Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II

Little Phatty Stage II, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

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All user reviews for the Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 1 user review11 %
 1 user review11 %
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mrjason's review"Fat sounds"

Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
The Moog Little Phatty Stage II is a synthesizer that will give you full control over the analog sound. When it comes to VST synts and the Moog Little Phatty Stage II there are no comparisons. I was using VST moog sounds for a long time, and then I finally got my hands on the Moog Little Phatty Stage II after waiting for a year or so. I originally purchased this back in 2009 and this is one of the synths that I use the most and have used the most over the last 3 years. Since I produce electronic music and some house music I was looking for a analog synth that had a fat sound, so I starting looking into VST plug ins. I probably wasted about 800 dollars buying different VST plug ins to find one that had that fat analog sound that I needed. Then I finally came across the Moog Little Phatty Stage II and new that I had to have it. I had a chance to mess with it before I bought it at a local store so I knew what I was getting.


It was very easy to set up, and pretty easy to understand since I am use to working with analog synths that are similar to this. I am able to get some full rich tones using the Moog Little Phatty Stage II that really makes my music sound really big. It no longer sounds thin and weak. Before I had the Moog Little Phatty Stage II I used a bunch of VST sounds and had to EQ the heck out of them to get them to sound full and they still sounded thin.


Sounds are fat and full.


It takes no effort at all to get a good thick sound with the Moog Little Phatty Stage II. I love this synth and it gets used about 6 times a week now. It is 3 years old and still looks brand new. It is built to last and it is very portable.

ale33's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A robust analog"

Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
Monophonic synthesizer 100% analog. 37 velocity-sensitive keys.
2 VCO VCF + 1 + 1 + 1 VCA LFO + 1 + Arpeggiator Distoration a transistor. 100 editable sounds covering different styles. No effects (just a saturation control).
1 1 pitch wheel and modulation wheel. Ability to add more expression pedals and a sustain pedal.
Monophonic audio input and output. 4 CV inputs (Pitch, Volume, Filter and Keyb Gate). MIDI IN / OUT. USB.
You can edit and backup presets via USB with the Moog dedicated software.


The sound pretty easy editing means for anyone who is familiar to subtractive synthesis. There are some adjustment to go load the main menu but its most accessible via the knob. The rest all fairly intuitive and well thought out.


The sounds range from low Moist and Funky 70's to ultra slamming mode arpeggiator that can make her very kind Kavinsky Electro sounds. Fast envelopes can make very percusif. Scanning filter and VCO being continuous unlike digital emulations scanning truly fluid is obtained. Open the filter VCO are very rich in harmonic and no aliasing unlike digital emulation we can go in with an acute sound always stays pure and slamming.
on the other hand I do not like the distortion really too aggressive for my taste really lacks subtlety. And we do not find the sound of a Minimoog sound is cleaner more stable we do not find this vintage side was his very "modern" but still analog that is to say without aliasing, with change of frequency and ultrafluid ultra fast envelope.


Two years. This is my first analog before I work with VST Arturia. I discovered the true analog sound with this keyboard. The keyboard is very well made with a mechanical point of view (knob and button) to finish is impeccable (Made in USA). I bought used if the choice was to do it again I would do it again. Now I liked the polyphony (Slimphatty possible by adding modules), and a typed his Minimoog. But this synth has its own character not necessarily worse but different Minimoog.

sin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Already a classic Moog!"

Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
100% analog monophonic synthesizer. 37 velocity-sensitive keys.
VCO VCF 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 VCA LFO. 100 editable sounds covering different styles. No effects (just a saturation adjustment).
1 Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel 1. Ability to add multiple expression pedals and a sustain pedal.
Monophonic audio input and output. 4 CV inputs (Pitch, Volume, Filter and Gate Keyb). MIDI IN / OUT. USB.
You can edit and save their presets via USB with software dedicated Moog.


The use of synth can be easier! The organization of the different sections (MOD, OSC, FILTER ...) is logically accessible via large front driving the analogue encoders (no jumps values). Some functions are still stored in a menu but nothing serious. The manual is clear and present several examples.


Bah good sound is the sound of the Little Phatty! ;) I mean that views the Moog filter scale sounds good as expected and the grave of the beast is present. For possessing a Moog Source, I can tell you that the oscilloscope Phatty less punchy and electric but are more versatile because of their variable waveform. It is the same for envelopes much slower than a source or Prodigy. Apart from that, it's all good! You can really make sounds that live through the LFO and its various sources, and sync oscillators. It may for example affect the filter envelope for controlling the waveform of the oscilloscope. We can now also affect the velocity and volume of the filter.
The programmed sounds cover a lot of styles where Phatty could find a place. Sounds to solo Herbie Hancock wobbles until Dub-step through the sounds of the old Emerson ... Anyway there for everyone. But in a few days you will see that you have already programmed several dozen sounds so the thing is fun!


I use it for 6 months to replace my Moog Source and it does its job perfectly. It is still good practice to be able to sequence via USB or MIDI.
I particularly like its solid construction, aesthetic and practical at the same time.
I think the price is really correct to fit into the world of full analog Moog.
I would do this choice willingly knowing also that they can be chaining MIDI for up to 17 voices of polyphony! (I would prefer the same rack version of the coup!)

lemarquis01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" moog"

Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
I was forced to buy a pc to install the software .... strangely my mac did not want it I have an imac with osx the lion frankly I had some balls but once the beast road ayayayayayay


the manual is in English ... I do not speak english well asse to understand it before I started and I turn the knobs when the software it will after a time it P'ti s' there is but it's moog .....


sounds? ...... ah the bin there is nothing to say and then the creature is so analog FORWARD ....


Review 10 of 10 overall

Ouafman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Moog sound at a rate almost affordable!"

Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
Monophonic analog synthesizer with two oscillators, 37 keys, 4 octaves, 100 editable presets, no delay or reverb type effect but an adjustable overload. Pitch wheel and modulation, input and output audio, MIDI, CV. Ability to use the VST distributed by the manufacturer.


* The general configuration is simple? : Yes, it's (almost) a button = one function

* The manual is clear and sufficient? Yes, it separates quickly so the machine is intuitive and easy to use!

* Editing sounds is easy it: Yes, turn the knobs until we found the sound that kills!


* The sounds they are suitable to your style of music? : On this point we feel we really an instrument in hand, the sound is warm, powerful, and it recognizes the well-grain "Moog" I like the big bad bass leads and sharp! The Little Phatty is well suited to my style of music! It may as well leave the bass to shake the walls as the Depeche Mode sound while passing by the Funk ... It covers a very rich palette of sounds, depending on what you want to do ^ ^

* Are they realistic? : This is the Moog so it looks like the Moog ^^...

* The expression is good? : Excellent! the keyboard is very pleasant

* Effects are they effective and responsive? : There is no effect ... However the sound is enough to himself! the filter is excellent!

* What are the sounds that you like, hate? : I like everything about this synth! A share can be factory presets are not all up to the machine ... But hey, who would buy a Moog only for its nimble? ...


* How long have you use it? : I use it for over 2 months now

* Have you tried many other models before buying it? : 100% analog is the only one I tried ... Having said that I have and I tried several Virtual Analog sound and really has nothing to do ... In the same price range, I tried in VA and a Nord Lead sound level I have not hooked, too cold for my taste, the Little Phatty has much more character, a range slightly below I Gaia tried the Roland SH-01 which I think is a great Virtual Analogue for its price, but the difference in sound is still strongly marked.

* What is so special that you liked most and least? : Plus: THE SOUND! finish, ease of use and the fact of having to heat a little before granting it really gives a charm to the machine! ...

The least: I try to look but I can not find.

* How would you rate the quality / price? : I was lucky to have him in perfect condition for 800 euros, I would say that nine is a price / quality ratio right for the sound quality.

* With experience you will do again this choice? : Absolutely!

lindatar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it sounds terrible"

Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
See other reviews say it all.
May be noted that the keyboard format is standart and not mini button is a real plus compared to these "race condition"


current use is very simple condition to master the technical English , as the doc does not exist in french.
I made this topic a translation interrese PDF format can be sure of you, available soon (few details).
The knobs are precise and highly efficient. The sounds are easy to edit and parameter assignments are easily made.


I use it to lead the modulated film music and progressive rock. And I also use it for low mood Electro rock (see Ozric Tentacles) the dream of every lover wakemen Emmerson and without the hassle of maintenace and backup settings.
Obviously, it is necessary to add a multi-effect for reverb and delay.
To turn it into electronica, I fréfère sequencer rather than integrated arpeggiator but that's a question of evolutionary potential in a long piece (prog rock requires)


After 6 months of use, I would do without hesitation that choice. this is my first analog synth from the 1980s and it sounds even when the fire god. Nothing to do with the tests I do at Roland HS alesis micron and other digital sounds hopelessly hollow. I even sold a north lead because of its too cold already seen.

Its only flaw is that it must be hot to be fair and sound (440 Hz). Indeed the oscillators and filters in Desousa happily derailed a certain temperature, so always let it warm up, and especially if the place of use is slightly heated.

In summary, the sound quality, ease of use and editing, I love. The lack of volume pot is not to be a little less but for the purpose I am doing is harmless

sonic75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
Totally agree with the previous opinion!


Sounds very powerful, warm, great leads, with a small delay effect is wonderful!


A real Moog affordable, well-finished, solid, it changes everything plastoc Tritons and other ...

Jx3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
Monophonic keyboard as everyone know
Functional utility noon, works perfectly with my sequencer Slavic
connectors CV former prime .. rare ... finally Modular
an old trick with the communication on the new world. Beautiful concept


For my part, accustomed to oldschool analog interfaces: a knob = a function.
I find the Moog interface is excellent
For those who want to grind 2 knobs at the same time, focus on keyboard
or connect to a midi controller. My RS 7000 (YAMAHA) Contrle synth wonder.
Superb manual in English .. I speak ... too bad for others

Exterement easy to edit the sounds. For analog of novices is not necessarily simple.Pour lover sound is dconcertant of maniabilitbr />

For me it is the Moog scores. It's just beautiful. In terms of bass I've never heard anything better. We must listen to this synth into the room to realize its possibilities. Very hot fat very, very powerful.
I think those dnigre this synth simply have no experience. 3 min hack apart in the old lollipop
Badgers who judge a machine presets are only a. Be curious consumerist


I've had a few days (Thanks Ayman !!!)
perfect ergonomics (not dplaise the brains of wankers, I also classic analog)
very very grunge adgueule everywhere ds is asked
I love this sythbr /> I particularly recommend for electro music, jazz groove, drum and bass (I was wrong)

treat yourself

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Moog Music Little Phatty Stage II
Synth DIGITAL oscilateurs anlogiques.
+ Pitch Modulation
1 stamp
1 arpeggiator
2 analog oscilateurs
for the rest rferer the manufacturer's website


This little synth is very very easy to use because it does not have many opportunities.
This is not a bomb technology while the followers of digital ... I urge you to go your way.
It can happen very quickly in something simple about this toy.
But to only have 4 controllers greatly limits ...


Making techno I find its sound very good but a little too heard everywhere (if you see what I mean ...).
Basically the factory sounds are completely grills and released on 30 or 40 pieces RADIO.
No effects.
Good expression.
I would emphasize the low taurus 2 which is always nice to extend.
Regarding leads .... I can not find very convincing


I triturated day and night for a week so I think I completely scern a rate of 16 or 17 hours a day SNV At the same time c'tait not complicated goods saw the simplicity of the machine.
-The Manual in french is simply not !!!!
I do not like her too simple arpgiateur non ditable
-It Is not pushed enough in the possibilities.
-The Synth has completely bugg after 2 days was a 100/100 plant when I had just put on.
It took rinjecter OS usb I find it completely dconcertant.
-For Me this machine is all but 100/100 analog (yet it is sold as analog ...)
-Too EXPENSIVE !!! for me it is roughly equivalent to a microkorg which costs 369 euros .... (and again ...)


-Jaime Much the grain.
-The Quality workmanship unusual.
I'll spare Adi is loins to fill what I expected from MOOG

It is really too expensive for what it is, we pay the abusive way mark.

Dcu as I never would buy this synth for anything.