Access Music Virus TI Keyboard

Access Music Virus TI Keyboard

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Virus TI Keyboard, Analog Modeling Synth from Access Music in the Virus TI series.

5 user reviews
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Access Music Virus TI Keyboard tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Access Music
  • Model: Virus TI Keyboard
  • Series: Virus TI
  • Category: Analog Modeling Synths
  • Added in our database on: 07/09/2008

We have no technical specifications for this product
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Access Music Virus TI Keyboard user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 1 user review20 %
 1 user review20 %

fantomX8's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Keyboard
See description Access to the site.

Just comment on the following:

Sounds are divided into two types: What can replace the RAM and ROM are figs.

There's no storage medium Intgr must go through the USB connection (Note it takes two and no USB hub)

We can edit the sounds via synth or via the Virus Control software is the VSTi or Audio Unit format (por MAC) and therefore must be used: Cubase or Logic (Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Protools SOON t support for users against Sonar go your way is not a host medium.


The config is simple, but it is a normal synthbr />
Software Virus Control makes edition simpler but some bugs disturb the fte (among others on the arpeggiator)

No need to rely on the manual is in English (except for the paper version VF is a PDF file). But mostly it's just a description of the screens except that some of the synth notches are not even Describes the doc.

Access does not provide the "MIDI Implementation Chart" or a list of commands noon. Submitted the south a number of bugs (among other synchro)

The list of patches is not even and almost complte inutilisables.Ceux who complain of doc KORG, ROLAND YAMAHA bin or the even worse There's not even a drawing of the view entire top and rear face.


For sound effects and there's nothing to say except it's good that some plant patches the machine (Note that while we continue to play key nothing ...)
and as there's no button "panic" or rel ON / OFF must unplug the power cord and plug to restart it.


I use it for about 4 months (I found one when it is placed on the market in France)

What I like most is the sounds and effects.

What I like least is:

many bugs, some of which occur in fawn totally random image without warning and without displaying any error message (for example, it turns on the TI - There's no on / off switch - and white screen and have to plant stuff unplug the power cord or use a specially made with switch).

Virus Control is not a standalone application but a plug-ins.

The doc incomplte and very little useful (even in the French version)

Did you try other models: yeah plus it's stuff I bought (the MicroKorg and the V-Synth XT)

Report / price quality: Ben's stuff is expensive for what I would call unstable and incomplete. And the media looks bad because one comes with OS 1.0 on 1.0.9 is the things do not s'amliorent (Remote function is still not available, for example).

An example of the lack of seriousness, on the occasion of NAMM 2006 Access announced the release of Update 1.1, which provides precisely the function as well as Remote amloration of patch management and announces the line F February. Ben guess what? yes, you've found it is in March and no SHIFT 1.1 and above all no new date available.

Well, no I would do probably not the choice.

DarkVince's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Keyboard
See description on this site or that of ACCESS


It's a real pro synth. If you had synths, it will not cause you any particular problem. It must be hands on qqes sounds to be comfortable in publishing.
After it is only the happiness and quality of semi weighted keyboard outperforms other synths.
The use of plug-in for editing makes it much easier to use.


It's fantastic! ACCESS has a good head start on others.
This synth has a base of enormous library of sounds very good and when you start to edit yourself you get to do even better.
The new OS 2.0 is a pure pleasure to create sound, the possibilities are simply endless.


I had my first Virus Ti there is almost a year. Like many users I had a lot of big problems ... in fact my first ever walked away as quickly as it arrived because it was HS ...
Since November 2006, we can say that Ti is very stable and operational (OS 1.2.4).
The arrival of the OS2 .0 finish will get everyone in agreement and place ACCESS well above other manufacturers. I had a lot of synths for 15 years, but I must say that it is a marvel in sound and sound design. The OS2 still .0 opens new doors in the search for sounds with the "grain tables" and "training tables" in addition to what already existed, it is HUGE!
The model covers all of which can exist for years, especially with the resumption of the concept of "wave table" that was found on the PPG and Waldorf XT.

A synth-edge and power unmatched who suffered its teething problems but today is a true success.
Frankly I do not see what could be added if not import external Sample Types.

And then, as I am a defender of hardware: listen and see why the material still good years to live.

sharcrash's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Keyboard
I write here more specifically to refute the information of our dear friend fantomX8 (already with a name like that you feel favoritism) that I think do not even have the machine. Well me either I have not a Virus TI keyboard, but the desktop version with the OS v1.2.1. So I would not comment on the keyboard part.
For the characteristics of the beast to see here ... ( ) and here ... ( )
It's powerful, it's good. The real news from the previous C Virus are:
- WaveTable oscillators with four different configurations (Classic WT, WT PWM, WT Grain Simple / Complex, WT Forming Simple / Complex) for great variations of stamps or Waldorf PPG. There are full (99 tables each with 128 indexes / wave)! Remember, Spectral Waves are still there too and they can always be morphed until the Saw wave and then the Pulse (Pulse Width with changes if you want).
- The Hypersaw very good for bass that begin with the very grain of this one osc. to finish with 7, disagreement and / or synchros, if desired. Or pads ...
- There are now all the effects in every part multi-timbral. There is almost no need for external effects because everything is there.
- A more robust modulation matrix with six sources, each of which can modulate 3 destinations (18 in all). Obviously not counting slots in Modulators / LFOs and the different sections!
- The polyphony has been revised upwards with an average of 80 tracks. That way, you do more questions and it may well be content to have the Virus TI as a machine synthesis (Access Music, if you read me, a light version polyphony level would be welcome for those now who do not need as many channels).
- The Virus Control plugin for integration in sequencer. The potentiometers should not be neglected either!
- And the new programmable arpeggiator (only in the IT Control In the next OS may be ...?)

And let's not forget what was already present:
- The famous level of distortion after the first filter (I call it the floor polish as it is nothing but distorting, but also filtering capabilities) with so many different types (10 and 4 filtering distortions ).
- The FM with its various modes.
- The LFO with four classic forms and 63 other waves! Plus, who can turn into envelope (to modulate the wave yeh yeh tables). These modulators may be affected by the contour and the phase of engagement. Their speed can reach speeds fast enough but not of sound frequencies. Too bad but honest.
- Section muscular effects independent LFOs with the Chorus / Phaser and even in the Delay to effects beyond the chorus.

Level architecture is perhaps the weak point of virus related to its use because it is a rather disjointed, which influences our interaction with the synth. I will explain in the use ...

Just in the big lies of our dear fantomX8 ... There is no built-in storage ?????? LOL! Well sure he y'en (returns to computer classes and learn what it means RAM / ROM)! 4 banks RAM (rewritable) with 128 slots each, which is largely sufficient. 17 banks to write-once ROMs. And if you want, you can save your sounds on your PC via the Virus Control.
In terms of compatibility with Sonar, Sonar is normal because only uses plugins DX / DXi. But fear not, you can use a wrapper VST / DX in order to integrate VSTs. I even think Cakewalk has a built in motion now in Sonar. That is resolved.

EDITION OF NOTICE: It is the virus is compatible Sonar since OS v1.2.4!


This is a great machine. Super elite in its class (do not mélangons with modular). But one thing makes me scratch his head from time to time ...

As I announced in the previous section, the architecture is not enough "free". It does not allow us to assign what you want there or we will. We must follow the route mapped out. Some examples, you can not use any filter in any slot of the module filters, you can not use two Moog filters or the filters 24 dB classic Virus in parallel or in series, or when you Split-Mode are you can not use the Ring Modulator and still not yet two 24db filters, or the sub-osc 1, osc. is no longer active if you use a wavetable and yet it would have been nice to use a sub-osc to magnify the sound and use the other osc. to achieve a set of sounds called "digital" and "exotic". I may have forgotten more ...
Well, almost all synths have this problem of course (SuperNova, Nordlead ...) but one where I felt really free, the series of Waldorf Q.
Despite the small weak point that I mentioned earlier. You just get used to it and get used to its architecture. The possibilities are still enormous.

According to fantomX8 on ...
The bug of the arpeggiator dissipated thanks to a new OS but there is still some slight sync problems when the direct first bar is played and using the Virus Control. It also depends on the sequencer appears according to the various users that I read in the forums. This problem does not appear Lorqui using old school MIDI sync. Ahhh the good old mature technologies ... !
Panic Button ... Open your eyes, it's written in red just under Mono and Sync. We must support the two buttons simultaneously. Are you sure you read the manual? I found myself without reading ... and then are you sure to have a Virus TI?

About the automation, the most important continuous parameters can be automated (to see an eye I'd say 80% of them) and added to the list of automation parameters. There are 29 free slots automation in addition to those already present (Cutoff1, Resonance1, Osc.Volume / Saturation, Soft Knobs 1, 2 and 3 for each part multi-timbral).


With regard to the sound is very good! There are huge opportunities.
Usually the virus is all very well. Its strength have all types of nature sounds gross. Style DnB Sleezers thanks to rectify the distortion, leads Trance Unisonos with big, fat punchy basses well ... Not to mention now wavetable adding a bit of Rate Reducer, according to taste. It can also have very good vintage emulations machines, without forcing the Detune then. But in my personal opinion, in sound character, I think it is not good enough in the repertoire of sounds sweet, honeyed, silky, soft ... it lacks a certain abundance and something organic. I think he can do it but then you really have to work on the virus type of sound. I once tried to create a low both creamy and Organic Virus and a Q. The Q is doing much better at this level, even if by opening its filter paradoxically gives a more "abrasive" while on the Virus gives a more "raw". Bizarre, but it's really how I felt ...

Thanks to all the different waveforms in the Modulators, the terms of modulations are very varied. Much simpler to use than machine Waldorf Modifiers for example. Y has to select. And then there are plenty of opportunities velocity in the different modules without using the modulation matrix.

In my opinion, it's really great to have a 3-band parametric EQ built into the synth itself! Especially when you just modulate it via the Matrix! With that, we can make other filter effects. The Analog Boost is cool too. This is a good bonus very useful.

I usually use it for raw sounds, leads, basses, effects and some experimental sounds classic analog (even though I Alesis Andromeda A6 also that I love so obviously). One has only to listen to the sound in RAM BsTaurean @ C 24 preset!
Rhaaaaaa is strong!


It is strange that our dear friend fantomX8 has had so many problems ...
It's true that when a new machine comes on the market, it is often "interminée" of an OS too premature. But here it is not an isolated case! I'm not talking about the miseries of the beginning of the Waldorf Q! And I also noticed on his Yamaha FS1R, or other great manufacturers such as Elektron, Hartmann Neuron ... rhaaaa and not even talking about the ultimate horror ... Jomox SunSyn and who for over 6 years could not run the multi-timbral mode!). Manufacturers will allow more of us out machines with bugs. That's right! This is unfortunate and the advice I give is not to jump immediately to a new machine and wait a few months to see what happens. It should force manufacturers to use directly out of the machines!

But I really think our friend fantomX8 really has not made an effort not only to see its gross misinformation.

However, Technical Support Access is poor because I had written them after an e-mail and they gave me no answer. Also, since the problems of the OS v2.0.0.85, I asked them questions and I waited over a week. It may be that their support was saturated with many who had various problems. I tell you, Access Music starts to feel too comfortable in his sneakers. My esthime for this manufacturer is moving from the same level as Jomox. So I change the overall score with me, and from 9 to 8.

In conclusion, despite some flaws, the Virus TI is a beautiful machine and very efficient! Very comfortable on almost all types of sounds in general and that allows you extensive sonic explorations. It is a very complete synth, each section is very well supplied with possibilities and the sound is really quality. The Virus TI may be the ultimate machine, but no, it is not! Each machine has its strengths, weaknesses and character sound personnel. That's what I learned since I fiddles different machines. We can have preferences, sure, and the virus could very well be one of my favorite synths on the market.

powerloup's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Keyboard
Virus ti
I am an amateur and I am super happy with the beast! unless a problem beug!
such example ram last bones D89 (arp js) run multiple button type mix faith and ensure you have a reset! Jet has been two must return javier Vintage failure and suggest a re-installation jet de los 3 tj but like so I thought I commit to version 2.75 + and the problem


All ok


Great sound


2 months and then use only default sav France nonexistent and hot online English or German shame
+ in the record as a download a french is such a 2300 euro may damage.
But despite a good ca pr-oduct mad ca germany china exchange (without commantaire)

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