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Roland Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Roland Cube-60 Bass

    Roland Cube-60 Bass - annieviolette's review


    transistor UTILIZATION Everything is simple, the sound is immediately SOUNDS I play bluegrass with a bass and not bass. I do not seek a special sound for a particular style of music. His "equalizer" is very effective, but I do not use it. …

  • Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

    Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX - " Too much, we will have work now"


    Tube amp ... no just kidding + Modeling transistors, 5W, four mini hp An instrument input, an input to mono input to stereo headphone / hand out, 1 connection for footstitch Setting: gain, volume, bass, mid, treble Effects: Amp modeling (6), …

  • Roland CB-100

    Roland CB-100 - " the fact that"


    amp transistors modélisation.mais I think mine is 80 watts ... we do not care a bit, actually. what is good is that the integrated compressor is not too unusable for once. UTILIZATION you can put footswitches to activate certain functions, and …

  • Roland CB-120XL

    Roland CB-120XL - " A little expensive for beginners"


    transistor preamp + amp with digital effects. many effects as described in the article, unfortunately each with few adjustments, making it both simple to use but therefore limited. Each button is often shared between two effects, which makes it uns…

  • Roland CB-30

    Roland CB-30 - " marvel"


    all is said below great sound (I also use it with an electric guitar) bass midrange treble made good (thank you for the cone no crappy piezo) sufficient to REPET bar and a good return if not I'll try you later with a JBL D130F sufficient CONNECTION…

  • Roland StudioBass 100

    Roland StudioBass 100 - pth2001's review


    Transistor 100W Equalizer with footswitch Inputs high or low DI outputs for pregnant or UTILIZATION Very simple and robust configuration. SOUNDS Very powerful amp. Its round and full. Powerful and clear. All types of instruments can…

  • Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

    Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX - " Small but mighty" has images


    * What type of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? * What is the power delivered? * What connections? * What are the settings, effects? ... Amp 5w transistor (but what watts!) Connectors: Input jack instrument or microphone, auxiliary input (…

  • Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

    Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX - VvSurLeRiddim's review


    Features: cf. other opinions and data vendors. UTILIZATION Operation is simple, except that the tuner is almost useless as it is not practical. Getting a good sound? I would not go so far ... we can not say that the sound is transcendent but no…

  • Roland Cube-60 Bass

    Roland Cube-60 Bass - djpdata's review


    <span class="sub-title">Roland Roland Cube 60 Bass Transistor amp 60W Speaker 12 " 3-band EQ with adjustable frenquence for meduim Line Out / Headphone compact</span> UTILIZATION <span style="font-size: 7.5pt; color: black; font-family…

  • Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

    Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX - Johnny's review


    5Watt transistor amp with the possibility of having stereo w 2.5, with drum machine and tuner the connection is fairly complete, settings in three bands of different m'odèle + amp, and there are dfx effects: delay, reverb wha, but I do not use …