Crumar DS2

Crumar DS2

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DS2, Analog Synth from Crumar.

3 user reviews
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Crumar DS2 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Crumar
  • Model: DS2
  • Category: Analog Synths
  • Added in our database on: 04/08/2004

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Crumar DS2 user reviews

Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 1 user review33 %
 2 reviews67 %
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Robert Weigel03/21/2017

Robert Weigel's review"Adendums, corrections and my impressions"

Crumar DS2
First of all this is one of the machines I'd delved deeply into. I paid 100 because this one was a rust bucket :-). I paid 400 for another that was an easier repair and sold it for over 1000 as I recall. These are a unique machine. The realistic MG-1 by moog is the most similar in basic architecture. But the ds-2 is better in many ways.

(btw my web site has a detailed page on it for troubleshooting tips... and in my virtual studio tour a sound sample of it with my modified glide that extends it to 9 second sweeps or so)

The original Digital controlled oscillator (allegedly) synth was the DS-1 also from earlier 1978. It lacked the poly organ section which is totally separate from the rest of the synth until it is mixed into the vcf and vca section. It also uses the same oscillator design though as all three in the DS-2 and two in the DS-1 (of which a tiny number..maybe 150 were produced..whereas a few thousand I believe of DS-2 exist). These oscillators are based around the 74LS221 multivibrator chip. ANALOG CONTROL (not digital) charges the timing capacitor for the chip. Hence it's really an ACDO I suppose we could say. THe output is digital. The control is analog for perfectly smooth bender operation. THe glide however is actually a 12bit number being incremented and decremented through a DAC which then has the glide pot in series with it's output... and this current drives a discrete clock circuit that outputs the stepping clock for the counter....and the value is constantly being compared to the target value by a bit comparator. So that when it reaches target the inc. or dec. process stops. In this way it emulates what a typical portamento circuit does in a fully analog synth. No shortcuts in this beast! Analog circuits only in the signal path once tones are generated. THe waveforms themselves however are not generated using analog converters like in most DCO synths (eg. Roland JX, or Siel DK600 etc.) but rather octave dividers are employed and the outputs are proportioned to created digital approximations of Saw and Triangle waves. Hence the ringy overtones that add a charming chirpy sensation to bass sounds when filter is open :-).

So there is no synthesizer quite like it. Real analog delays so S+H of the 2nd LFO for instance can be introduced. Spectacular with the resonance up. The glide time extension switch adds a 1M resistor in series w/ the 100K slider. I recommend replacing it with a 5M pot if you can find one like I did that fits that same hole. Way more useful since the 100K pot is virtually useless once you flip the 1M into series with it. Very simple mod. Well there's my first review on here of one of my favorite monosynths. I'm a big fan of the classics of course as well as octave cat, Yamaha CS units, SH5 if I could afford one and SH3a. The DS2 is the most unique of the entire field really.

benjamin3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Crumar DS2
Synthtiseur is a digital / analog Crumar firm. It dates from 1978, its appearance is apparent Aesthetics other brand keyboards the same era. (Organ T1, T2, and Multiman Performer).
It consists of a four-octave keyboard and a panel CONTRL fate CRER sounds using the various functions. The sides are dark wood panel in CONTRL mtal be inserted in a black wooden case, covered with dun gray vinyl with cornires function in metal. The srigraphie is red and crme.

The "Heart" of the synth has 2 oscillators monophonic CONTRL 'digitally', hence its name 'digital / analog' (A Premire in 1978 ..) All other components are analog. This digital voltage CONTRL silent sense to bring more stability to the oscilloscope, including the holding of the tuning ... silent era that still problmatique on synths analos
For a tilt, there are four waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, square, square and a variant called 'Pulse wave'. For the two tilt was 3 waveforms: triangle, square and sawtooth. oscilloscope both have their pitch, height doctave 32,16,8,4, and volume.
The Tone and rsonance be modified by a filter 4 trs effective peoples (CONTRL 'cutoff filter', 'rsonance' and 'ADSR range'. It also has two ADSR circuit, a VCA which modifies the amplitude of the sound, and a VCF (filter 4 peoples.)
ADSR for each, you can change the Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release (In the name o 'ADSR'!) For fans of Solina and other CS 80, it also has some polyphonic ind pending mulant old strings .. (Not Miss, violins ...) with high-pass filters, low pass, a pitch, doctave 3 heights (16, 8, 4) and in a CONTRL dinjection LFOs.
The polyphony is full for this sound, all the notes on the keyboard can thus be playing at the same time. Ideal for the agreements.
Part 2 is available to the modulation oscilloscope and the part polyphony. It has 2 LFOs with adjustable speed and form donde: sawtooth, square, and down sinusode descalier. A delay (delay dinjection sounds in the LFO) is adjustable and two assignable LFOs at.
Grace the LFOs can be CRER effects chorus, vibrato, tremolo.

The LFO section allows MIXER send each tilt (poly or mono) in the LFOs.
Keyboard Control function can adjust the filter according to what lon played on the keyboard, the more we play sharp notes, the sound becomes brighter.
White noise function or pink noise, volume adjustable, allows the dapporter EHJV on low or Dimiter sound waves or wind.
Finally a Glide function which is actually an adjustable Portamento speed.
For connectivity, there are two exits gnrales, high or low impdance, a headphone output, an output section indpendante for polyphonic, and between an external instrument to pass through the filter. All connections are TRS 6.35, except one I / O Gate TRS 3.5.


The unit did not have memory, so once a cre Quon Quon sound and wants to preserve, paper, pen and scratching! Hint: Take a picture of the synth view, reverse the color of the picture and make copies for patch configuration of sounds. As has every time you quune his flat Naur that you draw the button positions on the sheet, saving time and ensured sore head pricks!
For the manual, I had sought for months to find it on the internet, but hey, cest so easy to make sounds, it all under the eyes of lanalogique lavantage cest!
The keyboard nest not dynamic, but yen is no need.
Sounds are trs granular or fine LGERS trs, adpend. If you like the song of MODEL KRAFTWERK, grain sounds of Depeche Mode's first album, cest done everything in the Crumar string. Can be obtained purely techno sounds, but hey, cest not my thing the strings are polyphonic lectures, the chorus of LFO gives them a phnomnale scale, can be more quune Solina, but hey, cest still a matter of gots ..
You can also CRER percussive bass sounds with a lot of PCHE
In fact, the number of sounds dpend the time you spend on the machine, and your imagination! Amateur boxes presets, go your way!


JOperation this little synth prs 2 years, I bought it because lai jtais looking for an old analog not too expensive, and I am also an amateur Crumar keyboards.

In terms of default, jai sometimes ashamed to say, but this synth is a gulf dough, not as reliable!
It crashes every time I watch it.
No, jexagre! But it's true that, unlike other keyboards of the brand, it is for its reliability rput catastrophic! (Technology matrise yet?)
He can walk for days without any problem, then the next day, nothing! And since I'm not lectronicien, each bin must be in Lemmens lhomme in white coats.
In addition, this synth is quite heavy (30 kilos)

In terms of quality, warmth and texture of the sound is unique, its trs LFOs are effective, and specially to mention the superb Strings.
In addition, this synth is quite rare. (But is it a quality?)


Finally, I would say that the firm did not Crumar had success MRIT what they have manufactured great machines, IMMEDIATE recognizable both sound and Lapparent, until the Sometimes the DX7 in 1983. It could not survive nont Monopole of Asian brands. Too bad ..

Studiodragon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" DS 2, the Italian dinosaur"

Crumar DS2
The Crumar DS 2 is the big brother of the DS 1, it was built between 1978 to 1980, is a rare synth is factory price and about 3'380 Euro. There is also a version with the green screen.

DS 2 is the influence of technical design and shape of the minimoog.
But can a bigger and much, much heavier.
Section 2 oscillators with monophonic '32 '16 '8 '4 '
Waveforms: sawtooth, triangle and rectangle with Osc1 PW + PWM
White noise generator and noise Rose
2 super LFO, S sawtooth (up and down), rectangle, triangle, S & H + voltage step
LFO Delay
Great Matrix modulation rather complex
Excellent filter high fat (FAT) with self resonance
2 ADSR Generators
Audio in and Gate in
Polyphonic section with its own filter (HP + CP)


The name means DS (digitally controlled osc.) Digital synthesizer or digital synthesizing is done on the synthesizer alleged history with two analog oscillators whose frequency is monitored by a digital circuit rule, (COD).
The setting works exactly is digital signals from both oscillators can be perfectly summed.

The Crumar Duo is therefore part mono sound is a section of 44 voice polyphony for strings.
Section Polyphonic be slightly modulated by the LFO and routing and can filter by mono.
The editions of sounds, routing and modulation is very pleasant thanks to their large number of quality switches.
The ergonomics of the machine is really excellent.


Two LFOs are really terribly effective and the VCF is a killing machine!
The bass and sound effects well organic and powerful.
The sound is fat, and give you an idea of ​​his bin he just stand up to moog.
All sounds very realistic, lively and deep.


With the Crumar DS2, we acquired an impressive machine sounds innovative time, the first with COD's, the elements are mostly high quality and achievement is well ahead of its time.

Sound hot type, very organic, is very powerful in the bass and effects.
Due to the weight of dinosaur sounds (over 30kg) a disability can.
The wearer to repeat this recall, but it's still a big gun that sounds good.

Comes in a box
A good keyboard of 44 keys Fatar
50 buttons and switches for high quality
Excellent effects
Lowpass 24db filter, envelope fast
Good routing and modulation
A warm, organic and powerful

The -
The keyboard is not dynamic
Not yet noon
Ultra Heavy

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