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Backdraft 08/03/2003

Oberheim OB-12 : Backdraft's user review


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Well-designed synthetic no problems


No worries good ergonomics


It is gate is a cata .. sound and Mr. ... cold end cold in short one of the worst synth modeled to date
do not rely on its looks and its generous front is a real shame for Oberheim which fortunately has only resell its logo Viscount, Keyboards announced the return of his Oberheim was leaving, I demand the return of the former team of the defunct, the sound my Oberheim C. ...
Like what you do not rely on the test benches of some magazine, I had already talked about their practice, like "Hello .. are you? ... Yep .... I am in fact a good article on the ........ and I will make one or a .......... .........
Fortunately some very promptly looked more committed and do not take us for cows!


If you start for a first synth is not bad for 500 euros, ergonomic design and the pedagogical side of the interface, when you have known nothing it can do
for others prefer to go your way and a MS2000 often underestimated because of the factory sounds on the microKORG most successful (that's why everybody cries live on a MicroKorg beats MS2000 c ,.... is the same engine cretins !!!!) but remember that if we in the knobs is for the triturated facade, and not necessarily that eternels cutoff and res. you made good machines and you're missing on account of the sounds of plants often smelly and not the height of the corny
I had to OB12 beautiful fiddle to no avail ..... no thrill .... but if cold