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volcarock 01/27/2019

Oberheim Matrix-1000 : volcarock's user review

« WARM. HUGE. ANALOG. My new ambient pad, brass & string machine! »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I bought the Matrix 1000 in black one week ago as a counterpart for my beloved Juno 60. And this 6 voice polyphonic rack synthesizer sounds really analog and wide , even without FX. I really love the overall warm sound, it is the opposite of some harsh sounding modern synths.

But with adding a bit of delay, reverb or modulation FX turns it into an epic analog pad, brass &string machine. This it what I am mainly using it for.
But nevertheless there are also fantastic bass, leads, FM, FX and all other kind of analog sounds possible.
With the Mod matrix it is easy to make very organic sounds.
And even if attack time and LFO's are a bit slower, for my kinda music they fit.

When I bought it, Firmware was 1.11, so I did an eprom upgrade to 1.20 (Tauntek/Rob Grieb) where a lot of bugfixes have been solved. It is possible to use the Matrix now with a MIDI controller without problems! The eprom also includes the important global detune from Gigli v. 1.6. With this upgrade the Matrix 1000 does not sound static anymore, the DCO's behave more VCO like.

Without an external controller the matrix 1000 is more or less a preset machine because no editing is possible.
With my stereoping controller it is really fun to tweak the synth. Of course you can also use a Software to tweak, but I prefer real knobs.

For me it is the perfect sounding analog poly!
And I am thinking of grabbing a second one for stereo operations or 12 voice polyphony :-)

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