Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX
Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

M-Cube-Bass-RX, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Roland in the Cube Bass series.

Johnny 03/03/2009

Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX : Johnny's user review


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5Watt transistor amp with the possibility of having stereo w 2.5, with drum machine and tuner
the connection is fairly complete,
settings in three bands of different m'odèle + amp, and there are dfx effects: delay, reverb wha, but I do not use


Yes the setup is simple and it starts rolling it (raoul?)
sound and sound roland: good but cold, but I knew since I had the cube 30
the manual is simple ... like a manual!

I want to say in sound and power: 5 watts for it "balance" quite a lot even though I grew in the early iétait one can confuse with the sound on because I play an Ibanez BTB 670 bass with Bartolini pickups and preamp and the totu is powerful enough it took me a while to "tame" as the bass amp


I got this amp for the following reason a low-dimensional, two because I know that Roland products in general are of high quality.

my bass is an Ibanez BTB670 Bartolini electronics and pickups mkII (?)

I get the bin for the moment I discover that all the bass amp but it is good stuff.


8 days

I love this Microcube the amp except the bass octave is special and that for the moment I identifies it.

I try to purchase on the web because an amp warwick blue cab 30 which my not at all, I try a 15 watt Laney RB1 a fair bit, I had seen on the RB2 but I did not could try it and after a disappointment but different purchase on the web I have not wanted to take a risk and I took this Microcube m'algrés that the 5 watts full well his job: playing at home

for what it is the price roland products are expensive but as said above it is the quality

say that if I find an amp with a sound one can heat I would change much.
but after paying € 200 to resell a loss that does not m'interresse we will see later.

and finally I will tell all the musicians who's tempted by a purchase on the internet that much in France Teutonia be careful to be good some of the product you buy because it costs back even if you are the winner purchase price (not all) and again in my ibanez cost € 600 and € 200 amp in a shop in Vallauris (06)! Teutonia in the same low: € 638 and € 199 amp or what is the economy??