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  • SPL Crimson

    SPL Crimson - "Well worth every penny" has images


    The SPL Crimson just blows my mind with it's performance. I've owned it for a little over a year and it has stood the test of time. I'm a knob guy, so from the jump they had my attention. Adding in the dual headphone pre-amps and you're already ahead…

  • SPL Crimson

    SPL Crimson - " Wowww!"


    External soundcard with 10 ins, 6 outs and midi. 2 XLR ins with Gain Station preamps 2 high-impedance 1/4" jack ins (with the same preamps) 4 line level ins 2 SPDIF ins 2 main outs on XLR 2 B outs on 1/4" jacks 2 SPDIF outs 2 headphone …

  • SPL Crimson

    SPL Crimson - Yohanmusic's review


    I chose the Spl Crimson due to its ease-of-use and the number of inputs, it allows me to plug in a mic, guitar, synths, and a drum machine. The most essential functions are accessible without the need to touch the mouse, which is really comfortable, …