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Hartke Bass Guitar Speakers user reviews

  • Hartke HX410

    Hartke HX410 - "Hartke Hydrive HX410 Cab"


    The Hydrive HX 4x10 is one wicked bass cab put out by Hartke Systems! Each individual Hydrive 10' speaker powers 250 watts at 8ohms totaling up to 1,000 watts of pure beastly low end. I gigged with the Hartke LH500 into the HX115 setup for about a …

  • Hartke HX115

    Hartke HX115 - "Hartke Hydrive HX115 Cab"


    This is the black tolex with chrome grill Hydrive 1x15 bass cabinet put out by Hartke Systems. It is famous for being a hybrid speaker made partially from aluminum like what Hartke speakers are famous for and also part paper cone which is what most …

Translated user reviews
  • Hartke 115TP

    Hartke 115TP - " great complement"


    I played on a swr lacked a little bass and power. This addition increases the power from 100w to 150w 8 ohm sub at 4 ohms, and really earn roundness. Another positive point, it is really light. SOUNDS complement my swr combo which is mounted a 12…

  • Hartke 410TP

    Hartke 410TP - " Boost your combo!"


    Bought used with HA3500 head of the brand to play with a group (350 € all in 2013). At home I have an old Peavey TKO110. SOUNDS I have no experience with another firm, so take this review for what it's worth. At first I was a little disappointe…

  • Hartke 115XL

    Hartke 115XL - " Not alone"


    Not used alone because no fever. A couple with XL210 eg SOUNDS Very low, correct dynamic OVERALL OPINION I said to couple …

  • Hartke 410TP

    Hartke 410TP - " Okay for the price"


    This is the cab with which I started and I always. Let's be honest, what first motivated me, this is the price. Compared to competitors in this range, there's no photo. SOUNDS The sound is clean and perfectly neutral, which is suitable for all ty…

  • Hartke 210XL AK Series

    Hartke 210XL AK Series - " Oops ... frogysblues is my sidekick;}) cf opinion Alumabass DCP1"


    all is in the title;}) SONORITS ...dropoff Window NOTICE GLOBAL ...dropoff Window …

  • Hartke VX410

    Hartke VX410 - " It looks tough and it sounds good."


    I will not go the full description: say it is a body with a 4 hp to 10-inch cardboard cone and an acute compression. 400W RMS into 8 ohms. We can not do more classic. I use it as a second cabinet in place of an Ashdown Mag 410 home, 300 Mag on the…

  • Hartke 210XL AK Series

    Hartke 210XL AK Series - " It is the sound!"


    Already for the brand, just to Hartke and reputation go with, I was saying "Warning you will have a cold and precise" and I had ben but I play with an amp Ampeg (Micro-VR ) and it's just a huge melting! He is supposed to play at home or in group! S…

  • Hartke 4.5 XL

    Hartke 4.5 XL - " Very good stuff"


    I consider it the entry-level material and I stress PROFFESSIONNEL PROFFESSIONNEL. I use it for group plans with interior HARTKE LH1000 head and I added a 15-inch subwoofer exterireur, and frankly you sound. For a modern amp frankly it sounds, th…