Yamaha CS80
Yamaha CS80

CS80, Analog Synth from Yamaha in the CS series.

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chok66 09/03/2014

Yamaha CS80 : chok66's user review

«  The best, even today ... »

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Weighted with high quality polyphonic aftertouch and velocity keyboard. Factory presets (frozen) and editable presets (2). Portamento and glissando are present.


Cs-80 is a polyphonic analog synthesizer 8 bi-timbral voices (by layer) single oscillator.
Sawtooth specific form (enriched harmonic) and traditional PWM pulse with dedicated LFO.
Section filtering double series (HP / LP) driven by a specific envelope parameters 5 (IL, IN, AT, DT, RT). The sine VCO is sent directly to the VCA to magnify the sound.
The modulation section (Sub oscillator) modulates directly or via aftertouch VCO, VCF and VCA. An external signal can extend the modulation possibilities to infinity.
The effects are limited to a chorus and a ring modulator extremely musical.


The sounds are powerful and specific because it takes time to adapt to tame this monster of 100kg. The presets are not faithful reproduction of real sounds but approaches. Cs-80 is good at the brass sounds with its special envelope filter. This is the most expressive analog synthesizer ever built.


It is a unique machine that requires grip to release something (count months and even after a few years, you will still not make the turn). Even Vangelis had to adapt to the times. It is true that maintenance is difficult because the machine is composed of pupuces owners. It sounds great void, a typical reverb Lexicon magnifies 224 (set up by Vangelis) .... Undeniably, those who denigrate do not know to use it, those who master it will never separate them ... .

Its rating is prohibitive and does not take into account the monstrous cost of repair in case of fat breakdown (keyers / converters)