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Roland Bass Guitar Combo Amps user reviews

  • Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

    Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX - laulalau's review


    Transistor amplifier 2x 2.5 watts It has 8 amp models and 6 effects. UTILIZATION The configuration could not be simpler: you plug your bass, you select an amp model, an effect if you are desires and then you play! Do you get a good sound …

  • Roland DB-900

    Roland DB-900 - Bk basse's review


    This "big" Combo contains all the features of the DB 500/DB 700 of the brand, its specificity is to be a great combo with 7 hp ... it cuts through the mix! * Powerful 320-watt bass combo amp With Feed Forward Processing for maximum punch and clari…

  • Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

    Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX - otavioreis's review


    Combo 2x2.5W transistors with amp simulation The animal is small, but it speaks loudly transformer and power supply of batteries! connection jack equalization, gain, volume, chorus, flanger, autowah, delay, reverb, octave, compressor drum …

  • Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX

    Roland M-Cube-Bass-RX - lbgo000's review


    It's a funny little beast + Digital Combo 2x2.5W transistors - supply of transformer and batteries! connection jacks, minijack essential settings: eq, gain, volume cool effects and usable - chorus, flanger, delay, reverb, autowah (good!) octa…

  • Roland StudioBass 100

    Roland StudioBass 100 - Bixbeee's review


    100W bass amplifier. year of manufacture: 1977 and discontinued since about 1980 making it a rare vintage amp. Switch 6-band EQ, channel 'high' and 'low'. HP 15 inches. ability to footswitch for EQ. UTILIZATION Impeccable, very good sound ... e…

  • Roland CB-100

    Roland CB-100 - rha61's review


    100w amp Digital amplification (TriPath ta2022 bridg for connoisseurs) ultra-complete connectivity: 1 between bass with switch-10db, 1 headphone output with simul d amp, line and XLR DI output HP, tuner output, switch output effects and reverb …

  • Roland DB-210

    Roland DB-210 - Bullterrier's review


    J uses this amp with the cabinet 15-inch amplified 115X SO 400 W + 330 W = power is nothing to complain j appreciates compression TUBE LOGIC a treat to reinforce a powerful sound even a headphone jack in front (rather rare on this type of amp,…

  • Roland DB-210

    Roland DB-210 - zrai's review


    - Amp 400w (2x160w 1x80w + tweeter), while transistor - Connection complte: - between active / passive + between piezo (for acoustic bass or against low) - Headphones - Between footswith (the MUTE) - Out of the bass-115x (speaker amplifier) …

  • Roland DB-700

    Roland DB-700 - Kirmäha Eanriatt's review


    Processor numrique Intgr immitation solid state (transistors) / tube / tube drive (your choice). 500W. Input jack (two inputs for passive or active, non-usable simultanment). DI outputs (front pramp). Output "output" in Jack and XLR sym (APRS…

  • Roland CB-30

    Roland CB-30 - linn134's review


    See specs below. A beautiful large-format image: This will give you a preview of Cube30 controls. UTILIZATION The configuration is it simple? Yes and no. Terse response…