Clavia Nord Rack 2X

Clavia Nord Rack 2X

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Nord Rack 2X, Analog Modeling Synth Rack/Sound Module from Clavia in the Nord Lead series.

6 user reviews

Clavia Nord Rack 2X tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Clavia
  • Model: Nord Rack 2X
  • Series: Nord Lead
  • Category: Analog Modeling Synth Racks/Sound Modules
  • Added in our database on: 04/16/2004

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Clavia Nord Rack 2X user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 3 reviews50 %
 1 user review17 %
Value For Money :

yoTrakkz's review"great sounds"

Clavia Nord Rack 2X
I like the Nord Rack 2x a lot, but there are a few downsides of it that cause major problems for me. Endlessly scrolling through meaningless number after number to get to the patch you want to play is just... irritating to say the least. A larger display with the ability to give patches meaningful names would have been nice. As it stands, you better have a pen and notebook with a patch list on it handy, or you could spend the majority of your time just trying to find that awesome patch you made earlier.


The Nord Rack 2x so easy to use, unlike a Virus or any of the hybrid computer based synth boxes on the market today. With over 1,000 patches & performances, a decent arpeggiator, patch layering, and other usefull items, it is a very powerful synth.


The Nord Rack 2x sounds absolutely crisp, buttery, sharp, and warm when you need it to. I cannot describe the sound you can get from this thing considering the price point - you simply have to hear it for yourself. There are no on-board effects (which is fine, I'm sure saving on the cost) so you'll have to look elsewhere for that. There is a dedicated knob or button for almost everything on this synth, so tweaking and creating patches from scratch is a breeze without even opening the manual. Anyone with any synth experience at all will be right at home with this product.


Overall, the only negative thing I say say about this synth is that there needs to be a better way to navigate the patches (as I talked about earlier) Other than that, this synth simply has to be heard to be believed! If you're thinking about buying this synth, I say go ahead and get it, once you hear the sound quality and the patches, you will be happy. Just be prepared to scroll!

M.A.N.U.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Rack 2X
All of this said adj t ct-l ... And the numbers, I tape a little.

9 / 10 because the lack of effects can affect a claviriste playing live.


Ergonomics is the main strength of this synth. I touch a few yamaha dj numriques, which I believe the exact opposite of the simplicity of northern rack.

I reu, I branch, I did Dfile presets, just in case o. .. Well, after 10 minutes: ok, next!

L I turned the knobs, made a bunch of stuff I Retailer lowest, and after an hour j'tais filled and I redcouvert every day until I sell it (difficulty financires). A killing, that thing! Having spoken with a rcemment owner of this small bte, we agree: it looks like the custom, it's crazy .. Everything makes sense, with an ease and simplicity dconcertante.

I happened to compose entire songs on it, including rhythm, thanks to the 4 slots and multi; foot ...

I eats the manual several times, which allowed me to dive deeper into the bte why Autechre and swear by the damn synth!


Sounds, they hate it or love them.

For my part, I knew I was going to worship dj, ft this case ...


baaaaam! It's beautiful, scrolls, it will be hot or not tape is not an analog and a grave is not a good analog I wanted. No, I DSIR twas something immense modern, typical of "Nordic" (you know, this whole wave of instruments ranging from drum machine to the north lead ...), that would allow me to bring out my guts on my music without saturating the spectrum with my big virus.
With the multi, you can put a note on leisure of 64 bars, and go sit down comfortably to listen to your sound ... Gnial. Oh, you want it to be more aggressive?

Look in the manual, and the secret of "FM Amount" is dvoilera you ... A killing, I say!


Same thing. The filter is thundering, as a vst when there is a lowpass, a means (although the more news, plus some virtual sound really good), with the north rack is trs natural. What I do on this thing prfrais, c'tait modlisations of xylophones in slot A, B with a pad in which the lowpass discovering his little small for 30 seconds ... Anyway, trve of galljades, go to ...


Want to sound fashion? Buy Virus. You want something less "filling"? Buy North. (Comparison highly caricatured, I love the virus also ... for fun with filters and basses that are really brutal. Dpend Ca on what you want)

In short, low, it's perfect for what I wanted. Both of standards exprimentales opportunity, gender "sounds we love to hear but when it makes you understand a North and one begins to love" ... And minimal techno, minimal or less but when even a little is gnial. It ... "Tight", it's fresh, a groove is terrible, may be dirty, may be beautiful, has finally can be anything as long as you have any ides. (FM Amount, damn!)

Oh, you not your producer, but claviriste in a group of industrial?

Buy a ptite distortion, and even when taking a Nord. Without DCON, I had a dozen presets on some homemade bass bass NIN or Rammstein, I would not "the same" because I wanted the studio to mix 30k euros derrire but the raw sound is similar trs. No you can not do with Noisia ... But it does not matter:)


Two types of profiles, again:

- Those who think they can modliser of kicks, snares, sticks, etc., "traditional";
- Those with an empty and waiting for new sounds will integrate their existing set.

The first will be extremely due. You can make kicks, yeah, but they are typs. I Russi kicks to make the minimum, but it still lacked a little something for it to be "inside". J'tais quickly return my bank for that use. For snares, still the same, minimum or Autechre-like, perfect in Quaristice, there is a snare that stinks northern rack full nose, there is that with this synth you can do something like .

And for everything else, "percussive sounds of all kinds" of glitches, beeps, bleeps and, of undefined, go for it ... It dpend the color you want, if you want to sound "tight" to settle a bit, that are simple mixer, that make you even remember zapp you have to put a compressor, go north. For my rhythm is perfect.

THE dtail killing:

Well, I'm a bit lightweight technology level synths, so DSOL figures for the purists but you will Hrissi hair.

For rhythm, this synth is gnial precisely because it is not a box rhythms. This means that it is not "one for each sound module", and in practice means that you will get full of events to non DSIR, for example, if you A slot in the schedule a kick, a snare, beeps, etc. .. The oscilloscope will interact, as long as the tilt goes to a sub-kick espce of an acute tone is often quite short trs 130 bpm. Too short to allow it to connect, so your rhythm, you've programmed for hours by his son ... Is often changed, and for the better, when you play your pattern. It is not in the manual, and it is dtail that will make me buy a Nord Rack 2X. Must have and connatre to see what I mean;)

And if not, I do not like? The rsonance filter! Is shit! Never go above 50%, if your sound is digital and alias and especially ridiculous!

The disto n'amne nothing, and sometimes it could even lower your so beautiful ... Pass in a Devastor or distortion of Logic, a is better.

Otherwise, it seems that there is no effect on it. I do not care, I added in a DAW, but I do not live. A good multi-effect is prvoir if you want to chug it out in concert or otherwise.


I've had it for about 6 months before selling due to more money. Deuxime synth synth possd 500me essay.

I would do this choice, I will also repeat the same ending for!
Report quality award, will. It still hurts to get out of money, all fawns, so much crying and arrter heat the map.

8 / 10, 1 point for rsonance filter and 1 point for the distortion.

Go North!!

pangloss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Rack 2X
You are not penguins, if you want this info just go on the Clavia site or its distributors.
It offers ten banks each Center Program, more than forty eight percussion kits. Only four banks are rinscriptibles Premire.
It also offers four banks a hundred performances each.
No effect from a simplistic distortion.
We would have AIM audio input for filtering external sources, but do not quibble.
As against it is a pity not being able to save his Creations in Premire four banks.
The principle is sound gnration REFERENCE synthse the subtractive with a little FM.


It is a simple machine trs handle. The manufacturer's philosophy is to provide a synthesis with the aim of a modliser synthse analog subtractive, both at the production sounds like the ergonomics of the machine, so one button = one function. Great, edition of the hit sounds easy, intuitive (I cheat by turning the knobs and I'll see what will) and fast (if I know beforehand what I want to get) as long as the we have some knowledge about the functions of diffrent parts of a subtractive synth.
The manual is clear, didactic, and frankly prcis can do without them on certain points, as the machine is easy to use. Ms. to save, you understand immediately how to do without reading the manual.
I like most about my schedule on my nordrack Indigo.


If you have used and if you do not dbarquez March you understand that the goal is not to produce sounds of instruments called "conventional" with him is because of the synthse to have electro sounds. Same if there Hammon B3 organ sounds, I could not talk because I do not know the original. Note also found, again in performance, RAM Nordlead 2 and 40 of the 120 sounds of the Prophet 5, but also the I never heard it so I can not tell you about the quality the formulation. But for some magazines, it is correct trs.
In any state case, the BTE performs its job well. Programs require the plant be reworked as you gots, but I think it's the same thing for all machines.
We make tablecloths, leads, basses, fx, percussion ... It is a versatile machine. A sub-oscillator and an oscillator troisime would open new prospects, but for this there is the Nordlead SERIES 3 and the modular (which offers much more). We can not have butter, butter and money postrieur of fermire.
As I said above there is no effect, which is not so bad, we keep the rawness of the first vintage synths and if we want the effects of quality on ach you an effects rack specially. So the machine may be more affordable.
It is a perfect synth for those who embarked on the electro and synthse, but also a machine that will delight the most expresses.


I possde this machine fvrier since 2006. I bought new 990 euros. I have not tried other models because it is one I wanted: a simple machine program, with which I can beginners compounds electro and minimal techno and other ( robert hood, surgeon, see my REFERENCE ... on my profile) with my laptop. Four multitimbral parts it is to start or complter a set-up.
Exactly, what I like is that done right away with something, it's a synth that I use all the time, in each of my compositions. And then there was a physical / ergonomic me.
I intend to find an airbase and leave ct sampler for my minimalist lives.
Good qualitprix with the exprience I would do the same choice.
I recommend anyone who wants to start, especially if the price drop a hundred euros in new or if you find it in perfect state of opportunity.
Keyboard has good instruments and established artists such qu'Agoria (Nordlead) Surgeon (Nordlead), Autechre (Nordlead and Modular), Joris Voorn (Nordlead and MicroModular), Alexander Kowalski (MicroModular), and many others do not all be wrong.

D-Djoul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Clavia Nord Rack 2X
Well I will not list them in detail, everyone knows them, or else see the doc on the site keyboard.
I'll just give those that do not quote me fairly or that appear important:
- Analog modeling synth, the sound is there, clear, with a potato of hell, the media assets present and yet the sound simulates well the analog!
- The red burst up grave (single, in my studio we see that!).
- Multitimbral: 4.
- 4 separate outputs with several possible configuration.
- No menus submenus (all functions are accessible with pots and buttons>> to the exeption of sync LFOs, MIDI channel assignment as usual ... what, we know).
- A big bank patch, which unfortunately only the first 400 locations are registered user (overwriting the original patch shame! For the price!)


Super simple, as said before, one button, one function (I even find it's too simple). In 1 hour you have on hand in two days you know well, and 4 is digested, assimilated! an example of logic, ergonomics and simplicity this synth!
Special mention por LFO Section ultra easy to access (if you already know a few) and yet comprehensive: routing to oscillator 1, 2, 1 & 2, the volume or the filter envelope ... Everything is there.


Good is the highlight here the programming is put aside in favor of spontaneity and sound.
It is oriented electro, bass-based organic acids, square or round aggressive electro, ambient pads spaceship or underwater, or other sounds more disturbed.
Analog modeling is successful despite the sound more focused in the midrange frequencies in the low and infra.
Please note this rack still lots of big bass, but nothing to do with a supernova II


It's been two months since I received it and I already know like my pocket, the pleasant surprise is the sound and texture, super punchy!
It is of the composition and I'm not going to sell it!
If you are looking for a good synth efficient and intuitive, comfortable in the studio or live, with an expressive grain and sharp, this one is for you!
PS: If you are more interested in trying the keyboard version as the control part (the pots, buttons ...) is located in the upper left, and I find it quite uncomfortable, it is even for this reason that I 'I opted for the rack.

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