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Thread How Do I Set Up My MACKIE 1202 VLZ PRO mixer to sync with PRO TOOLS????

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1 How Do I Set Up My MACKIE 1202 VLZ PRO mixer to sync with PRO TOOLS????

been having trouble figuring out how to get my Mackie 1202 VLZ pro mixer to be recognized in pro tools.

Hey sorry bud but that never going to happen. The 1202 is an analog board it cannot be seen in pro tools. Now if your trying to just play pro tools through it that's another thing, that can be done just keep in mind if your someone who uses bounce to disk what your hearing off the board is not what the bounce to disk will be recording. You will need a  cd recorder to record your finished product.
sorry about any confusion. im new to the setup. what im really trying to figure out is this

i have an mpc, a roland juno d and a turntable and krk monitors all hooked up to my mixer. im trying to get pro tools to record from my mpc and other equipment but how do i get the signal to pro tools thru the mixer? idk about the inputs and outputs. i have the necessary cables but idkwhich go to the mbox and the mixer

im just a hip hop head trying to make good music. i put in the time to say im ready to make some music but pro tools is tricky  lol
Just plug all your sound modules as normal into the Mackie mixer, then come out of the main out of the Mackie and go into your Pro Tools sound card. Then open a new track in Pro Tools and select the inputs the two cables from the Mackie are going into and press the record on the track.

CSP, you r a life saver. thanx man