Korg MS2000
Korg MS2000

All user reviews of 4/5 for the Korg MS2000

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 14 reviews )
 5 reviews36 %
 8 reviews57 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent

ericthegreat's review"Great analog board"

Korg MS2000
The Korg MS 2000 is a analog modeling synthesizer that has about a three octave range. It has a pitch wheel as well as some modulation sliders. It then has knobs to scroll between different presets, and to control different parameters of each. It has 1/4 inch connections, as well as MIDI connections. It has all types of analog synth presets, as well as the ability to make and store your own sounds. It has full polyphony, but can be set to just be monophonic.


The configuration and set up of the Korg MS 2000 is quite easy to follow, and only takes a little bit of use to figure out what everything does. There is a good amount of control available, and presets are convenient and useful. I have never seen the manual for the Korg MS 2000 , but it is easy enough to use that you shouldn't need it too much. However, since there are a decent amount capabilities, it can be useful to have the manual when learning the in depth features.


The sound quality of the Korg MS 2000 is top notch and is great for any type of music that you would like to use analog synth sounds with. I use it mostly for pop and rock, and always find that the sounds work well with what I am trying to do and are overall realistic sounding. The keyboard itself is easy to play and I like the way the pitch wheel is set up. Overall, I'm a big fan of the presets and capabilities that this synth has.


I've been using the Korg MS 2000 for about two years and it is one of my favorite analog modeling digital synths of this size that is on the market. The preset sounds are really great and there is a great amount of control available over your tone. The price is definitely reasonable, as this is a great instrument. The only reason it is so cheap is because of its small size, which I do not mind. Overall, I highly recommend the Korg MS 2000 .

bayaxel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg MS2000
MS2000, very good synth an EXCELLENT value for money, easy to use, the average factory need tweaking, and vocoder means Harpège
What connection (Audio, MIDI pedals ...)?
Audio input and output, midi: in / out / thru


Easy grip, EXCELLENT manual clear, we must tweak the sounds to get something nice


Analog sounds sweet connotation 80/90


For how long have you been using it?
8 years

What thing do you like most/least about it?
A synth that I use much, for this price it is EXCELLENT, the vocoder now is not terrible, by fiddling you get something good but ...

revega's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg MS2000
The MS2000 is a small keyboard for anyone who wants to try the synth without spending a fortune on prestigous brands.  Here we have the Korg sound (closer to MicroKorg than to Ms 20 obviously), the analog look and simplicity of everything in the facade. Basically Korg had released it at a time when the 'analog' revival made its appearance. I have always found it to be inflated to call this device 'MS' because in the end you are far from the potential of a MS20/10 (power, robustness, ease of modulation, construction. ..).


For utilization the manual is simple and clear enough, so on this point it is well done. For sounds, do not expect realistic sounds obviously but more like an enjoyable emulation of its close analogue synthse MicroKorg but also more evolved and with greater possibilities .


The factory presets are to vomit and can put one off, I do not understand Korg, Roland and Clavia Waldorf why theey stick their Techno / trance shit demos. I am sure that people interested by such synths fled as soon as they heard the presets of these machines.
So then you have to cut the sequencer, effects, and reprogram for yourself for even the sounds of the MS2000, you will be surprised and impressed because in the end the machine can deploy sounds of 70's / 80s/90 's. The machine holds the road well on DIFFERENT levels, basses, leads, and Fx
Attention however it has absolutely no substitute for the grain and power of a true analog synth (MS20, Korg Polysix / or Sigma-SCI PRO ONE) but with a compressor and a good effect can make a good impression.


I have been using it for a few months and sold it because the sound is too, too fine to establish itself and give a real presence (plugin Evolver ct ...).
For the price second hand it is worth it especially
-For beginners in synth and wishing to try their hand on a simple and enjoyable device to play.
-To add discrete sounds in a song (FX, atmosphere ...)
-For the scene it is very light because it is robust and versatile enough.

okia76's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg MS2000
Keyboard 49 keys 4 OCTS
2 stereos taken out
1 microphone jack (between vocoder)
An instrument jack (between)
4 voice polyphony (not plan to play the way the Turkish top)
1 headphone jack
9v power transformer
1 headphone jack
all jack 6.35
8 banks of 16 sounds


Very simple config that knows a bit synths
the edition is really intuitive.
you can download the user guide and mspatchbuddy
to save the sound.
the manual book and blah ... and in English ....


Very good synth for electronica in general
some electric piano sound are very good, too bad they is not quite usable because of the poly limitbr /> effects are not bad but do not replace an external rack.
the keyboard is not terrible, es t veleocit well done.
the love for these terrible low, and its style evolution leads.les detune sounds pad or
minor sweep pad are fantasies for the lounge or the environment.
the sequencer 3 * 16 patterns is very useful for the evolution in real time, without the arp is nice
more (very easy to recrr sequences like "Lost In Love".


I use it for 2 years
I love the retro design and easy access.
the vocoder is more a condition to see a good micro pramp upstream.
I prefer my norlead outright.
I redeemed directly without hesitate

gillou38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg MS2000
A small view following a loan

4 octave keyboard. Frankly the keyboard is deagreable. Ms. CS1X is my best.
Standart Pitch/Mod/Sustain/1 control pedal Assignee
Stereo audio out / stereo Audio In / Midi in out thru
For other paramtres I do not know


Simple Config General. Many screen printing on the front. By knowing a little synthe one is not lost. Editing is simple and effective on the buttons is easier than in the sub menu ....
I have no manual


No sounds (factory) are really showing off technology. I'm working on that sounds
it has something to happen but with the sounds of plants you really make me I do techno.Pour funk and rock is no piano sounds piano elec organ ca disturbs me a little but True, this synth does not have this vocation.
The expression is correct.
ATTENTION I did not test the vocoder. Be little that it alone making up for all ...


For 30 min
As its weight and look
The least the sound (I recall FACTORY)
Money we have to look after the more intensive use because my CS1X down a beating.

PS of 18/03/2010:
I'm talking about the report Qualitprix so if you find the price of a MS2000 CS1X ca change compltement gives

If one lends me a second time may be I would say no ......

PS 18/03/2010
I should be disappointed but I trs comes from a dnicher for less than 150 Euros so I bought

Frankly auqu'un sounds not inspire me at least.
Yet the Micro Korg demos (same engine as the MS2000) really do not want.
Mr Kay02/27/2006

Mr Kay's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg MS2000
All adj t said it, not add, ah, if the knobs and I'd rather dlicats apprci more polyphony (4, sometimes it's really fair, and 8 or 10 c'tait perfect)


Trs easy to use, like other analos and VA. The work of the sound is infinitely more enjoyable than X5, Triton M1/T3 or I could try the same brand.

I synthse with the beginners and I therefore spent some time in the manual. Other than 2-3 odds and ends, over say a user can do without reading it.


- I play the post punk / coldwave, and what kind of machine it lends itself very well (no need to mount the gas plant, aim for simplicity and efficiency.

- It's synthse subtractive, no need to wait ralistes sounds of this kind of synth.

- It pulls easily Cracra sounds fat, good for bass and play "one finger". Do not esprer potatoes of his illustrious ancestor the MS20, the 2000 has a much softer sound.

- Finally, note the incredible sounds by no means the factory, uninviting to departure.


Bought in 2003, I continue to mumuse with.

I had tried before was the OB12 (well built, but no way to make it sound, the MS ring much better, I think), the ION (essay quickly got my techno too) and synths numriques less enjoyable job (Triton LE, X5, Roland RS-5 ...).

Ct ratio quality price, a conce ... I got mine for 600 euros promotion, and what the price is unbeatable qualitprix the report, also aa t Determines when I purchase. At regular price (around 1000 euros), it is too expensive, take a Nord Lead as a Virus or offer the same opportunity conviviality more polyphony and a sound that beats up much more.

In the end, it's a good little bte to learn and have fun without the synthse taking head.

mitt67's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg MS2000
Keyboard 44 keys (very lightweight which allows for fast solos trs :-))) Synthse analog modeling, a pair of stereo outputs, one audio input, polyphony of "only" four voices (damage ) and weight trs light (7 kg I think) nice for transport!


The use and friendly .... we know what to expect when achte this type of machine ... need a little grind sound to get the sound you want or just presets trs also good for most! For effects there is the delay but no reverb malheureuseument !!!!! It is in dire need a good multi effects! The manual is quite easy to read!


I think sounds good trs (admittedly it's not a Nord Lead ... but not the same price range either) and then can the 'traffic' until get the desired sound .... so no worries ;-)


Use group for about 3 years and no problem ... fulfilled its role honestly!
Pakupaku (lcl)03/05/2003

Pakupaku (lcl)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg MS2000
3.5 octave keyboard, plutt average quality, but we do not ask him to have a touch of piano)
Full of controllers, and it's nice: 2 VCO, filter, 4 matrix modulation, distortion, ... and of course the two old wheels that do more Submitted.
7 banks of 16 sounds (fates calculation) in styles that Varis plutt "retro" overall quality trs but honorable. And given the possibilities of the machine, it is att to the string or bass we need.

Basic effects, can be a bit too, but the machine is really thought in the mind of the old monophonic synths (IE MS20 not to quote!) But adding the possibility of publishing and some flexibility work.


In fact I never opened the manual, so I can not criticize dcemment
The edition is a breeze, moult controls are accessible directly by the little buttons all round, and the flexibility of working gal that has the quality of treatment.

Do not expect the keyboard is a basic, but it's good basic trs.

I think it's a machine for idalie nophytes souhaitaqnt address the synthse. It includes all the basics and we quickly found there (condition of being a little needle by an insider or follow the manual while the letter of the same).

Come on, just a minor complaint of the same, the buttons do not inspire great confidence. That said last year that I torture, they hold up.


I was looking for a monaural that is flexible and fast paramtrable in real time, which kind of good bass, tablecloths or effects, and above anything wrong, that's exactly what I find the fallait.On and the grain of old keyboards, organs, synths of the 60/70, the basslines all convincing.
The voccoder is just the icing on the cake, easy to use, and opportunities INTERESTED (choice of carrier and deuxime between the source between external and internal stamp ... )
it is a basic vocoder, however, do not expect a rvolution of the ct but having so many controllers on the machine makes a voccoder "" "Analog" "" tr s fun.


One year I bought APRS have always amuses me much, since even if I went around fairly.
Currently, for about the price, there are however microQ of Waldorf, who plays more in the big leagues. But I remain convinced that through its ct fun and well thought out ergonomics, the MS2000 is an excellent machine for anyone wishing to learn the synthse.

If you are looking for a machine that sounds kind of torture with unusual stamps, drop on the other hand, and direct you to the microQ plutt Nord Modular or both of which are more or less the same range in price.