Roland TB-3
Roland TB-3

TB-3, Analog Modeling Synth from Roland in the AIRA series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Roland TB-3

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 7 reviews )
 2 reviews29 %
 2 reviews29 %
 2 reviews29 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Maxidingue's review"This is going to be big"

Roland TB-3
Desktop Expander sequencer
Digital emulation of the Roland Tb-303
Very compact, about the size of an A4 sheet
Comprehensive audio connections, plus MIDI in and out, USB
The latter allows you to establish a MIDI connection, to power the TB-303 and to transmit audio (awesome).
Minimalist controller, cutoff and frequency knobs, the touchpad allows you to go further in terms of adjustment.
Great number of presets, among which is Bank A, including the sounds of the TB-303.
Plenty of patterns, 8 banks of 8.
Each preset has an editable effect per program but most of the time they are well matched.
4 oscillators for a very fat mono sound or an acid one, it's up to you.


It has a short learning curve and is user-friendly.
As I've said before, sound editing is minimalist but, after all, it has everything it needs and everything is well though-out.
Thus, preset A1 uses the sine wave of the original TB and preset A2 the square wave.
The cutoff and frequency knobs do their job well and allow 95% of the variations you usually do live with such devices.
The rest of the classic edit functions are done via the touchpad.
It features two modes to record patterns: Step and Real Time. The ideal workflow is to start with Real Time and then switch to Step with accent and glide
Multi-language and basic manual on an A4 sheet.


Several videos on youtube prove that it's very close to the original in terms of sound.
The great number of presets classified in banks allows you to do everything that mommy (the original TB) did.
Regarding the effects I mentioned above, they are preassigned to the sounds.
I'm amazed by the quality of the effects on this sort of devices. I expected metallic reverbs, delay that flanged...Bu that's not the case at all, they are very well implemented and have a great quality. The only thing you can modify is the intensity of the effect thanks to a knob that also allows you to cut the effect completely.

My only disappointment is that some of the sounds of the FX bank are hardly usable.
On the other hand, the TB, bass and lead banks are a real delight.


I've used it for about 15 days. I think I have mastered it.
I have never had an original TB but I do know how it sounds (from samples, emulations, software). To be honest, this small unit is AMAZING, in terms of sound, versatility and usability. It is particularly well conceived and well though-out.
The engineers at Roland did a great job recreating the sounds of the mythical TB-303
I don't see any reason to go broke for an antique, except maybe for people who really yearn for vintage stuff (or snobs, which is a tautology....)
To finish, just a word on its value for money. I'll be brief, for less than $300, it's an excellent value for money, especially when you consider the manufacturing quality. Probably made in China, but impeccable all the same.

Dric-C's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" TB or not TB"

Roland TB-3
Monophonic synth TB 303 types.
No keyboard but a touchpad, and an internal sequence that extends to a C0 C6 but if the sequence with an external keyboard can play a C0 C8.

From memory there are 135 different sounds on the first four banks dedicated to the sounds of the TB303 second to low third and last lead at FX.

everything is automated midi c it is very cool!

for the rest of the technical view on the roland website features.


The manual is clear but they do not grow much, so that is a can fend for yourself. but once t 'find the little tricks of the bike and you re-look at the manual you' t realize that indeed they talk about but it's so short and that is developed that is not obvious to all captured on.
in terms of editing sounds nothing easier it does there has has 5 buttons that turned the machine has and it's basta. (And touchpad modulation amplitude and decay)
As a TB303 anything.


The sounds are well suited to my style of music obviously I have not accidentally buy lol
Actually I don 'use the first bank yet. I have to buy replaced my TT303 is part repair .. (buy are 3 months)

sounds are they realistic? we can say that yes, since it mimics very well see the sound of his great auntie TB 303, in any case I find better than my TT.


I use it for 3 days. The first night I have a can with much hassle. j 'had trouble with the touchpad too tend to push it like a nag and pressing it triggers a strong effect which I do not like too much, I thought it' was of a bug.
I thought I was gonna not keep long this machine. Then after a few tutorials can look over and re-lock the 2nd night I have start raving over.
filter settings, reso, ect does not look too much at the TT and I think that is it that my one is disturbed. But when we began to know her well and a can that is a treat.
And its level as compared to the TT I think what is more faithful to the TB303 and then it did not breathing, with an external distortion above that is a lot better.
The more I 'm used and I have fun, too bad that we can not program the sounds and effects in more depth but I saw that I have to buy that reproduce the sound of a 303 m I' tape in a can. Total control midi is also a real plus.
Excellent brief little machine for those who want a clone of TB and not too expensive.