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All user reviews for the Fender BXR 200

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MGR/ken t08/12/2005

MGR/ken t's review"Fender BXR 200"

Fender BXR 200
i bought this amp used for 250 from guitar center

i love this amp i have ben in a grunge band a emo/alternative and a classic rock band and this amp has the exact sound no matter what type of music i play i love the built in chorus all i can say is it is an awesome amp plenty of power and great tone in one

it is a little heavy but not to heavy

you could beat the shit out of it and it will still work

perfect amp for the traveling band or the person who just plays for fun i love this amp

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MGR/duffman's review"Fender BXR200"

Fender BXR 200
I bought this bass 2nd hand from Mega Music in Western Australia for $800 AUD.

I love this amp! It's perfect for it's use! Built in with a Chours effect makes it extra fun to play with. It's pretty loud and can keep up with other instruments very well! Good wide-range of tones you can adjust with the 9 band graphic eq aswell! It's also got 3 enhancement buttons (Deep, Notch, Bright) which is great. With them off you get a old fashioned style of playing and with them switched on you get a modern, very bassy sound which is great!

The only thing that I don't like about this amp, is that the fact it's pretty heavy to lug around everywhere especially when you're taking it up stairs. If it had wheels it would be a lot easier to move around.

Tank. That's the closest thing I can describe about it. This bass is built like a rock. You can beat the shit through it and it would still sound great, even better mabye!

Great buy! I suggest this for anyone who wants to play in a band and preform gigs!

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MGR/Misled Youth02/02/2002

MGR/Misled Youth's review"Fender BXR 200"

Fender BXR 200
I got this amp at g n' c music store in pitston Pa. i paid $440 . with a 5 year warenty

this is a great amp for just about any skill level but because of it's size i recamend to only picking one up if you are in a band . it has a lot of power plus a closed back, i play lots of shows and i still haven't turned it up past 5!! it comes with a corus effect built in and a pedal for it. it is also good for running vocals through. the BXR 200 comes with one 18'' sub woffer and a very nice equilizer . the amp has all around great tone for any musical style. and is not extremely pricy.

heavy, no wheels on bottom.

well it's fender so you could beat the shitout of it and it will still work fine...if not better. i give this thing a licking just about every gig for about 2 years and it's holding strong.

great amp! can't kick some serious ass

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Fender BXR200"

Fender BXR 200
This was another find in a Vancouver pawn shop. This thing looks as new as the day it came off of the showroom floor. Not a nick on it and it even smells like new. Out the door for $300 Canadian!!!!!! I was looking for a bass amp and gave the shop a call to see if they had any bass amps in. I never thought they would have something like this.

I've heard all of the slams against the Fender Bass amps. No power, no real tone like the Ampegs, etc. Well, guess what? This baby has it all. It's got a nine control EQ and built in effects. A friend came over and played on it during a practice session. He's got an old Ampeg tube amp and a SWR. After an hour on the 200 BXR, he finally agreed that this thing does it all. Once you figure out the multitude of available effects, this baby rocks. It's got a Fender Special Effects speaker that gives you a full range of sounds. I can see that maybe the BXR 100 sounds muddy etc. but I don't think it has the EQ and effects this one has.

This thing is built like a rock. It is heavy at 75 lbs. but I can live with that. It is still portable enough to cart around. I would like to see a horn in the cabinet, but only because that would be cool. I really can't say that this sucker lacks high end punch.

As mentioned, it is built well. It has recessed handles on both sides that makes it easy to pick up and carry. The cord tucks away nicely into the amp and the 15" speaker is incredibly well suited to the amp.

Regardless of the price, this is one good amplifier. At 200 watts RMS it rocks and I dare you to find a sound you can't reproduce on this amp. It's is well designed and a pleasure to use. Even at retail price it's a good deal. You can pay a lot more for a more exotic amp, but I think you're getting hung up on keeping up with the Jones'. Give one of these puppies a try. Even my friend with the Ampeg and SWR

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VEVEF32's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad, could do better"

Fender BXR 200
Amp transistors, connectors jack low / high impedance, send / return, line out
200W ... but this is too much: by repeating the volume slider remains in the 2/10, and outdoor concert rarely exceeds 5/10 volume. Obviously, on a scene, hard rock, I say not ... but it would again I would take rather a 150W.
3 buttons preset EQ knobs + 2 "shelving" (low, high, medium cut). 3 buttons that complement the equalizer (not the same frequencies) and frankly it is the most useful and well thought out. 2 knobs "shelving" are more debatable and complement an equalizer which can be used to cut a little hum of the amp.
Phaser (with switch Deporte): switch sleeping in a cupboard so this effect is inappropriate for a bass. An adjustable compressor or flanger would have been more useful.
A limiter to avoid overloading the HP, which will be used only above 100W volume issued. Otherwise it is useless.


The config is super simple, except that the main drawback of this amp is that it has only one preamp volume and no volume amp. Okay you tell me if ... well anyway, it amplifies the hum 50Hz, around the transformers in the amp ... which is always fully (even when I watched as the electronic schemas). Another disadvantage is the input jack return to the input of the amp always thoroughly and so ... not possible volume setting on this entry ... done by Fender to add amps (Watts what). Yes but hey, this is not the main use we will do.
Other recrimination: there 2 inputs mono jacks. Normal bass passive and another "low impedance" which you say it will allow us to connect an active low output or 'line' of a multi-effects. And that neni. Fender simply divided by 2 impedance, so the permissible level is multiplied by 2. But the difference between a micro level (passive bass) and line level (low active, multi-effect) is about x100. So nothing to do with x2 we offer Fender ... but then what good is it? Ben is not much, especially since these entries are marked "1" and "2", in other words it will remind you which is high impedance. Personally, I added a resistor in the Jack who returns it to the level to be eligible. And now, ca still adds a bit of noise.


The good point of this amp is that the sound is round, and although it colors a bit in the medium, it does not alter the sound and deep bass. Nice for a pretty eclectic game (I did funk slap, blues, jazz ... and now the bass).
The downside, it's a blast (white noise) unacceptable to the fender from that amounts to more than 2/10 (so painful for solo practice). Is added a permanent hum as soon as the lights amp. I tried to keep him away from any source of disturbance (transfos. ..) but to no avail. This is perhaps the outlet side 220 ... but here, I am an electronics engineer, I'm still stunned by this same breath frole negligent design (I refer you again to the electronic schemas).


I use this amp for 15 years, proof that it is not that bad and the sound is pretty good. But objectively, I saw that had less than zero breath and hum.
Finally, it is a good config combo (I like his Equalisers we do not always find all the amps), and since it is a combo, it is heavy. For cons, the two very sturdy handles on the sides of the ship to allow 2. Moreover, it is very strong (I put on a head of guitar tube amp + HP weighing very heavy, and my amp well received).
Brief solid design, good config combo that lets you do everything, but to choose, prefer the 150w version that can be made a little less breath ...

herved21's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender BXR 200
200 watts that take real ca is more than enough even on stage, and even in the collection's outdoor
sufficient connection (we even choose jack or XLR line out for output!)
SETTINGS more than enough I regret just a lack of a "mute button" for breaks
j'apprcie the three enhancements "deep, notch, bright"
great equalizer (a bit too sensitive), I use the chorus pedal avecu with reverse polarity: very practical!


Config nickel trs simple but sufficient
sound? put all 0 and do not touch that volume! it comes out clean and a regal c
What manual.? It would something?


I plug in a Fender U.S. Highway One Jazzbass and sometimes a Boss ME5B but less <p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>I use it almost exclusively for compression, tuning and sound prrgler 2</span>
as I said in the middle, the purest sound possible, and sometimes I boost the bass enhancement with the deep (I combine qques times) with bright enhancement and runs for ca 50 songs from the Sinatra or ACDC Niravana of Palmas, etc.


Use for 2 years
it is heavy (30kg +) but it is good (unlike me?)
trs few trials before but the little I have my purchase esssay APRS me comfort in my choice
I pay 200 for sale (just the connection of passive silent change: 8) a bargain, an unbeatable value for money service
If I remake my chaoix?? 2000%!

scarzam33's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender BXR 200
It's a transistor amp, 200 watts, a 15 inch hp, big sound into perspective ... it has two active and passive inputs and connections for a return and effects at the back. Also the amp has a 9-band EQ and chorus (can connect a footswitch for chorus).
Dimensions H62 L53 P33


The configuration could not be simpler ... not need manual. The equalizer is very simple to pay on the other hand in terms of sound is where it goes bad ... no question of using a distortion pedal! I use it with a boss db driver 5 and he could not bear the frequencies (when the pedal has long been used with a CRATE amp head and it was bliss!). The sound is rather round ... short of the fender well suited to the blues-rock.


I play with a fender mexico ... fender + fender for me is enough! I love the bass on which I play but this amp would suit a bassist blues or rock fm. No way to use it with the power pop or less of the metal.


I used it three years in rehearsals, no problem for the concerts, it is powerful enough and he filled very well, however its function. Its weight is a real problem and it is best to mount it on wheels if you need to handle it alone. I bought it used, not very expensive at the time (in 400 euros) Today, I sold it because I play a lot less, an amplifier more compact and less powerful suit me better ... However this is not an amp that I advise eyes closed, unless you are totally a fan of the fender!

jo.wave's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender BXR 200
Transistor 200 w amp for my part I play with two guitarists, a drummer Chateux a "normal" and I have no problem of power, I find it more practical, high quality that the 300 can carry it alone.
2 input connectors classic effect loop ..
Setting an equalizer! I put all three right aesthetic effect a deep depth interesting one to mute the brightness of an interesting attack her, to be handled with care because it is really very bright.
Chorus I do not like at all and a good compressor Tré.


Super simple setup for my part I removed the equalizer.
The sound really good and easy to obtain
The manual frankly What!


Suitable for variety pop rock blues I play with a status and a jazz bass with two Bartolini. I play almost right sound I made at low


I Utis 7 years no problem the beast is solid. I started with Ross and I had an SWR Workingman the very good but not powerful enough, the one with no problem, for those seeking a classic bass sound for a good goove without the fuss that get caught for guitar hero that's fine.
The overall score is 8 because I am convinced that there must be better but at what cost!!