SPL Crimson
SPL Crimson
Hyrius 05/27/2014

SPL Crimson : Hyrius's user review

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External soundcard with 10 ins, 6 outs and midi.

2 XLR ins with Gain Station preamps
2 high-impedance 1/4" jack ins (with the same preamps)
4 line level ins
2 SPDIF ins

2 main outs on XLR
2 B outs on 1/4" jacks
2 SPDIF outs

2 headphone outs with preamps
One volume control that goes from -infinity to +7db
One button to select whether the signal feeding the main outs comes from the DAW or the inputs.

I give it a 9 because it would've been perfect with ADAT!


The drivers couldn't be any more stable, both on Mac and PC.

I work with Cubase, Nuendo, Protools, and Logic and I haven't had a single crash up to this day.

You can record 6 simultaneous tracks thanks to the SPDIF connection. The 4 line inputs aren't taken into consideration when the 4 other inputs (XLR and Instrument) are used (with something connected to them).

But, besides its premium converters and awesome preamps (zero noise and good dynamic range), the routing possibilities make it even better for any home studio. You can choose what you want to hear and where you want to send it to. And it's a very sturdy unit.

The minimum latency is almost non-existent!

At this price, it's a real treat!

I give it 10/10!


No incompatibilities, except the ones already noted. It's extremely easy to use and if you ever have a hard time because you are a beginner, the diagrams are very clear.


I've had it for two months and it's a true pleasure for my ears!

I've had plenty of soundcards before this one: Fast track pro, fast track ultra, presonus firestudio project, motu lite mk3, presonus studio live 16/4, plus I have tested some others. It has won me over!!!! Such quality converters, preamps and stereophony at this price...I don't know anything that's a better value for money.

The pros, in random order:


The cons:


I wouldn't hesitate to buy this product again!!!! And I strongly recommend it!!!!