Korg Monotron
Korg Monotron

Monotron, Analog Synth from Korg in the Monotron series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Korg Monotron

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 17 reviews )
 4 reviews24 %
 10 reviews59 %
 3 reviews18 %
Value For Money : Excellent

ericthegreat's review"fun little synth"

Korg Monotron
Don't let the size of the Korg Monotron fool you. It sounds amazing. I've got it running though an ART DPSII pre and it sounds so freaking massive I keep expecting the cops to show up and inform me I'm disturbing the peace. No joke this thing has a really good VCO and Filter. The LFO has an unusually large range. There's aux input for processing external sources. But, It's no performance instrument, mind you. The ribbon strip is inarticulate. The only way to power it is with batteries and it is completely plastic. It will go through a set of batteries pretty fast though, they wont last long at all you will have to keep changing them out frequently.


a real MS-20 filter with tweakable knobs and a "ribbon" keyboard (think pressure sensitive pad). You can coax amazing sounds out of this thing and the best aspect for me is that it's far more portable than my giant Korg MS2000R rackmount synth. You can run other stuff through it but the only 'in' is a wimpy 1/8" mp3 style headphone sized input. I wish there were rca jacks or a simple quarter inch instrument cable input without having to go and buy a ton of adapters for my needs


sounds unbelievable.


I'm more than satisfied with dropping 60.00 bucks on this little gem. I bought it to sample from and has proven to provide quite a wide range of sounds despite its obvious limitations.
I'd like to see it made in a durable chassis, with an actual small keyboard, for around $100 USD, hopefully Korg reads reviews and will enhance the next version & make it more durable. This thing is a blast to play with through good . So if they come out with another version that’s a little more well built I will be the first buyer! But with that being said this little unit is great you will have a lot of fun with it for years to come.

McCalloe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A machine that has the potential"

Korg Monotron
The Monotron is equipped with a knob for the pitch, spleen (with LED clocked on the spleen), int, and peak cutoff, and 2 modes: Pitch and Cutoff. All the effects are perfect except Peak which can sometimes overwhelm the small speaker of the Monotron. Available polyphony touching the touch strip to 2 or more different locations.


The layout of each element is very simple, despite the small size of the knobs. They are also very sensitive, so be careful to control your actions! Connaiterez what effect gives you what made the sound in some hours of use. The manual is almost useless for such small machines.


Effects and sounds are from the Monotron Korg MS-20, exactly what I was looking for. This allows for clean sounds analog synth. I use it mostly for my bass and kicks (yes, my kicks!).


I use it for 3-4 months, it satisfies me completely, knowing that I had a € 11 cheaper than the base price is 30 €. I do had never touched before purchasing, just watched videos. The only downside is that the speaker saturates too easily for my taste. However, its price / quality ratio seems quite correct. Special mention for the opening of the machine easily, and guidance on the electronic circuit of the Monotron, which would almost "open-source" the device.
Yannick Baguet07/24/2013

Yannick Baguet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" simple and effective"

Korg Monotron
Minimalist, this is what best characterizes the beast:
A few knobs, a "keyboard" is reduced to a single tape 1 input, 1 output, 1 volume and that's all.
No polyphony and the sound is mono (but mandatory cable stereo output).
No effect.


The use is so easy, my goldfish could use (but I do not have).
The only tricky part is the keyboard is too small and not specific enough.
The knobs are very small but it's OK.

The user manual, there is nothing or almost (for technical data).


First forget the integrated speaker.
After the sound is pure juice of analog. (Should the batteries fully charged, let chaufer the beast just before use, but it still always breath a little)
With a good amp, a little chorus and reverb, we have the big sound ... Bass good good dribbling and very sharp treble, but remain reasonable even when it sounds like a monster to 2000 €.


This is my first analog synth and for the price, this is the bomb.
I use it mostly in the context of experimental music and live for its simplicity makes it very instinctive, no brainer, you do what you feel "feels".

It's a toy, but a toy big sound.
Next time I buy three ...

suntsu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A little to big chest!"

Korg Monotron
This is a small analog monophonic synthesizer with the same LP filter 12db on the Korg MS10/MS20. It has a LFO, an audio input, a keyboard band, a volume knob, a headphone output and it works with two batteries (life is very long)


No configuration needed is super intuitive one button = one function


The sound is very powerful, there are ways to kill a pair of speakers without any problems if you amplify too much gear. For the price, it's a fun toy even if we regret the horrible breath of the amp ...


Very cool little toy to make low cost FX!

ebrian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A little more fun for the sounds"

Korg Monotron
See other opinions


Easy to use with a little practice, however for accurate sound must tâtonner.Ce synth is not a toy.


I am not a pianist and I have no experience with this type of instrument so for me it is new.
Analog sounds are interesting and "authentic". The possibilities are quite high but using the keyboard is not obvious because it is very small.
This synth is useful if you want a little more "electro" for your creativity, for your group.
There are good demos on You Tube.


I had a few months as an experiment.

The +

Ease of Use

The -

A small breath

Ikkini's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the little toy AUI had a big sound!"

Korg Monotron
Let's be clear, the Monotron Instead the look and feel of a toy. An input, a stereo minijack output, feeding solely on batteries, potentiometers and a tiny keyboard for children in a plastic case.
But in this little box hides a monophonic analog synth with a sound very fat and dirty, a pretty good filter and a powerful LFO that will control choices in the cutoff or pitch.


The use could not be simpler, no preset program everything by hand like in the good old days, they said 100% analog!
Difficult to make a good melody, hard to use but really fun!


The little beast really sounds for all lovers of good analog sound dirty. The output minijack removes some fishing in the bass, but it really takes pleasure in producing sounds with this toy!


I bought it at its release and I'm really having fun with it. Obviously, he has a place somewhat apart in the studio, I do not use it in spite of its filter input. Obviously, we dream of a MIDI sound as the beast, but a little Arduino and you can get by. I unhesitatingly repeat this synth for a low price because it gives me opportunities play live very pleasant.

aitd's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Monotron






We can blame lots of things at this small module:
a "small" constant wind, no MIDI, battery only ....
but we must recognize that it also has a pretty creative potential:
Using a tape, its really powerful, simple, effective ...

in short, a play has to have played ... at least for fun

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" electro"

Korg Monotron
see notice before


see notice before
coupled with ideal kaossilator
or exit of EMX


see notice before
sound rather vintage


Korg Cheap

goonzy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent .. THE toy for techno music geek par excellence"

Korg Monotron
Keyboard "Ribbon"
Adjustments basic analog (LFO, Attack, Filter), no presets


1 audio
1 audio output


Ultrasimpe to use, my darling (who offered it to me) and is resistant to any technology even hard to let go .. Manual limit superfluous.


The sound is "raw" but cool. It's oldskool analog (but it fits well with the rest of my setup knowing that I'm a fan of Chipsound and Hardside 4U, my Atari Falcon turns Maxymizer and my DS Korg DS10:) ) I love his "Raw"

We do not imagine that such a small box can sound out as aggressive and since one week, I do not stop to sample sweeps and other weird cooing.

I also built my setup a "DJ" as a complement of effects.


My darling gave me this toy it 's one week and it really is THE cool gadget. What I dislike most is the Eating only by batteries and connectors small (but put the big jack or RCA would have increased the size of the apparatus)

For me, 50 € is a good value for money AC can have a good analog filter in the pocket (in case of emergencies you never know when you might need it eh:) )

Pictocube's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it!"

Korg Monotron
1 pitch
1 ribbon
2 modes
1 entry
1 output
1 octave

The minimum of the minimum what.


Very simple configuration, manual unnecessary editing sounds live.


It's a bit of a gimmick but it really nice to find the sound of MS10 in something that fits in your pocket. If you like this sound, you'll love or you may be disappointed ...


I use it for 3 days and I'm a fan.

What I like most is its size, but of course its his ...

I would have liked a little twelve o'clock IN but considering the format of the box is too small.

The value for money is bad because Korg Gave all fans of this sound will afford this stuff but one side, 50 € for analog ...

I do it again this election is too fun!