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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 14 reviews )
 4 reviews29 %
 6 reviews43 %
 2 reviews14 %
 2 reviews14 %
Value For Money : Excellent

LooLoo13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 0 fault"

M-Audio Venom
Already seen over and over again ........
I put 9 for buttons even if sy done quickly
c is just a little confusing at first but after no concern


update do not worry
(For maj think désinstaler the old version ca blocking me)
the only concern for the moment
otherwise RAS
pdf manual I have not put too much nose in
for the little that I have seen it al proper air
edition vysex nickel super convenient and fairly advanced still


not too realistic sounds
but flexible enough typed on a desire s easily arrange
c is an analog synth so we in fact that we want
people who tell here or that nothing can escape
n not put too much of the nose in
it is true that the filter is particular resonance above 100
which cost him 1 pt in my note
For my part, a lot of good sounds very good to see some
not to mention all those to come .......


2 months wholesale
I have tried many models of syntheses and expanders (EMU AKAI NOVATION ....)
what I like, sound card (limited but it widely enough for me)
-Sounds in general
Capacities-editor for modulation ....
- .......
so far I can not find him benefits
not that it is not perfectible but frankly
100th to 200th and even 500th secondhand new starting price I'll have the mettrent
it serves me LIVE in Sound Card
it sounds SPARK driver of EMU XK6
I need it to do the audio acquisition XK6
without freeze or crash if he likes you
c is mostly for ca voulai I write this review
sounds have déjas were discussed
I do not think worth mentioning that I would do this choice without hesitation
a true analog that that what we say
enriches its really a difference set up
Swiss knife deadly side still
every day I am pleased with my choice
enjoy as that there are still models of in-store
Brand new with warranty .....
I really doubted the possibilitée this to work
carefree on my PC config rather light

nobazz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" what the fuck?"

M-Audio Venom
I will not go on the characteristics of the machine, everything is said in the test. Skepticism about the longevity of the synth because of the publisher and the lack of updates, I have only to remark: given the current price of the synth, to dedicate a basic netbook for edition does not seem inconsistent.


Everything is perfectly clear, it does not mean that it is easy to master if not the bases in terms of synthesis. I think alot have bought promo, but have not had the courage to put their hands in the camboui ... For them, the banks found interesting as that provided free of charge with alternate editor Venomed:

These sounds can be used as bases and then go into the unfathomable depths of modular synthesis, provided not drown. The real problem is, if everything is clear ...


I love its texture, its aggressive side. The sound panel is awesome, unique even considering the price, considering that once the bank can be made without problems be used alone. In fact, I do not see any other synth also affordable which allows, after edition, boarding such a sonic palette without lugging a laptop. A tablet? It will change range and overcomes the keyboard ... So yes, the anxiety of not being able to edit away from soft ... 'm Finally going to bother to program once and enter a whole live set, I find the concept rather well thought out. Especially the visual editor works well, and it is still easier to make complex cross-references to a screen on a 2-line LCD. The ion was also the editor for that.

It is true that the filter is not effective, that the knobs are molassons ... I want to forgive him for all that it offers in return: master keyboard with sound card (even if it is extra), midi interface, its capabilities with arpeggiator ... Even the drum kit is cool, mostly used as a basic ingredient for the new sound material ...


I've had about 1 year, I do not use it every day it is. This is ptete my geek side but I love his face ... And when I see it and I'm out of ideas, it is a real pleasure to me the editor paste in a screen and experiment with stuff. It is placed next to my tenori, and like him I think he has a single hand, extraordinary both in sound and in its design. It makes you want to taffer sound otherwise, even if ergonomics is not perfect.

I think everything has been said here about the Venom, but it ruffles my hair to see people complain at the price or it is currently sold ... Like I said, I think many do not see their creative potential, in addition to its sound color. I had not much to add to the test, but I wanted to do it justice. If Psycraft could finish updating the app, it would be cool. Otherwise, the alternative program I linké above (which requires a VST host by against) is also rather well done.

Long live the Venom!

gnoulie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Staggering! "Grrr!" and "Whaouu!""

M-Audio Venom
Hallucinatory features next to the recently practiced rate:
- 49-key keyboard
- USB audio interface
- Synth virtual analog polyphonic 12 voice multitimbral 4
- USB midi interface - master keyboard
- Embedded effects for treating external signal
- Digital filter for treating external signal
- Arpeggiator
- Waveforms percussion


Very good, which made me rejoice:
- Well what does not always very musical and rather aggressive results (> Venom aptly named), the synthesis is powerful, flexible and extremely modular. The soft editor (essential for editing in depth) is pretty much done in this regard.
- Amazing Versatility (see features) it can process external signals via its effects and filter with a good command of gains Wet / Dry (Direct potentiometer especially when the Line In is used; via USB, the gain must be controlled in the DAW). Strangely, effects and filters are controlled (start / stop) from the keyboard, but after all, why not: my karaoke application with compressor and delay on the microphone positioned-ce-ce-ce ... triggered at the right time and total synchronism with the tap tempo. It is also used to personalize the delivery of MP3 background music (DJ).
- Powerful arpeggiator, used to launch musical sentences for example the use of a complete arranger damage patterns that are limited to two measures ...
- Audio Quality honest USB interface
- Quality of effects far from professional level, they are nevertheless sufficient for auxiliary applications

Very bad that made me scream:
- Mainly due to the editor and saving your edits, all is buggy and complicated by two editing modes offered by the device, I will specifically on this issue. After a week of use, trying to understand the philosophy of backup soft / hard, I maliciously planted Venom, and I almost returned to the distributor everything with the word "resume your m ... is not allowed to release a product also yielded little on the market ". But finally I was able to recover with the most radical form of reset, and I kept it. To be continued ...


To be continued ...


To be continued ...

Fredglass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Totally dependent on publisher"

M-Audio Venom
I owned the Venom transiently for three months (I traded against a rack then resell). I knew from the reviews what I was getting into and that this synth would not meet me too. I will try to be as objective as possible in my criticism, the goal is not to "break" this instrument has (arguably) its qualities and defects.

Well, when already discovered this synth (I got mine in a totally new state), which is obvious is its appearance. It looks like it is in the remains of a glossy Ikea kitchen type. It is smooth, shining here. Cà plastoc is, of course, but below is a striated gray plastic shell and above all white inspires confidence, strength with a nice design. The quality of the knobs is honorable. For cons, the visual a little afraid: registration of the facade were made in gray and light gray background of the screen is a bright green / fluo you take off the retina (!). Positive: the headphone jack has been presented. For me who plays that headphone is cool. Cà avoid having the thread returns to the keyboard.

Connection "modern" and very complete on the back of the machine with USB, MIDI and the whole gang. See previous opinions.

Venom has four banks of 127 sounds each. Following is a synth ... It is not the number of factory that counts but the possibilities of transforming sounds. For this there is the matrix facade is a simple and implacable logic. The problem is that this matrix is ​​incomplete ... making itself incomplete synth. Venom is not, however limited, I think the word is wrong. Limited mean that this synth has limited opportunities and / or that they are only slightly advanced. No, the problem, if it still looks the same matrix, it lacks features that the Venom can be considered a real synth. To give an example, it is not possible to change the waveform oscillators via the front of the machine! It's a shame because it is usually by where you start but if we learned to program a synth linearly (old!). In short, it lacks a lot of stuff and it's frustrating.


In terms of editing sounds and if we stick only to Venom hardware is necessarily easy since there is not much.

For a more detailed and complete edition, the Venom is totally dependent on the computer via the Vyzex editor (or Vysex, I do not know). Otherwise, the sound editing is not easier or more difficult than any other synth.


Sounds, for the most part are very typical aggressive. Cà hard! Venom really stands out and has a recognizable grain. So even if some sounds are not really in the fine (but may work after all) you can not blame the designers Venom have wanted to stand out and avoid the pitfall of synth-style "supermarket tones in 1960 to the present day. "


I had the Venom three months. Maybe this is not enough to judge this instrument. However, I have not really had the impression of having a synth hands as the instrument is limited without the use of Vysex editor. For me, a synth is an autonomous instrument capable of doing everything by himself. In short, a synth should be able to use only hardware and just about everywhere. Maybe this is a sign that I'm totally has-beens! But that for this or that thing must reconnect to the Venom odri and launch the application, it's boring! If you want a synth that lights up and the program is (just) and what is not Venom you.

Hence the question: Venom can it really be called a synth?

After that, for 200 euros it is true that we have a master keyboard with an integrated sound card and some functions synths front + banks integrated sound. For player / designer studio with a computer always provided it is true that this is not bad, I must admit! For "old" players who pass and swear by the hardware, it is beyond comprehension! This was therefore the opinion and scoring a musician under the latter category.

jprintz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Venom
See specifications below. There are many rich, powerful ... As a preamble, I will say that I have to buy this synth one year apart. The first time, given the price, I do not think a bit anyway, saying it would make a keyboard more in my set stage for little expense. And then I stopped with the rock cover band that does not really need a keyboard. Afterwards, a little scared, I sold some of my set, the Venom.
I had not then taken the time to explore, the program ...

Today I re-enlisted with a prog metal band with songs and who REALLY wanted a keyboard. I've just buy the Venom to use as soloist and additional arrangements, amid a Roland XP80, a JV880 and a P330, knowingly, for typical and aggressive sound that characterizes .

The advice I give is therefore not that of someone who wants to sell it but someone who comes to understand a little late, the Venom is a good instrument more versatile that n 'it seems, and that is the joy of musicians passionate about their musical style synths and appreciate them for what they are.


As many have said, it is very simple indeed. Doc, I do not know, not needed. I know and practice keyboards for over 30 years ... Now, what is the issue, it is imperative to a PC or a Mac at hand. The software Vyzex is a godsend, a marvel. It provides an opportunity to access and quick, intuitive reaction. Its look is successful and is fully consistent with the real, the Venom.

Many are having some connection problems. I must say that usb, Windows XP with an old Pentium 4, Venom is not recognized. But I must say that I have a Lexicon Alpha connected by default. I realized that the communication was restored by unplugging the usb and making a vulgar twelve o'clock loop (with Edirol UM1). After that, everything is going. And save his job in a bank after Vyzex native "store" its sounds in the memory of Venom. There is no amnesia synth at this point, I even made a mod being repeated without a PC and has been stored ...


When I get a used synth or when I buy a new one, I always start by pissing against the wall. Mean by that that I do everything on my own sounds, recreating equivalences sounds that have always moved me over the years. Then, having seen the need to take detours from one instrument to the other to get what you want, I program based on the needs of my group. I am now in the progressive metal ... This is a new experience for me, but the job is similar to the keyboard prog rock, where I come from. Venom allowed me to make arrangements offload my XP80 when it is very busy. It also serves as my solo instrument, and through the mix well, so pleasant and musical, to the delight of all.

You understand that the factory sounds do not serve me, if only as a starting point. This is to be understood that the Venom behaves like all synths. It sounds like what is actually. It is true that the filter is particularly effective when it is open, the distortion and compressor give a final and significant personal touch (I mean its a "M-Audio"). But ultimately, we can achieve results equivalent to other synths also very typical. I have done very hot cloths Roland or Korg type setting subtly Equals and chorus in conjunction with the filter and envelopes. In short, to the west, nothing new. All this to say that the Venom is more versatile than it looks. Do not stop especially with factory sounds, you would spend, like me there one year, next to the musical potential of the instrument.

In the pure programming and compared to software engine, there has these so described in the notice of writing digital artifacts. And this is where it takes over! Well proportioned, they give this little expression that is still pending, these small residues and other disturbances of his entering the musical processes (I am thinking in particular of the RCM with the Yamaha SY77 and 99, the FXM or RCM Roland, etc etc ...). Modulations are wonderful: the FM and Ring, coupled with sync are formidable, as they were always known!


I speak here only of the tariff. A 200 euros new, there is absolutely nothing to say. A real synth is obtained with a real personality and very extensive possibilities. I will soon test as a tool for composition, only on a desktop with Studio One, and I have no doubt that I will "fall" of the expected and unexpected results, but still in the musical.


opaze's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Totally underrated"

M-Audio Venom
I'm back on features, just visit the site. Building level and given the number of negative reviews, I was expecting much worse ... It's all ok but correctly assembled plastic, rigid, easy to carry with a clean keyboard but surely not as bad as can be read everywhere. The knobs are light but good on my Novation is not necessarily better and talk synth less than 500 euros (bought for my part 195). After the issue of the orange label reviewer must not exaggerate, just use gasoline f and it takes in 1 minute chrono ... Short keyboard honorably built and considering the price it is even an achievement. I bought it for a mixed-use, PC controller and also to play with of course. I said that I currently have a AN1x (plastic frame there really fragile but fantastic VA) and a handy XioSynth and before Modular Clavia frankly difficult to program a Evolver I loved in another register, as a hot Micron a tombstone and finally a Blofeld who scored all possible problems (faulty knobs, which crashed OS, USB random and so on).


What decided me is of course the price but first its peculiar tone color (the starting price of 500 euros I had hesitated anyway) and that at least looks like nothing. Yes it is aggressive, besides the guys at M-Audio describe it as such, so it is more comfortable in the acute than in the bass, so the presets are very average. But the soft editing is well done and there can get their hands dirty. So it does not sound like a virus or a Clavia but remind me the price? Turning to the problem of stability: ben me after dozens of hours on it, I had to freeze 2 or 3 times max ... I remember my Micro Modular Clavia who planted each transfer ... and I even talking about the Blofeld, a horror ... Not the same price though right ...


As I write more, presets are almost all to review. Ouhhhhh bad synth you say me and I will answer you: oh yeah like about 80% sold synths, presets are often either too bad oriented musical style. Apart Kurzweil and Access is not always whopping either (Microkorg users do not smile ...). What concerns is that it is primarily a super easy to use synth, no attempt for hours different functions, and if indeed the access of surface parameters is limited, it can already s to amuse and then passes through the soft sounds to deepen. Besides, the engine sound is quite full, and at no discount, I would even say that the synthesis can be very sharp. It is true that lack of roundness, smoothness of the filters, but it is not sold for that. At least he stands out from the competition and can still show versatile, excellent in the lead and crystal clear sound, decent pads, only the bass is back and lack smoothness. The balance is generally very good for me and better for me than that Micron sounds great cold or a Microkorg more limited.


Anyway I really do not understand those who criticize this machine as much as it does not deserve all this reputation and at this price it is a bargain to be a small set. We're not all professional musicians so a bit of objectivity sometimes do not hurt ...
I think a lot of negative reviews for this machine are really from a usage summary and related psychological factor in the price, not to mention the fact that M-Audio abandons monitoring ... This machine sounds good in its register, it is special, after we like it or do not like but can not say whether it is a bad synth. I do not regret this purchase at all, quite the contrary, it is a machine that leaves no one indifferent, offering several levels of use depending on your investment and grow with you.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Venom Hangover"

M-Audio Venom
no comments


no comments


I have not found one directly usable for my compositions.
Need to start programming.


Attracted by such other attractive price (195 euros at Thomann) I had
bad idea to order a Venom shortly before the end of their stock and
I need to confirm the unreliability of this unit.
I started off wanting the ugly orange label that disfigures the front, result: a huge sticky glue spot that I had covered with white vénilia to use the device without getting stuck on it like a fly on his ribbon.
After this mishap I start the synth and there, from the first use
LEDs flashing unexpectedly or fail to light more bluntly,
I let you imagine how convenient it is to identify the functions
activated ...
Bonus unable to make it work in USB and MIDI simultaneously ...
Wholesale 200 euros lost in an impasse and I'm missing to complete
my budget Krome which is a real synthesizer manufactured by a true brand KORG synths!!
In conclusion beware of bargains that are more than
disappointing, we can hardly find a good synth less than 1000 euros
except perhaps that junoDi for low-end model proves to be
an interesting complement (albeit limited) when you already have other instruments at junoDI month he has a neat finish and reliable.

epic3000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Venom
Already said!


Big surprise we can not change the waveform from the oscillator
front of the synth heavy black spot for those who loves me aside
the computer and focus on music. But the company is very well done
I do not even open the manual in two months of use.
Modifiable parameters are easy to access and the handling is almost immediate.
I would not recommend using it as sound card I'm testing for several weeks and it crashes very often.


For the style of music I would agree that ca to all those who want to have synth sound in their productions. There are many waveforms and 3 oscillators.
The filter is horrible too fast and dry, but I must say that this is part of the charm of this synth.
There are a few typical Oberheim sounds but the heat did not really there. If you want to do with low back without treatment go your way you do any serious punch.
Another flaw I noticed there is a click when this filter begins to open up this little well be disturbing.


Despite a lot of negative point I must say that I really like this synth, it sounds that kind of common for the price (between 100 and 120 € Used) I think it's worth it. I use it mainly to make electro pop. With the experience I would do this choice without hesitation he bring color to my productions.

scarabeo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Interest in more than one way ..."

M-Audio Venom
Already said and repeated.


Use not too complicated, being myself and not a scratch as synthesis. In mobile, taking advantage of the audio interface is nice: A pair of small speakers, a laptop, a guitar, a microphone and can maquetter carefree.

The pdf manual is not the most developed, but hey, it's a synth tamed by fiddling ...


The presets are a bit repetitive, armored delays & reverbs, very techno oriented musics. So I would say the first glance is a bit disappointing.
Say that when we already have big banks and other vsti synth side, Venom is not encouraging because the sounds are very typical and very usable.
But the highlight of the device is its editing (fairly extensive) via an editor pc & mac comes with. And then we can all edit, save, grind. In short, it is the kitchen. So, this is a machine that is "endearing" but requires that some attention ...
The arpeggiator is formidable in addition to being assignable to all sounds and drum kits!


I bought it in the month of August when Thomann has his breaking price. Since I use each time a little more about my titles, in pubs, etc ...

But do the math: For € 195 you,

- A 49-key master keyboard really correct
- A polyphonic synth and important multitimbral 4 channels.
- A USB sound card

So overall, to have as complete at this price, it is mission impossible.
It lacks a 48v power supply and XLR in but ...

Dae2l-Ero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bye single vst (i) - Hello Venom!"

M-Audio Venom
49-key synthesizer size velocity sensitive (4 octaves)

12-voice polyphony, each with:
• 3 oscillators with 41 waveforms and 53 drum sounds sampled from vintage analog synths, FM digital synths, and drum machines
• pulse width modulation, synchronization, FM, and ring modulation
• resonant multimode filter with tube saturation limiting
◦ low pass 12 dB / octave (2-pole)
◦ band pass 12 dB / octave (2-pole)
◦ high pass 12 dB / octave (2-pole)
◦ low pass 24 dB / octave (4-pole)
◦ band pass 24 dB / octave (4-pole)
◦ high pass 24 dB / octave (4-pole)
• 3 LFOs (low frequency oscillators) with Sample-and-Hold selectable
• 3 envelopes AHDSR
• 16 options routing the modulation

Multitimbral operation with 4 shares sequencers sentences independently-owned synchronized via MIDI

512 onboard Single patches

256 Multi patches (several layers) embedded

2 buses global effects
• Reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser

1 insert effect per multitimbral share (4 total)
• Compression, EQ, Distortion, Bit Reduction, Decimation

classic arpeggiator patterns ascendants, descendants and alternations

tap-tempo and manual BPM control from the keyboard

audio / MIDI interface integrated USB 2.0 (backward compatible with USB 1.1)
• Operation 2 x 2 24-bit 48kHz
• routing stereo line inputs, microphone, instrument to DAW
• routing synth sounds to DAW
• Transfer of audio output mixes into main outputs DAW
• main outputs stereo audio (3.5mm TS)
• Stereo headphone output (3.5mm TRS)
• Master volume knob, gain switch microphone and instrument
• MIDI input and output (5-pin DIN)

large customizable LCD

4 rotary encoders and 1 button for performance control and editing

buttons octave up / down and transpose dual function

pitch bend and modulation

Sustain pedal input (3.5 mm TS) and expression (3.5 mm TRS)

Venom Vyzex editing software included
• create sound banks, rename patches, and make backups
• function of collision patches to create mashups of multiple patches and new hybrid sounds
• the 16-cell modulation matrix offers comprehensive routing configurations


The general configuration is it simple?
The setup is extremely simple. Installing the firmware update has no problem with me (Mac OSX Lion).
The manual is clear and sufficient?
I have not used. Or to install or to program the synths.
Editing sounds and effects is it easy?
For my part, I usually work with AU / VST (i), I knew exactly what to expect so regarding publishing pushed. The software provided Vysex plays its role, everything is clear (at least for someone who used virtual instruments).
Audio interface mode, it behaves very well. The audio by USB (I do not know if you say it like that, it's great. I used it with Logic Pro and Studio One, and nothing to say, everything works perfectly.


Sounds they agree your style of music?
Yes, sounds quite suitable to my style. (Electronic Music, Hip Hop, G-Funk ..)

Are they realistic?
Realistic enough? Sounds are effective, it send it enmêne synth or the like it! It is "Violating" and can be sweet too. Acid or liquor.
Very comfortable in what I do.

The effects are they effective and responsive?

The effects are crude décofrages at first. Just to tame resortir all quintessence.

The expression is good?
Yes, it is very good, with no aftertouch cons.

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? ...

Acid, it is the king!
Bass, it emerges as a leader!
Planing, he knows managed as a major!
Imitate, it is not his idea!


How long have you been using?

it's been a good week that I use and I triturated sounds in all directions.

What is so special that you like most and least?

Most is the sound that comes out and its possibilities.
I've clearly forgotten Sylenth and Massive.

Did you try many other models before buying it?

Many VST yes!

How do you rate the quality / price?

400 bullets a real synth, uh! how to say, the feet!

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Yes absolutely, at this time, I would do this choice without hesitation! It is just my way of working.