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Thread Help to choose the RIGHT soundcard!

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1 Help to choose the RIGHT soundcard!
I plan to spend 200-250$ for an external audio/midi interface (2in/2out or more). I got a coupla questions bout that and appreciate it if U gimme some advice.

I mainly use FL-5 and I was told that firewire portables are much faster (lower latency) than USB2 stuff. Are they? I obviously need a strong ASIO support as I plan to use my FL-5 for live performances routing the analog inputs into the mixer tracks and add FL effects to them (e.g. guitar+mic vocoding etc.).
What kind of interface do I need?

My system’s config below:
CPU IntelPentiumD3.4GHz/MB Intel945P/RAM DDRII512Mb (plan to add 1 or 2Gb more)/VGA ATi-X1600-bla-bla-bla… and USB2/but no firewire port.’

I got time to think it over till December and currently look at ‘M-AUDIO Firewire Audiofile (2in/2out)’. Will that thingy satisfy my needs? Water U sink bout that? And what sort of PCI-firewire adapter/converter/perverter (whatever that thing called) do I need for my purpose? Will it cost me a lot?

Post your thoughts below and U’ll probably contribute to the creation of multiple masterpieces;)
Can M-AUDIO Delta 1010LT, Audiophile 192 or E-MU 1212M work on laptops? If not, which PCI cards can do with both lap/desktop?
well, at the price of 140 canadian you can get the Creative x-fi xmusic which is known to be very good, and should do the trick. I have an audigy 4SE and it works great, although I can't really enjoy it too much on FL Studio 6 with a celeron 2.2
M-Audio Delta 1010LT is very good, 10 in 10 out, its PCI, supports ASIO 2.0, you can get it at bhphoto.com for $199. I for FL 6 gonna install it and see how it works with it, I use Sonar 6 (the Best).
:cool:Good day homeboy!I just wanna add a little light on the subject of soundcards.First of all.Creative has a soundblaster that has a wonderful quality to it when you're listening to playbacks.And at the time I thought it was all I needed to make music.When it came time to record,(Cubase SX 2.0 at the time),I don't know how but the mic recorded my voice and the monitor mix on the same track and there was no way of seperating them.Those were the good ol' days.And keep in mind that USB could not begin to emulate real ASIO.Which is the reason why Creative came out with a PCI soundcard that came with an ASIO driver to it.USB soundcards have a lot of latency to them.The less delay,the more realtime.That's your goal speed not latency.And the more realtime,the better the sound.Make sure that when you buy a soundcard,that it works with an ASIO Driver.And as much memory as you can afford.Big Daddy Ram in my eye,(Kingston Ram or Corsair)and then "BOOM!"You're off to a good start.Cause you should be spending time making music.Not making music from expensive mistakes.Now that's real latency!Good luck to you brother!Greetings from Touches.:cool: