rating because it lacks for me inserts for the UTILIZATION nothing wrong with 4 years of use no worries, no need for manual SOUNDS it sounds, the EQUASIS even walk very well, no breath of happiness ... OVERA…

  • Midas Venice 320

    Midas Venice 320 - cedric.cedric's review


    No rack 24 channels + 4 stereo Mono, 6 in 4 Sub groups, a talkback. Equalizer lower broadband to 80 Hz and Treble to 12 kHz, low mid and high range speaker semiparametric No built-in effects Various outputs plus: Master B following the Maste…

  • Midas XL3

    Midas XL3 - saltympan's review


    No it is not rackable 40 routes to 12 I believe XLR and TRS inserts on Bantam the equal is wonderful precisely with 3 real semi parametric no there is no built-in effects this console is wonderful this is the best I have had occasion to us…

  • Midas H3000 -48 Touring

    Midas H3000 -48 Touring - BwanN's review


    The routing of the console is its most interresting, making it an excellent console face but also saw its number of departures a convenient console back I met him a few times and I am surprised to be the first to post a notice ... - 48 slices (th…