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All user reviews for the Oberheim OB-12

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kalaspace's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nothing to envy the top VA today range"

Oberheim OB-12
The basic features are mentioned everywhere.

some details of the arpeggiation, multi timbralité and effects:

1 program consists of stamp (s) (1 to 4)
it is possible to stacker / splitter to note loan
against by,
effects apply to a program and not a stamp.
the arpeggiator apply to a program and not a stamp.
However, it is possible to zone notes and stamps that are targeted
the object of the program in arpeggiation.
The order of effects (overdrive, chorus, reverb, delay) is configurable
(You have to get a sub menu, the overdrive is mono by default after the chorus ...).
Ability to synchronize time with the arpeggiator lfo 1 stamp program.
It syncro speed but not the phase.
Possibility sync speed time also (in a submenu deep well too :) )

behavior unison squatting 3 note polyphony
(Polyphony is limited to 12):
it is possible to support more than 4 notes, it will skip some layers unison,
but it will not feel too much.

The ribbon can control two parameters simultaneously,
against by the velocity and aftertouch can affect a lot of parameters simultaneously

Possibility to have 2 filters (series, parrallel or split)
resonance and the cut off is common to the two filters, but it is possible to enter a delta (static timing delay of the second cutoff filter from the first).


Some bemoan the latency potentiometers.
Personally I think it is rather an advantage!
This allows to see what value was a parameter.

I think the issue is simple,
there just has the morphing that I find completely risky
(Can not set the speed morph despite editing values ​​in the grid dedicated)
more having to press a button to instantiate a movement that morphing loop not (anyway the sound morphs is so "glitchy" I do not use it)

I use it as synth game, no insertion test in a mix has been made.
The ergonomics are good, the "fun factor" generated is enormous.

Statistically in 2 months, I create as many patches with the sum all vsti tested in 1 year. Being very fussy, I put at least 1 hour for a patch.


Many testimonies mention the experimental side of this synthesizer,
but in reality it is quite capable of producing "classic" sound.

You should see his digital side "buggy" as an asset, its flaws give it character!
(Same principle as the shortcomings of analog, it's just the nature of the imperfections that are not the same)

The juicy side of the filter, the musicality of the chorus = pads of hyperspace!
The Delta 2 cutoff filters (pseudo formants) = leads singing!
(For leads, hard sync serious tears too)
fm + sync + + RingMod modulation.delai inimitable = fx
the reverb is "filthy" when the decay too long but when it is short (0.2s = mini), it generates a realistic presence with musicality filters, eg possibility of realistic brass.
accumulated forms of tilt gives access to organ sounds.
for electric pianos, given the setting of expressiveness, he is doing very well too!
and of course the overdrive gives access to the sound of electric guitar, but even without it he go in anyway!

All this to say that this synthesizer is extremely versatile,
industrial / fx is only a small part of its potential.


I average one patch per day, and I'm 50 patches.

Prior to its acquisition I tested the north lead 4, and frankly there is not much to envy
(Aside the polyphony, and again ... because the OB12 has the supersaw on osc 1 ...)
modulations North lead 4 are much more limited (eg lfo on one single parameter).

Meanwhile I tested the 08 prophet, the prophet 12, the mophox4 the PolyEvolver the minibruite the virus ti2.

For each model mentioned above, I made a recording zoom h2.
(Ditto for OB12), I tried to be as objective as possible.
They each have their strong point.
But faced with these big monsters, in terms of sound quality the OB12 is doing really well.

Paid 450 euros, given the other models tested, I would say that its price / quality ratio is ... unbeatable.

blackvenus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oberheim OB-12
uh, guys, should perhaps be even has put a little things in their place. The oberheim OB12 is not an analog, since it uses a subtractive modeled, such a chip that calculates and mimics the behavior of the components of a real analog synth, ie transistors, resistors and capacitors. It is perfectly normal that it can not reproduce all the sound variations inherent to the use of such components as it does not Possessed (like all modeled synthesizers and ... virtual, of course).

But anyway, you must admit that for a modeling synth, it's still one of the best machine outputs since the appearance in 1993 (what a shock then), I recall, for the youngest, the first analog modeling synthesizer , namely the clavia NordLead1.

Blessed shall be the one who owns a beautiful instrument, on my side I am working on a Alesis Andromeda A6 and it's not the same world, but if I had been able to offer me "that" Oberheim, I ' anyway'd be super super happy. so take advantage of what is, and not spit in the soup too young, especially when it has the taste and color of the Oberheim mom ...

Ed7400's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oberheim OB-12
I repeat and confirm: All of the ingredients are subtractive synthse presents the facade of this very beautiful synthesizer .... that the sounds of the Oberheim gnration (easy for me who can put the OBX ct / OBX-a).


Dveloperai one point I never evoked here:
It is a practice keyboard control keyboard and / or keyboard master even if it is not its unique function and displays.
Its polyphony is sufficient control
His very numerous "faders" sliders (and Controller ribbon. (Relative or Hold)
Pitch wheel parramtrable 0 24. / Modulation wheel LFO1 to LFO2 / Morphing stamp stamp program and the program) can rgler many Paramtres an external module
Passage boards of the use of sounds in internal or external sounds of expanders: very convenient live
Memorize configurations
Module effects and arpgiateur

Using very simple and quick with a user manual readable (unlike some)
Only complaint: no longer made! and if I have to buy one, not sure to find one when I have more room


Remove the effects, use sparingly in well-chosen 1 or 2 good quality (even on stage) and you can get a very varied range easily so the interface is well RALIS e.
It lacks the matrix of an EMS (or AKG) but that is another story.
So 7 / 10 as an analog one is irreplaceable even if some of the VST and other plbiscite


Very good report qualitprix. We can do better but more than double the price in time. And not necessarly better (some current models)
Only the heavy touch can miss on this synth but it much less portable and more fragile, so for the scene and / or the studio is very good.
To understand the analog is not bad (except the lack of matrix) but this is not the same investment. Count 6 7 times more expensive?

Why I sold it and / or offered for sale:
Considering the place, I kept a synth on each register in accordance with a subtractive synthse, one in synthse additive and a keyboard that can control heavy to include some samples.
I know there who do everything but if there was a machine ideal, everyone would have the same and the soundscape is sad. Long live diversity.
If I have more room, I Rasht and yes many of us sell then repurchase the same machine later once the storm passes

Khifran's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oberheim OB-12
Dj dtailles in prcdents opinion.


Using extremely simple, everything is clear and well Agenc on the facade.


Huge sound possibilities!


I have to buy it and after having set day, I am fully satisfied!
This synth does not deserves its bad reputation before judging it, we must ensure that its software part is the day ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oberheim OB-12
I had this synth a month. Previously I possd: C virus, Nordlead a nova and a matrix 1000? I also played on a lot of analog.
Well, this synth is the no t given to me to hear. Let me explain: The possibilities of this synth is important, full of filter modulation, etc ...
But the problem is that you Tlcharger last vsti free and you realize that OB12 sounds worse, as to afford a used laptop for its price, what?
The OB12 flat rings, filters are zero. For those who have had a nova (whose sound is not gnial Adi) OB12 is the worst of all. How can you release a bcanne with a sound as bad griff Oberheim?

If you have money to waste, give it to me, do not buy this synth.


See above


For sounds I would say:

pad = 5/10 (he made some pretty ambient pads, but a nova is better for less)
bass = 0/10
keys = 3/10
lead = 1/10
fxs = 4/10


If you have money to waste, give it to me, do not buy this synth. Those who want to speak well refourguer is suspect ...

perlinf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oberheim OB-12
See the description already made


I find it very easy to use, you just take a little bother to delve into the sounds, the number of buttons for setup help.
the menus are clear and more as soon as you touch a knob, the screen displays the correct page, so a feast for the programming.


It was then that the apparently divergent opinions.
If one seeks a good synth sounds with viruses and other style is not that!
cons if you're looking for something more experimental, it's happiness. It can create unique, very good for music "ambient". you can also make beautiful tablecloths scalable ... nice bass with arpeggios and phrases that we have taken care to create.
in fact, must take the trouble to seek, create, experiment. it's all her secret.
I was a little early on my hunger, and in fact, the more I use it the more I discover. So I think I can go very far with it.


I have since early January. and I love it. despite what some people, I think it sounds good, special, like the others. And that's the secret precisely. difference. when you take a roland, we already know more or less how it will sound ....! (I like roland too).
so if you want sound ready, the superb pianos, trumpets and other ... go your way.
if you like tweaking the sound, you can try it.
If you are looking for ambiance, you can adopt.

Bb76's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oberheim OB-12
Synthtiseur modlisation analog
49-key keyboard
4 octaves. (-2 Octaves are slightly down and go up two octaves, which makes virtually 8 octaves).
Polyphony: 12. (Mono and legato, Unison, portamento)
Ribbon controller. (Relative or Hold)
Pitch wheel parramtrable 0 24.
Modulation wheel LFO1 to LFO2
Morphing stamp stamp program and the program.
Timbral mode:
For LFO1: choice of four waves diffrent: saw, triangle, square square random image.
Control of the wave height.
envelope delay time and fade time.
8 positions for the cutoff paramtrage
osciliateur common gre mix of OSC1 and 2
the module mod rin
white noise module
paramtre the introduction of the CSO. on the attack and decay
Management of the depth of the envelope of the osc. 1 and 2.
osciliateur 1: three styles of adjustable wave height: saw, triangle and pulse.
Control of the wave on its width.
FM: paramtrable is with the OSC2.
Depth LFO1 (DCAL interesting for the osc1 of 2).
Depth PWM LFO1, LFO2 and gnrateur envelope.
osciliateur 2: The same three styles of waves.
Control of the width only for the square wave.
Synchronisaton possible with osc1 (there is the same tempo wave of OSC1 and OSC2).
LFO1 depth (for DCAL INTERESTED OSC2 of the 1).
Fine: SETTING THE tuning.
Range: Mini pitch for OSC2. Keybord track.
Depth PWM LFO1, LFO2 and gnrateur envelope.
Filters: (the two filters are combined).
Filter 1: 4 modes (low pass, band pass, high pass and flat).
SETTING THE its frequencies.
Filter 2: 4 modes (same as for the filter 1).
Rglage Delta.
SETTING THE rsonnance the.
SETTING THE depth of the envelope.
"" LFO1.
"Track the keybord: gives clear up or choking sound.
3 modes of routing: in SERIES, parallle and split.
In parallle: SETTING THE balance.
In split: ""
on filter1, 5 paramtrages (this filter is not targeting the OSC1, OSC2 of the osc. mix, ring mod and white noise).
for the same topo filter2.
Filter on the attack, the decay1, sustain the release, the decay, the decay breakp the Decay2 and sustain time.
Amplifier: topo same as for the filter indicated above.
SETTING THE amout, the auto-pan, the depth of LFO1, pan left and right.
LFO2: topo a bit more succinct than LFO1.
VLOC platte or curved, adjustable to any other Settings, followed SETTING THE influence.
After-touch: 8 Positions: Reverse, with dlais, custom, heavy 1 and 2, linear, soft 1 and 2.
Ribbon: ds assignable every way and on any parameter.
User panel scan: INTERESTED since trs active when this function does custom settings callent pragramme more compared to the stamp but the position of the knobs and pulls current seats, which allows dj see if the patch INTERESTED be little or not work.
In program mode:
4 shares with layer mode, and single SPLT.
Effects: Overdrive, chorus, delay and reverb.
Graphic equalizer parameter.
Links: rgler possibility of the rate of the LFO to the tempo of the arpgiateur, the phrase-in or MIDI Clock from 1,2,3 or (and) 4.
Foot control: possibility to connect two switches and two pedals.
Arpgiateur: way down, up and randon, 3 octaves possible with tempo.
Rglage the split on the keyboard.
Pattern: rgulier mode: 7 families possible. 5 VLOC modes.
"Irrgulier: 7". "5" "
Phrase recorder: 4 ds storage sets. Tempo.
rglage the split on the keyboard.
Motion 1 and 2.
Keybord transpose.
Multitimbral 4 shares.

Systm The midi is common with 7 filters in and out. Midi controls possible. Midi clock sync possible.
Bulk dump rinnitialiser possible for the synth.
Digital out, convenient to sound picky.
Midi in, out, thru.
In hand out and out.
Phone jack.


The configuration is very well thought. It is enough simply to address diffrent steps in order. Modliser first LFO1 being guided mode ds "edit" then LFO2 for modulation. Include ds then stamp program mode. Ds mode program can be superposs 4 stamps.
I had the chance to have standard user manual in French, despite having bought used. 600 in 2004. The manual is quite explicit but does not go deep enough. N'tant not a specialist in music as I have encountered some difficulties but taking its time you get there.
I go from one surprise is the life of this synth in its use seems to me infinitely.


My style of both musics plutt planing room has ample AWARE me.
The sounds are realistic? LOB12 is not for show sounds orchestrate, but the ds is more exprimental.
Includes the effects sound good, but I prcise again I'm just a novice in the Contents.


I use this synth for 2 years and I had no bad surprises.
Modlisation the front panel is great. The arrangement of parts diffrent is very well thought. Its sound makes me soar.
For anything I sell this little wonder blue.

blipblip's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oberheim OB-12
Shoots very characteristics allow full edition of sounds and perfect control of all parameters directly (ideal for the stage)


Much simplicity with features that also shoots is dconcertant
a manual in very clear but apparently quite rare franais the ideal is to be bilingual or trilingual (English, Italian)


So analog sounds very good bass tablecloths and hot lead
many paramtrables effects in real time


was going to make 3 years that I have I spare myself because I have the most utility but if I had handed me the Zique will be my first purchase a keyboard!
the era I bought 1400th a very reasonable price for the hardware, which apparently has not seen his new lower prices the occasion is the solution pending

tab06's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oberheim OB-12






The top but a little expensive for me
One of the best synthesizers I tried myself if someone can "afford" less than 600 e I'm interested
I wait a bit to buy nine hoping that the price down a bit

tab062's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Oberheim OB-12
Good analog modeling synth (analog without the grain of défaults too old machines)
connected controllers 256 editable sounds
available and user-friendly editor pc


Very simple to use for a keyboard with the same parameters
everything is editable and scalable there is virtually no limit to the transformation
Many real-time effect
sequencer etc ...
comprehensive manual


I am rather a rock with hints of electro pop so it's the ideal material for a warm sound and electro sounds very well made (especially if the publisher)
perfect expression
the sonoritée mainly electro acoustic, but some of its CSOs by digging lfo it must be possible to have a piano or guitar properly anyway for me a synth is not made to imitate sounds acoustic but rather to create the sounds never heard before or ground bass


I like the look mainly at the same time futuristic and retro for me it's ideal because I shoot a lot with my group it's really beautiful to watch sounds are really very well made and edited direct results coming soon and in concert is essential to have enough to modulate a live sound
it's been almost 10 years I try all possible and imaginable synths is very expensive or of poor quality here it is a synth that does not compromise for a great price (about 1000 euros) and of course if it I would do it again in 2 times