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Oberheim Synthesizers/Racks/Modules user reviews

  • Oberheim Matrix-1000

    Oberheim Matrix-1000 - "WARM. HUGE. ANALOG. My new ambient pad, brass & string machine!" has images


    I bought the Matrix 1000 in black one week ago as a counterpart for my beloved Juno 60. And this 6 voice polyphonic rack synthesizer sounds really analog and wide , even without FX. I really love the overall warm sound, it is the opposite of some har…

  • Oberheim SEM Pro

    Oberheim SEM Pro - "Sound designers only"


    The Oberheim SEM Pro is a desktop synth module that has two oscillators on it. If you are looking for a synth interface with knobs then look no further. The Oberheim SEM Pro has a LFO knob, 2 envelope knobs, a filter knob and a few others for the pa…

  • Oberheim OB-8

    Oberheim OB-8 - moosers's review


    The Oberheim OB-8 is an analog synth in Oberheim's classic line of synthesizers.  The keyboard of the synth spans about four and a half octaves, which is pretty big for a synth of this nature.  The synth is polyphonic up to eight voices and has 1/4 i…

  • Oberheim OB-1

    Oberheim OB-1 - moosers's review


    The Oberheim OB-1 is a classic analog synth that has two and a half octaves in keys and has a ton of different sections for controlling your sound.  It has a non traditional pitch bender in the form of a lever, but it definitely gets the job done and…

  • Oberheim OB-8

    Oberheim OB-8 - mooseherman's review


    This analog synth is arguably the best synth I've ever played in my life. More versatile than most synths of its ilk, it's got some of the richest tones that I've ever heard come out of an electronic instrument. It's an eight-voice polyphonic synthes…

  • Oberheim Matrix-1000

    Oberheim Matrix-1000 - FP User's review


    You could say there is a lot missing in the matrix 1000. After all, it´s only a 1unit rack module. But then again, you only pay 250$ for a used one. So I don´t think that gives me much right to complain. But if I must, some onboard fx would´ve been g…

Translated user reviews
  • Oberheim OB-12

    Oberheim OB-12 - " Nothing to envy the top VA today range"


    The basic features are mentioned everywhere. some details of the arpeggiation, multi timbralité and effects: 1 program consists of stamp (s) (1 to 4) it is possible to stacker / splitter to note loan against by, effects apply to a program…

  • Oberheim SEM Pro

    Oberheim SEM Pro - " for Sound Oberheim."


    Completely agree with the previous opinions. I also regret the absence of the cable attachment point for the transformer, even if the connection is strong enough, the pro week is very light it is easy to remove by mishandling. UTILIZATION Super…

  • Oberheim Matrix-1000

    Oberheim Matrix-1000 - " 80 'sounds"


    Module 6 analog polyphonic voices, three MIDI jacks and one audio output (mono). 1000 sounds typical 80s, they all are! UTILIZATION It could not be simpler, no editing capabilities so you just select the desired patch the cursor increment / decre…

  • Oberheim OB-X

    Oberheim OB-X - " superlative sound!"


    32 to 128 expanses memories with Encore Midi UTILIZATION control surface aerated and very pleasant: knobs and buttons very spaces, a = a function button, no submenus the OBX is a relatively simple synth with possibilities, noble descendant of e…