Tech 21 SansAmp RBI

Tech 21 SansAmp RBI

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SansAmp RBI, Bass Amp Simulator from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

6 user reviews

Tech 21 SansAmp RBI tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Tech 21
  • Model: SansAmp RBI
  • Series: SansAmp
  • Category: Bass Amp Simulators
  • Added in our database on: 01/21/2006

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Tech 21 SansAmp RBI user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 2 reviews33 %

iamqman's review"Bass player's ease"

Tech 21 SansAmp RBI
Tech 21 in one of the most resourceful companies on the market today They have products in the hands of amateur musicians and professional musicians around the world. They have successfully provided the industry with pedals and effects that have been used to accompany many players rigs and clubs. They have successfully developed one of the most used power amps on the market today. This bass preamp is one of the most used on the market.

This rack unit allows you to:

* Show up at any studio with just a SansAmp RBI and plug directly into the board for premium tones without miking.
* Gig with the SansAmp RBI directly through the house PA without using a separate amp.
* Go to a gig with a SansAmp RBI, a Bass Power Engine 60 and run directly through the house P.A. system.
* Take a more traditional set-up to a gig with a SansAmp RBI, power amp and speaker cabinet, and run directly through the house P.A. system.


Tech 21 SansAmp RBI Features:

* Drive adjusts the overall amount of gain and overdrive.
* Presence brings out the upper harmonic content and attack.
* Blend allows you to mix the direct instrument signal with SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry.
* Active Bass and Treble controls cut or boost ±12dB.
* Dedicated Mid control, cut or boost ±12dB.
* Individual Level control for the XLR out to optimize your amp's output relative to the P.A. system.
* Effects Loop.
* Mix 50/50 switch to configure the Effects Loop in series or parallel.
* Quarter-inch rear input and XLR output with selectable levels.
* Buffered uneffected XLR output to run a dry signal to a separate channel.
* Footswitch input to engage unit.
* Footswitch output to chain and toggle between another SansAmp RBI.


The preamp rack unit is a remarkable piece of gear. This has preamp has the ability to serve multiple function whether it be direct or in unison with a power amp. The tone of this amp is fantastic. You get a warm tone even for a none tube bass amp. This thing still sings great warmth with ease.

This unit works well going direct in a house pa system and even if you want it to go into a power amp into a speaker cabinet it will sound equally as refreshing. The drive control in great for getting those dirty bass tones that hang with the drummer with feel and style. The presence knob is amazing too which allow you to dial it in better when using the normal configuration of power amp and speaker cabinet and felling out the room sound. This knob will give you a better control over how the amp performs and fills the air as rooms change if you are gigging in different places night after night.


At new this preamp come in right at around $329, which is a great price for how good this thing sound. It does top the performance of the foot controllers from Tech 21. This does present a better overall tone and feel compared to the Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI Programmable and the bigger brother the Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver Deluxe. Those units are great for what they do but they are no match for the tone and clarity of this rack bass preamp.


Spearhead's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Extraordinary!!"

Tech 21 SansAmp RBI
Bass Preamp Rack format 1 U
Quality and robustness of the whole, handmade in the United States (it should be highlighted)
Knobs very sturdy, and very reactive and sensitive.
Ability to enable / disable the equalizer RBI via a button "Active" on the front.
For the rest, everything is already said below.


Config super simple, I found my happiness level setting half an hour, no need manual.
I use XLR connected on a track mixer Yamaha MG16 / 6 FX, which is connected to a HK 600.
In summary, the sound I use power amp.


So there, what slap!!
I still wonder why this device is not better known!

When I see many bassists lug between 20 kg and 60 kg of equipment because they love their sound, I invite them to try this little camera of 2.5 kg.

If you enjoy a powerful bass sound, warm and "purring" you will not be disappointed! Honestly I have almost nothing to envy of the most famous bass amplifiers and expensive as the amp emulations are quality.

I personally use it with a Cort A5 equipped with Bartolini MK1, and I can tell you that for nothing in the world I would not change now.
I play mainly rock / metal and it is perfect for this style, I get a slightly "distortion" pile that I wanted. So, no need to add effects for the moment at least.


I use it for two weeks now, and I'm literally conquered. I tried the Marbass (little mark 2), Fender, Ashdown, Laney, GK, etc ... and I assure you that surpasses RBI considering its value for money UNBEATABLE. It is a device that I recommend is a MUST HAVE in my opinion essential.
I would do this choice without flinching.

thegoofisonfire's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 SansAmp RBI
it is a rack-oriented bass preamp drive, overdrive, distortion see .... emulation lamps
purely analog with good old-fashioned big knobs that exude quality and robustness of the grip.
full connectivity, in dry and wet xlr and jack, two of which came on the back with a-20db pad, effects loop, footswitch (not included, but unnecessary, once activated it does not cut more)

otherwise nice little detail, XLR and jack outputs each has an independent level control
ds pr practice my case attacking a power amp on stage without varying the gain of the signal sent to the console of his


I use it live, and requisitioned, connected to an amplifier QSC 850 United States, something which he pr is more or less intended, since the quality of manufacture and assembly rackmount ds a good flight you will walk from one ally infallible in concert.
Pr what is the use outright, well that's just super simple just move the knobs pr "sculpt" the sound,
it is very easy, but the sound covered évantail tellment is wide, the settings are almost too sharp.
If you are picky, we must think of the note ds manual or take a picture pr mm find exactly the sound ...

nothing else to say apart from the presence of a mix of switch 50/50 pr the effects loop is strictly unnecessary ...
would have had a knob to mix or nothing, and yet he must use the loop ...


then there ... this is where everything happens!! I never heard my bass as well!
First striking observation: the sound is clear, probably due to the use of transistors ... but be careful I do not say Screaming!!
it roars and growls ds serious
the méduims are singing with a frettless, and did not at all the plastic side of the transistors is very pleasant
it gives a coloring mm tt but thanks to "blend" it knows remained transparent after you tell me, what is the interest of a preamp if it's strictly transparent?! ... also proposed régalges ds ds manual are the most thoroughly blend.
playing on the cabinets custom made, I was looking for a preamp that can recreate the woods of my basses, while adding dynamics, no disappointment on that side.
with very little correction at the équalo relatively brief but highly effective, I would have more tendency to work the sound using the first 3 knobs: drive, presence, and blend (mix dry / wet) especially if one équalo knows that there is quite correct pr raisonnances sound depending on the room / scene
I play ds a progressive metal band relatively distorted, or the bass should have a clear, see the chorus meduim pr ds pierce the mix, but has also kept the fat of a tuning Dtuné, and a 6 severe.
Lows that tend to be "eaten" by the distortion, not at all the problems with this machine.
9/10 because I joined the previous opinions, it would tend to blow if you push the treble


I've had very little time ...
and why I waited so long for all this time that I fesait eye??
the price ... almost certainly 400boules, must have the ticket in his pocket!!!
finally ... this is the only one who succeeded in making me put my old amp head winded in the closet ...

what I like? sound, ease of use, rendering of emulation "lamps"
what I like least! ... the mix of the effects loop which I will never ... lol

without hesitation I would resume the mm, certainly 10 years ds ...

Finally, there is not much better, and it's much more expensive!!

Applebite's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 SansAmp RBI
Bon ben not much to say here no presets, no LCD display, a switch on / off, another to bypass the effect of simulated amps and get a simple DI, 8 potentiomtres: Drive, Presence, Blend (shuffled his line by line its not the amp simulator), Bass, Mid, Treble, and Master Level XLR (for a master XLR outputs). Remains between a jack faade and basta!

Rear face: jack and XLR outputs (with-20dB pad) in both cases with an exit "Uneffected" and output "No Amp", FX loop with switch 50-50 (that is: either you let 100 of its respect for your belongings or limit yourself to 50%), in and out for footswitches and a second between Line / Instrument with-20db pad too.

Voil ... What more? Output numrique you tell me! OK ... but it works so well without a. Long live the transistor!


The manual is useless adjacent to that used an amp or a prampli ... 8 potentiomtres that classic ... Good as it is in English (will I lose it in French? I do not believe, moreover a m'empche do not sleep!) Which can interfere some.

The edition sound is clear, the only problem is that we find so many excellent sounds that can sometimes choose ... But, hey, when you search a particular sound can be found fairly easily, the hardest so the right amount and blend prsence.


The range of sound is excellent you can find old 70's type well Who or Pink Floyd to modern sounds good prcis, which for a sense pramp reproduce sounds of tube amp is pleased Does not hurt.
The distortion (drive) is good plutt, trs lamp: it respects the grain of your instrument and never aggressive.
The corrections are effective and trs, l still can not get any sound prs.

I use it on frte, fretless, and I even branch above my bass, not a cash problem at all and there is always a sound adapted the instrument (in m my time on the basses I find it really useful pramp this: one amp against a lamp? blah ...) so long as we take the time to hack.

Only problem: my own breath! Scne of no importance but Gnant studio when looking crystal clear sound ... -2 For a same direction as it is when a machine be made to the stud.


I use it for 2 years. Nothing to say I am satisfied compltement. I used a Line6 Bass Pod formerly Pro which I quickly dbarrasser (edition impractical, sounds more or less good, too many gadgets ...). The one branch, three potentiomtres you turn and go ... And the sound is!
When I see the price of the Bass Pod Pro I died laughing. I pay my 300 RBI (nine, if I if!), And a sound point of view, it buries the Pod!
A short trs good machine that I recommend even when testing whether you are a rat studio: the breath, if all be common s'averrrait RBI, would you want to look elsewhere .
This hand set is a box of machine!

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