Novation MiniNova
Novation MiniNova

MiniNova, Analog Modeling Synth from Novation in the Nova series.

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All user reviews for the Novation MiniNova

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 3 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Editorial review
  • 12/03/12Novation MiniNova Review

    Novation MiniNova Review - Tiny Smurf

    Two years after their comeback, Novation decided to strike a new blow with the MiniNova — a small, blue synth bomb based on the UltraNova. When mini means maxi...

Users reviews

mrjason's review"Just starting tweaking knobs"

Novation MiniNova
The Novation MiniNova is a synthesizer that is very small and compact but packs some great sounds. It has some of the same features as the regular model UltraNova. The MiniNova has 256 sounds on it, you can tweak and transform each one of those sounds very easily with the knobs on the front of the MiniNova. The MiniNova does not have speakers on it though so you will need to have some sort of an interface to plug it into. Or you can purchase some sort of monitor just to send the audio signal through. Especially if you are live musicians and use the MiniNova, you will want to have a good monitor to play it with.


One thing you will notice with the MiniNova is you can get some great sounds very easy. You can just tweak a few knobs after loading a preset and get some good stuff. There is no programming involved and no need to read the manual or watch any tutorials. Just load a sound and start turning knobs. I have found some really good sounds that I use in my electronic music just by messing around with knobs on the MiniNova.


The MiniNova also has a voice-tune effect and vocoder on it. I do not use the vocoder that much but it does come in handy sometimes. The MiniNova is well built, all of the material it is made out of seems to be strong. I can tell the MiniNova will last a long time for me as long as I don’t drop it or knock it off the stand.


Using the MiniNova is like a breath of fresh air. I have not had many synthesizers that give me such good sounds with little to no effort at all. I think anyone who makes electronic music or even dub or bass music needs to get this synthesizer now.

cf357's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The intuitiveness foremost"

Novation MiniNova
Are the characteristics everywhere, I will say only that:

- I have not yet tested the external editor
- I love the resistance knobs
- I just wonder what the life of the selector on the right is (envelopes, filters ...)

Too bad it is mono-timbral, but hey, I was warned by buying it!


Used for the first time in the store, I immediately appreciated the ability to handle more effectively in minutes. The interface is very intuitive and enjoyable. It easily and quickly Vocoder uses the arpeggiator, LFO, etc.

I did not have the manual, but I got it back on the internet and it is a very pleasant surprise: in addition to the good description of this feature, it presents a good account of subtractive synthesis, always appreciated!

Digging through the menus is pretty good too but it's a little less pleasant than manipulate buttons!

Note: I do not feel penalized by bit, unlike the majority, but I do not have a piano.


The diversity is amazing. For both rich bass that sounds thinner and thinner, the Mininova reveals his true versatility! IMHO it is very close to its 100% analog.

The "animate" pads are convenient and come to offer a whole new dimension to your sound.

Novation sounds always fit very well in my mixes, and Mininova is no exception. The filters are very well rendered.


I for one short month used currently. 200th purchased in excellent condition, hard to top level quality / price ratio. I hesitated - a little - with the Microkorg, the second-hand market has guided me to this Mininova and I do not regret. I think keeping this Mininova a while for lots of different uses.
Lennon Mercury01/30/2014

Lennon Mercury's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A (very nice) monster!"

Novation MiniNova
3 octaves, mini keys.
Super lightweight synthetic (less than 3 pounds) but sturdy metal construction with wood sides, I find beautiful
256 programs in memory + 128 user locations
Few knobs on the front with a big for the filter
An arpeggiator / sequencer friendly, 8 pads
An excellent quality vocoder
A small but adequate screen


Programs called four ways: either by class of sound (. Leads, bass, pads, etc.), or in the style of music (rock, dubstep ...), either alphabetically or by order numeral.
It's a real pleasure to use. The mini buttons can put off but you know why it takes (not to make a concerto). Personally I took it for its excellent quality vocoder in the demos seemed the best in its class me (I had the Miniak and actually there is no picture, it is even better than UltraNova).
4 knobs acting on a matrix of 24 controls (for envelopes, oscillators, etc.)..
The big knob for the cutoff filter is a really pleasant to use.
The arpeggiator is very intuitive: one on the program fairly quickly, according to the usual parameters (direction of the arpeggio, number of octaves, beats, etc..), Then when you launch sequences can be variations with pads: can mutate including some not, which is very original sequences. Pads play somehow the role of a step sequencer, but can make the changes live.
The manual is clear and informative.


Impressive compared with Mininova template. Sounds can sound very fat, and with the sequencer, can be sacred bass lines. I particularly appreciate the "Vintage Synth" bank as its name indicates analos emulates some synths.
The vocoder has numerous programs (forty), whose traditional Robot and Darth Vader, but also full of other really amazing (especially one that share in the treble or bass returns according to the intonation of the voice). One can easily reproduce some sounds of Daft Punk (Around The World, Digital Love), Earth Wind And Fire (Let's Groove Tonight), and for me it emulates quite well the famous Roland VP 330, my reference (used especially by Queen in Radio Ga Ga and Machines).
Note that the Novation website offers downloadable sound banks, including two banks of 64 programs SuperNova, well done!


In the category synth / vocoder to 3 octaves, I owned the Miniak, big potential but disappointing vocoder. I have long eyed the Korg R3 and UltraNova, I was not attracted by the MicroKorg. When Mininova came out, I did not hesitate for long: all Novation technology for only € 379, with a high quality vocoder, and quality of high-end manufacturing. The wooden sides give it lots of character. And at the sound, it really has nothing to envy to the most expensive synths.
I do not like the mini keys, but as said earlier, I knew what to expect, and we take the final fold. It costs 200 € less than the UltraNova with the same sounds, more knobs, a vocoder better, the wooden sides, and intuitive arpeggiator with 8 pads.
This is an excellent investment and a good extra synth in a set with a large workstation.

Maxidingue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Better and better ...."

Novation MiniNova
Monophonic analog synthesizer
Mini keyboard (must love ...... but it is usable)
Excellent connectivity MIDI, USB, Audio In, Microphone XLR
Publisher PC / Mac edition essential to the sound however the edition of the synth is feasible


Very simple use, simplified user edition of the editor VST / AU
Minimalist manual and written lowercase characters .....


Excellent sound palette, very oriented techno, electro
Sound engine compatible ultranova, more patches SuperNova were brought to the MN
Nice arpeggiator, step sequencer with easy controllable gate for each step
Effects Novation that is to say bloated, excellent for modulations style chorus, delay. Good reverbs
Bass sounds punchy and powerful, cool pad

The vocoder is actually more successful than the ultranova and also allows for the "autotune"


I month
I used almost all synths in innovation since BassStation until I release the ultranova I just sold for Mini! I keep my old supernova
Clearly the sound quality of these synths clearly improves with the same time if the grain of my supernova remains friendly
I think the sounds of small MN are more accurate than those of ultranova even if I do not have the A to directly compare but I used it more than 2 years and I have much in his head grain
I also like the pad that allows animation to save a preset different modulation same. These same pads also allow you to save and quickly recall eight of his favorite presets handy for the stage
Nestor Bourmax05/25/2013

Nestor Bourmax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" nice tool working its"

Novation MiniNova
I will not go into the technical specifications.

I would just say a summary of the wide range of modeling found.

This is the second of this type synth I buy. The first being the k station of the same brand. The difference lies in two points. Mini nova is much more easily controllable through the interface that installs on his computer. Then edit the sound becomes a feast: setting and balance oscillators, envelopes, filters, LFO and effects. K station I think is great for its simplicity and sound quality does not offer as wide oscillators that Mininova choice.


Setup is simple when the plug-in editing is used. It is more tedious with internal menus. Unlike k station or MiniBrute, it must pass through a tree menu to make all settings subtleties. That's why I say it is almost essential to use the plug-in in your favorite sequencer.

I use Live. I would say that as a hacker unassuming, this is just great. I understood a lot about synthesis through visual plug-in.

I spotted a default when you save a sound syncs with the effects (delay, for example), the Mininova does not retain settings.


Very good sound with great precision. Synchronizing LFO, arpeggiator and effects, makes a great synergy with live. I guess it will be the same on other software. The filters sound great. I am a fan of simple oscillators (sawtooth, sine, square) and I find my account. I really feel that mininova as an effective tool arrangement. Not as a tool for solos.

I would say that sounds lead, I keep my preference for my old K station. It sounds much more "analog" as mininova. Moreover, in terms of expression, the keyboard is really mininova nase. I use it only when I tablecloths Register. For a more complex game requiring shades, I play sounds in mininova afternoon with another keyboard.


I use it for about 6 months. I am very satisfied. Sound creation or modification of factory sounds is easy when it is connected to your PC or Mac. I will surely do it again this choice.

g.dps's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A nice VA"

Novation MiniNova
I will not go into the technical Characteristics readily available in previous opinions or on the net (Novation website).
The build quality is good with a rational implementation of control without excessive play. Potentiometers have a resistance to rotation sufficient for precise adjustments.


Two aspects to the general configuration:

- For use with presets (factory or custom), this is a treat. The modulation matrix is ​​very well thought out, the big knob cutoff independent is a great idea, and everything is configurable and controllable in real time!

- For the actual synthesis I'd be a little more nuanced. Navigation in menus and sub-menus is tedious or painful. That said, after a few days of familiarization I find myself going faster and faster and quickly find the features that interest me, so I think that there is some used to take and that after a time we must find it like a fish in water!

While I am a little word about the publisher not yet available, if I understand what is mentioned on the website of Novation, will only serve to visually monitor its actions on the screen synth the PC. If that's the case I'm a little disappointed, frankly, with the computing capacity of 2012 and a synth connected to the PC via USB, I think there would be much way to program the sounds to the editor and transfer on Mininova (after all, they are only coded information on parameter values ​​and logical operators!) to take advantage of hardware synthesis engine, particularly efficient. Especially since the routing capabilities and interactions between modules allow creative freedom impressive.
Not making live I did not look at the functions "animate" that allow you to assign a sound modulations original 8 pads numbered but one that has the value I think it is more significant.
The arpeggiator is also very easy to control.

The manual is available in French on the website of the publisher, it is clear and complete.


The Mininova is characterized by versatility. One can easily get a variety of sounds to suit all styles.
Realism is clearly not the goal, but that's what makes the originality of this synth: the creation, experimentation and often very good surprise at the end!
I have no preference. Low approach, without equal course, real analos, pads benefit from the effects section which gives a lot of scope, the vocoder is very good ...
Lightweight keyboard does not respond to aftertouch but no problem receiving this info from my keyboard controller (Axiom 61).


I use it for a week. I do not have the ability to try easily keyboards where I live but I much documents on the Internet before making my choice.

Pros: compactness, versatility, overall sound quality, virtually endless possibilities of synthesis, processing capacity external sources via audio in, real-time controls, vocoder.

The -: surely the keyboard for some users (but not for me who does not use that much), navigation submenus thick.

Yes with experience I would do this choice, everything I just wrote is relative compared to about 400 € which it is sold. This is in my opinion an excellent quality / price ratio for a small synth comprehensive and fun.

pico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mini But who gives the Maximum!"

Novation MiniNova
Mono-timbral synthesizer with 18-note polyphony.
14 different filters, 20 pitches extensive modulation + 8 + 8 pads animat configurable buttons assignable modulations.

There are 384 memory locations including 256 and 128 vacuum already published.

The mininova is self powered by the USB port which is handy for use with computer.

The build quality is very good good view regarding the buttons.

The buttons are mounted on a metal panel on the sides two wooden slats are fixed and increases the strength and stability of plastic.

I have a little doubt on the reliability of the button and volume data which may be very busy with the time and usually are the weak link in this type of keyboard, but so far no problem.


Ergonomics is the sort of small synthesizer nice I think, lcd screen is very readable and large, the buttons are well spaced and well attached to the panel, the velocity of minitouches are calibrated for use VST plug .
The buttons are very nice and solid, they are fluid and there is no jump in value.


The variety of sounds is vast and covers most of the synth sounds, from vintage to modern, it can have a sound close to a recent analog but the match of course, but the quality of its distortions it color gives a special and enjoyable.

The different varieties of filters coupled with distos provides versatile grain.

The band equalizer in the effects permettes also finalize its to correct for it to fit into a mix or on stage with other instruments.

The vocoder included in the mininova is very good and covers also full of vintage references and it is very understandable in this price category.


I use it for 2 weeks now
I am very satisfied with this synthesizer and I am surprised with the result, I do not expect this is a pleasant surprise.

I wanted to use it primarily for mobile use to make the models and some dubstep but it goes much further than that, its versatility and ease of programming makes it suitable for stylish studio environment.

Modulations are not negligible intake for stage games.

Quality buttons vintage look gives it a lot of charm especially that of the filter.

little -:
I do not like the unison mode, which I think is not very musical and I found some bugs in youth fashion usb midi with ableton live (I had cuts sounds while the south continued to function.
It could also happen in some unnecessary menu mode "menu", but it is really to grumble, because the interface is already very nice and packed with ideas.

I'm quite satisfied with this synthesizer and I can only recommend it.
dj yatis11/10/2012

dj yatis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation MiniNova
Analog synth
256 presets
3 octaves
18 voices of polyphony
4 knobs control
Pitch & Mod controllers
36 waveforms
14 types of filters
twelve o'clock input & output
Mac & PC


The configuration is quite simple when you already put their hands dirty.
The manual is in PDF format and French fairly complete.
The edition will be more clear and pleasant when the sound editor will be available for download on the site.


Component of electronic music and saw the possibilities of this device I think I'm the right choice.

The keys are fairly average and seem fragile so those who are followers of the keyboard on bourrinage attention!

The pianos presets are a bit light for my taste.


And having received from the approximate traveled this synth pleases me well and it will be nice to go completely.
Too bad the patch editor is not yet available for download on the Novation website.

djfacile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Of that happens ..."

Novation MiniNova
having already ordered, Des happens that I inform you if I keep it or if I sold it as his brother Ultranova is alas too fragile for the mobile transportation (and too big for a mobile)


My opinion comes mid October or earlier if by some miracle happen before


My opinion comes mid October or earlier if by some miracle happen before


My opinion comes mid October or earlier if by some miracle happen before (such as dab the Americans were the first and are served since 2 days ...