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Yamaha Analog Synths user reviews

  • Yamaha CS80

    Yamaha CS80 - "thick sounds"


    The Yamaha CS 80 is a very big unit. I do love the way that it is laid out though with color coded sliders, I think it looks cool and kind of makes some sense of all of the stuff on the board. This board is very big though and weighs about 150 or mor…

  • Yamaha SK20

    Yamaha SK20 - "easy to use vintage gear is great"


    The Yamaha SK20 is a classic analog synth with a lot of sounds from the late 70’s into the early and mid 80’s. The bad thing about this board is that over time they start to have some serious issues that can come about. I learned this first hand aft…

  • Yamaha CS15

    Yamaha CS15 - "some sounds are thin"


    This analog synth is arguably the best synth I've ever played in my life. More versatile than most synths of its ilk, it's got some of the richest tones that I've ever heard come out of an electronic instrument. It's an eight-voice polyphonic synthes…

  • Yamaha CS15

    Yamaha CS15 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Aurochs4/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Everyone already knows the features. 100% analog technology. This sturdy synth provides an excellent manufacturing quality! I only miss a second LFO which would greatly enha…

  • Yamaha SK20

    Yamaha SK20 - "Yamaha SK-20 Symphonic Ensemble"


    I purchased this keyboard at Coyal Music in Columbus,Ohio "way back" in 1980-81. At that time I needed a portable organ, and the market was small for organs by the very early 80's. I think it was around $1200 new,and I got it for around $950. What …

Translated user reviews
  • Yamaha CS60

    Yamaha CS60 - " A synthesizer from 1100 euros fishy"


    Hummm USE Hummm SOUNDS Hummm NOTICE GLOBAL You do lower the rating in this way? …

  • Yamaha CS80

    Yamaha CS80 - " The best, even today ..."


    Weighted with high quality polyphonic aftertouch and velocity keyboard. Factory presets (frozen) and editable presets (2). Portamento and glissando are present. UTILIZATION Cs-80 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer 8 bi-timbral voices (by layer) s…

  • Yamaha CS01 Mark II

    Yamaha CS01 Mark II - " Fun and effective"


    The basis of subtractive synthesis with a few limitations: limited 1VCO VCA UTILIZATION Simpler you die. No wacky sound research but its simplicity keeps us all dispersion cotonnant us the basics of analogy ... and it is sometimes good. Too bad…

  • Yamaha SK20

    Yamaha SK20 - " Good deal"


    Analog synthesizer with an organ part which has drawbars to simulate an organ, no pitch, just a little knob that many use to but is not essential to the machine, a synth part that can be hacked, with an array of simple but effective command, only the…

  • Yamaha CS5

    Yamaha CS5 - " Looks Tiny massive sound, too ..."


    Small analog of the late 78, comparable to Korg MS10, Arp Axxe in that it has a VCO. Two and a half octaves of keys full size (no velocity or aftertouch but very expressive) No effect of course, no midi, an EXT in super, which can handle any sign…