Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX
Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

M-Cube-Bass-RX, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Roland in the Cube Bass series.

lbgo000 05/06/2008

Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX : lbgo000's user review


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It's a funny little beast
+ Digital Combo 2x2.5W transistors - supply of transformer and batteries!
connection jacks, minijack
essential settings: eq, gain, volume
cool effects and usable - chorus, flanger, delay, reverb, autowah (good!) octaver
simulations of different amps - not bad at all!
compressor - not bad, but I prefer my EBS
small drum ... (The click is good for work)


I tried a combo of batteries to play when others are unpluged, and some by just continuing to play on my bass (I have not found an acoustic bass for my taste and I have some constraints contrabass) - I l I found.
Not too heavy (it weighs the same as) and the batteries it lasts! - I put my battery of 2100mA / h and played over two days - it's great!


I play the JB-V and Sandberg California AmDelux-V Fretless - the sound is very good, there are simulations that appeal quickly 2-3.
I'm not a great connoisseur of Roland combos (at the time I played the Cube 30) but I see some simulitude - the sound a bit hard (lack of heat) in the low mids for my taste, but for this little beast I pass. Because it has the power in the belly - I do not know how they arrive at Roland, but the power Microcube is not far from my 30W Peavey ...
Some oddities:
- A simulation that adds breath (too bad, but there are others that make me do)
- When I go through my JamMan, I turn on the click and I play a long note: the end of the note the amp "pump" for each click as if there was a compressor - very bizarre.


It's been two weeks I use it - it's fresh
I am very happy - I have what I wanted
The price - a bit pricey but good ... done