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Edirol Audio Interfaces user reviews

  • Edirol UA-1000

    Edirol UA-1000 - "Switching the sample rate was a hassle"


    The Edirol UA1000 only works with a Windows XP machine (unless they have changed the drivers from the time I was using it). It is a 10 in and 10 out interface that works via USB. I have gotten nothing but high quality audio recordings and play back w…

  • Edirol UA-4FX

    Edirol UA-4FX - "Issues with Mac computers"


    The UA-4FX is an affordable interface that connects to computers via USB 2.0 port. There are 14 effects that come with it and one of them is great, it is the COSM mic preamp simulator. It also comes with Sonar LE and a plug in that only works with PC…

  • Edirol FA-101

    Edirol FA-101 - "Great product" has images


    Headphone = Mono/Stereo Option Sample rate= 44.1,48,88,96, 192Khz Digital I/O MIDI I/O Fire Wire...4,6pins Bus Power 10 I/O 2XLR with Preamp + 8 ComboJack i/o Hi-Z OWESOME BUILT-IN UTILIZATION CUBASE , SONAR, FL STUDIO... GETTING…

  • Edirol FA-101

    Edirol FA-101 - "Portable with dual phantom power"


    The FA101 is a 10 in and 10 out interface, it is also pretty small for all of its capabilities. But it’s a perfect interface for home use, and if you want to pack it up in your mobile or laptop case to take with you for your recording needs if you ar…

  • Edirol UA-5

    Edirol UA-5 - "Kind of pricey"


    The Edirol UA 5 is a very sturdy interface that can handle some punishment. I no longer own this unit but I remember when I was using it I put it through all types of abuse by accident. I had this really small desk that I was using that my laptop cou…

  • Edirol UA-25

    Edirol UA-25 - "yout gotta start somewhere'"


    The Edirol UA 25 is a good usb audio interface for you to use at your home studio and setup. Or if you are the type of person who is on the go a lot your can take it with you almost anywhere because its not that big. I wouldn’t expect to get great qu…

  • Edirol UA-25

    Edirol UA-25 - "great for a newb or a pro"


    The Edirol UA-25 is an audio interface that has two microphone preamps and can record two tracks at once. In addition to the mic pres, it has two 1/4 inch inputs as well as eight 1/4 inch line outputs. I have run the Edirol UA-25 on a Mac Book Pro th…

  • Edirol FA-101

    Edirol FA-101 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by Stoparach on Audiofanzine FR. Reason I chose it: Self-powered FireWire, compact size, number of inputs, integrated preamps, TRS connectors, direct monitoring with adjustable balance on the front panel. Used for home-stu…

  • Edirol UA-25

    Edirol UA-25 - moosers's review


    The Edirol UA-25 is a simple, USB audio interface for use in home studios. This type of interface is a perfect way to start building your small home studio. It's definitely not going to be adequate for an sort of in depth recording, but if you're j…

  • Edirol FA-66

    Edirol FA-66 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Ulm/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - Which technical specifications motivated your choice? XLR stereo input (I don't need anything more), RCA input, MIDI... - What do you use it for? Audio recording and playback …