Midas Venice 240
Midas Venice 240
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Darquandier 03/05/2003

Midas Venice 240 : Darquandier's user review


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Console 24 votes (16 mono, 4 Stros) 4 groups, two masters of auxiliary dpart 6 (2PR 2 post and 2 choice)
4-band EQ with mid and hi lo mid paramtrable on single slices,
4-band EQ on vocals stro
Insert and direct out on all the slices and groups
input and output rca cd
mute button
VU meter


Console very practical use, we all have on hand.


Prampli EQ and high quality.
No breath.


I used a week to a record and really c'tait gniale. Ds I have the means I achte one.
The fate of one amateur consoles to consoles to get more productive. Price is not the same course!
In any case c trs a good console, versatile it can be used live or in recording (thanks to the direct out)