Tech 21 VT Bass
Tech 21 VT Bass

VT Bass, Bass Amp Simulator from Tech 21 in the Character Series series.

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MGR/Billy's review"Tech 21 Sansamp VT Bass Pedal"

Tech 21 VT Bass
Tech 21 is known for their popular line of Sansamp rack mountable units. With the new technology of bass amplification out these days not many guys are using racks, yet rather smaller amp heads that still need a little kick in the pants in the preamp section that Tech 21 is known for delivering.

My friend ended up not using his and let me borrow it to play out with my live rig to see if I dug it. New they cost right around $130. They are very popular right now and pretty tough to find in stock, if you are on the fence grab one, if it is not your cup of tea I am certain you can easily flip it for close to what you paid.

It gets you into the ballpark of an Ampeg SVT tone for about $1000 and 100 pounds less! It can easily be powered by any 9 volt power supply.

You can add just a little grit to simulate some tube breakup or you can this thing into full overdrive mode similar to an Electro Harmonix Big Muff.

I was hoping for just a little more in the sub low end department. They can really make or break you if you are playing a room with big ceilings and concrete floors.

I wish there was an XLR out on it. BTW I have seen mods for this, I just have not done it myself.

A tough aluminum box, a red LED light to let you know if the pedal is on or off. The knobs starting from the top left and moving to the bottom right: Level, Mid, Character, Drive, Low and High. The finish of this is a nice powder coat, if kept well it should last a long time.

A simple and effective way to spice up your bass tone. A great unit to toss in your gig bag in case you need to use a house amp, yet still keep the integrity of 'your tone'

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Audiofanzine FR12/13/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Tech 21 VT Bass
(Originally written by karlos/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
AMPEG SVT amp simulation pedal.

One input and one output on 1/4" jacks.

3-band EQ : low, mid, high.

9-volt PSU or battery operation.

Character and Drive controls.

Master volume and level controls.

Very high quality potentiometers.

High-quality switch.


ULTRA easy.

Set the output volume first.

Set drive to 25%.

Set character to 40%.

Set low and high to 70%.

Set mid to 40%.

Now you have the Ampeg sound.

The user's manual is clear and provides setting examples.


I owned a Bass Driver. It was already very good.

I connected it directly to my Mackie mixer (old US model).

I had a POD but I found it somewhat cold.

And with this one I just couldn't believe what I heard. I couldn't believe that a pedal in this price range could give me the characteristic sound of a SVT amp...

It's simply amazing. It's plug and play with my Musicman and G&L.

It has no XLR output (the Bass Driver had one) but I don't really miss it.

The low-end response is very faithful.

Connected to the return path of my Hughes and Kettner amp the sound is also very good.

Direct connection to a mixer: excellent

Direct connection to a sound card: excellent

The dynamic response is faithful. Don't use too high drive settings.

Once you adjust the EQ and the level you can try different Character settings to get an idea of what you can do with this option.


When I bought mine it was the last in the store...

The three other ones had already been reserved (one of them was for Laurent VERNEREY, a very popular studio bassist).

Laurent COKELAERE owns two of them which he uses connected directly into the mixer during live gigs.

This shows the high quality of the unit.

I've had mine for two days and I had never been so satisfied with a purchase. And the value for money is great. What a sound... I rediscovered my bass.

I don't play live so I don't want to buy an Ampeg amp head to use only its DI output.

Since I'm also a guitarist I will also test 4 other amp simulation pedals (Fender, VOX, Marshall and Mesa Boogie).

As a summary: This unit sounds very good, is not expensive and you can take it with you everywhere.

eminent2000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Changes life"

Tech 21 VT Bass
All already been said. Only criticism one could make is it the lack of DI but personally I do not need.


Easy to use, the knobs are progressive and efficient. The few factory presets are useful and effective, then you turn the knobs ...


This pedal has literally transformed my amps, a venerable Peavey 115TKO sound a bit flat and a Hartke 3500 head with cab TP410. The sound is simply enriched, it takes a fullness, a grain, impossible to achieve with simple adjustments amps presence.
The record is, however, a low variable to another. I enjoy my 3 bass but especially on my passive fretless (Luthman Wave).


I always use it since I got it. Only downside for me, the position on the ground, a rack would be more practical to make adjustments. But I do not change that much. It's really more that transforms a merely decent amp, in good amp.

Joe-Rhys's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a pedal bluffing!"

Tech 21 VT Bass
in fact, this pedal is a simulator ampeg amps, I mean "amp" in the plural, in fact, it is supposed to simulate several amps ampeg, B-15 and SVT next button "character" of the pedal.
Technology is an electronic analog.
was on the menu, 6 buttons; level, mid, character, drive, low and high.
input and output jack and a switch to start the effect.


I found this pedal rather simple to use, the buttons are extremely effective, and turn just with hair and the sound changes!
the manual is rather amber, it speaks of how the pedal but generally, no more examples here .... they could do better!


honestly, it's very realistic, and indeed, on this, Ed Friedland was tested here;
as he says himself, it can not replicate the movement of air spewed by Bafil that comes from the front when you play in front of a real SVT 8X10 with a firm "!
but, in any case, the replica is bluffing his issue!


I bought it secondhand in March and I do not regret it ...
I use it in my cover band U2 live in PA and this is happiness!
It's incredible; when turning just the buttons, you change the sound; more treble? the sound becomes more accurate with a put ... grain! more serious? is tilted in the sub-bass! mediums, the button "character" and switch the drive you are in the area of ​​white-hot sounds when your SVT starts to take its towers; play with a pick and mount the drive and the button "character" and you will see; the sound is really "rough" at will!
I find this pedal really excellent!
turn it up and set your foot in such a way as to obtain a sound slap you fart in the eardrum in two, switch to the left slightly and you'll have the sound of flip-top B-15, switch over the sliders to the right and you will have a White SVT Drive!
you like ampeg?, you want a character?, you like rock sounds and accurate? ; Buy this pedal and you will be amazed!
all sounds really grain, and personality are accurate and impressive.
I would do this choice if I were asked, what is really the only pedal I know who has such a sound!
I recommend it without hesitation to the love of his ampeg and those who have not had the pleasure of trying this pedal.

Infrabassman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Sound quality but ..."

Tech 21 VT Bass
Everything is already said before

High quality manufacturing


Super simple to pick up


Its really very good and versatile


The only problem I find with this pedal, the gain is too high ... Let me explain.

I use two basses, one passive and one active - with very different output gain.

Quelquesoit bass that I use, I am almost forced to at least the Level, failing to play at high volume ... Then I adjust the amp but also finds himself almost to a minimum!

I find the output level too high ... weird but I'm not the only one to say.

Adrimed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 VT Bass






OCCAZ bought and sold soon, I tried on my branch bassman with a Start, the equal is actually powerful and reactivates the character knob brings its interest the effect and makes mdium lot Introduced and incisive. The big problem with this effect and (all Tech21 effects) is the BLAST !!! A real dries hair !!! I live on my branch Pramp UA6176 played with my bass Gibson SG, even worse than the amp branch, breath galore! Unable suddenly exploit the possibilities of equal etc, really very trsdu, after all opinions logieux I expected much better ... without this breath could be good since rglages are fine and very complete.
I phoned there are three four years with Mojo Paris, I was looking for a good amp simulation, I hsitais between Mister Blue / Mister Gold or a Tech21 Triac, type m had kept these breath problems (he was right) I read this same problem on their Reverb effect, breath problem, I think it is not Tech21 for me, it's like Electroharmonix: a good concept pure analog sound but still something wrong ...

Marchal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 VT Bass
excellent for a live recording.
The big sound Ampeg insured. it's hot and following the highly sensitive and efficient settings, it
precise, rich in harmonics.
does not alter the bass sound.


a bit expensive but well above the direct box, the Bass PODxt ,....
Virtual Decadence02/26/2010

Virtual Decadence's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 VT Bass
Nothing to add on this point.

Like everyone else I would have liked an XLR DI output and a switch to disconnect the simulation of HP. But it's not so annoying.


The least we can say is that the settings are effective. Browse the different sound "Ampeg" is not an empty word.

The manual is not used much. The small cards provided you give initial guidance for different types of sounds. Useful for understanding the knob "Character".


It's been a while since I seek her ZE. I only play on Rickenbacker 4003, a bass too specific to get by with any amp, preamp or effect. I love my Ashdown amp (although I have good range above and especially the 4X10 rather than 1x15). I could find with several settings for my cover band in which I need her very distinctive 60's but also more rock that moved the 70's to today. At the mediator, a Rick it goes almost everywhere (the switch "vintage" to me "time travel").
In my other group, I needed a big sound with lots of growl and a mediator in this well for finger passages groove.

I have an EBS Microbass II and I was more than happy. It allowed me to catch up especially bad amps in the studio with a set of repeated finger and one for the game to pick. No staining of catching up but effective.
In my Ashdown, it does not serve me much except for having two different EQ.

And so I tried the VT Bass hesitant to move from EBS SansAmp staining for more rock. Given the rave reviews on the AF and stuff seen on YouTube, it looked like. Although I'm always wary of view a bit too fiery if I do not know the person.
And here I must say it's a vamp. All the reviews I read here does not lie. It is very disturbing.

I tried everything:
- Live in with my MOTU card emulation LA2A ass and a bit of EQ DSP, and hop in logic.
- To send / return on my Ashdown ... ah ben is more of Ashdown for the coup. But the mix of the two allows me to have a huge sound. Tried in his "clear" (with Rick sound does not resemble a modern clean sound) and overdrive with my BSE. Or by setting VT Bass Overdrive (I love the sound).
- With all the configs available on the Rick pickups.

Each time, I found my happiness in some shooting knobs. I want all the sounds, the type SVT, the flip top (which sounds really good on my rick), sounds more crunchy and aggressive.

So I regret my impatience, I should wait for the Deluxe version available with multiple presets for different settings in live and use it also in overdrive. So I keep the 10 for the Deluxe version.


I do not think I ever put 10 in a notice. Ben there I did not hesitate.

The pros:

- Size and weight: it is small and lightweight
- The sound
- The effectiveness of settings
- Packaging: I know who cares but like any Apple Addict, I am also sensitive to the box. And there it comes in a beautiful metal box black and gold that can serve tea box (finally dried plant :-)). I say it's class.

The -:
- Not possible to switch off the speaker simulation
- A real XLR DI output Msieur Techtwentyone!

I would do this not only choice but also as a guitarist, I have the British and the Blonde. I think as soon as Leeds draw (Hiwatt simulation), I'm still going to ruin me.
But I think I'll sell this as soon as the VT Bass Deluxe is no longer output to keep it. Because if I had the opportunity to have 6 presets I in a single box all my configs: clean modern fingers, clean modern plectrum, fingers to Clean vintage, vintage clean the mediator, mediator crunch, distortion. And I know how these sounds only on the VT Bass now so it does lack the ability to automatically redial on stage. For the studio, a good book and a pen suffice to recall the presets on my VT Bass :-)

I wonder how I Tech21 ignored for so long (after years of modeling Line6 which fortunately did not manage to screw up my ears).

EDIT after 10 months of intensive use: well for once, I not only have not changed my opinion but I am just as dependent (within the meaning of the word junkie) boiboite this as my Rickenbacker 4003. I take it everywhere and it saves me every time. Even on a small sound system in a bar, I have a real sound (kind Stagepass 500 Yamaha). I still bought the Deluxe but I sold all the other pedals (except my tuner of course).

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 VT Bass
What are the effects or types of effects available? What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...) Are they ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC? What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI) Is this a rack or rack MODEL? * Prampli vritable, I use it between my passive bass and an amplifier, which drives a conventional tower hughesKettner 115 - 410. The only mono output should be the driver for DDouble 2 channel power amp, but the output level is in any case insufficient so supplmentaire interface is needed. Analog, and like any SansAmp contains a compressor which eliminates the worry of overload.


Configuration gnrale Is it easy? The edition sounds and effects is it easy? The manual is clear and sufficient? ... This is a fabulous machine, with its immense possibilities and quality of its unstoppable, trs musical. Easy to find an appropriate sound but also easy to get lost as the controls are ractifs. I use a 5 string fretless passive, and its clear that I was always looking for the lot of grain, flexibility but at the same time and prcis puncher, a hairy growth under the fingers. And prcis! It starts really from the hip, so it is likely that more just playing with this prampli, it is certainly my impression, more comfortable every time. For the normal precision bass slap, trs is also good but the gaffe was sharp piercing ... And the crunch typical ampeg you say? Ben DSOL but for me the bass is clean and its place in the mix, do not bother to add the scratch distortionnent enough as a short, I know.


The effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes? Which instruments do you use? What are those you prfrez, you dtest? * Trs good, and versatile. Note that the pedals do not consume anything (more than one hundred hours on alkaline battery correctly), always practical. I like the pure prampli add minicom bbert, a stone three times: Stereo output for the power amp (the box 115 and right 410 left, trs sly for rgler Rapidos), adaptation level ten to four db (this standard), and compressor damn well if the mood arises. I found what I was looking for a long time with this setup very simple and economical.


How long you use it and what is the particular feature you like best and least? Have you tried many other models before acqurir? How do you report qualitprix ? With the exprience, you do again this choice? ... Few months, finished the meet galre trs. I compare with the fender bassman 100 and 150 (on the same tower to be exact), more tests with various bbert, well there is no comparison as ridiculous. Markbass had a pretty boots but even when too mtallique not to mention the price. To be perfect this vtbass should provide two outputs plus a switch-level, which would direct driver amplifiers standard. 180 euros archement dpenss well!

MJ: I was tired of lugging more transformer level amplifier power amp, so I took a head Hartke LH500 (4 buttons, a cable for power supply and basta) ...
Since there is the deluxe version with 3 programs and apparently more output level, see So even if the price is carrment above.
I use the Submitted vt bass home, in between the in my Vox DA5 (customs with a sturdy 8 inches) and all pulvrise all amps work I know! In this case the vt bass is perfect, so I'm a happy customer trs!

yannou_365's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 VT Bass
It's an Ampeg amp simulation, pedal format, and it's 100% analog.

Concerning the description just been said above, and it's like on the picture!
Level, 3-band EQ, low, mid, treble, drive and character.

Potentiometer "character" brings the hot side of a slamming bass amp tube.

Very simple jack connector in and out, came to power by 9 volt transformer.
This gear at a huge output, I use the preamp of my amp and DI to register for my sound card.


It takes about 4 seconds to find her almost perfect.

The buttons interact with each other, like on a real amp!

The manual provides provides examples of simple config, ranging from the vintage to modern. I think a chimp could use it without difficulty.


Then there is a break there nose ... This little thing comes out sounds much better than my old AMPEG SVT 3 pro ... It was not the best, I grant you, but hey!

We keep a dynamic and an incredible presence in any situation!
Certainly it is far from the XX band parametric EQ, but the frequency range has been very well studied.

The bass are really beautiful, ca does not bleed, ca does not saturate, that is happiness!

It can be used also distortion pedal, and the sound is really hard!
Saturation sound is brilliant, and can become as cold as the blizzard digging Scandinavian mediums and by the character to donf '

So, this toy can show a very smooth, like a very brutal, it was the whole range of Ampeg to 10x cheaper.

I play an Ibanez SR 20th Anniversary (relic of 1987) plugged into the pedal, in return for an Ashdown MAG 300 cabinet with a 4 * 10 '
Primarily jazz-fusion, rock and metal. This pedal is perfect in all situations.


I use it for a few weeks, I fell in love!

This thing can revive an old rotten amp, used as a preamp, pedal effects for the large distortion of death, or ID to register.

I recommend it to everyone!
I think I will buy it back with eyes closed, despite the price a little high.