Boss GT-6B
Boss GT-6B

GT-6B, Bass Multi-Effect from Boss in the GT series.

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All user reviews for the Boss GT-6B

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colonelstracker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-6B
All the basic effects are available.

The effects are editable via knobs, buttons, and noon with a freeware zindows available on the net.

The case is very sturdy metal.

Now they are in the GT10 ...

Connectors: Jack, XLR, noon. Headphone jack.

220V external power.


The tuner mute sound output, which is handy. Compared to the user who observes a problem to identify the low notes, I think the problem comes from the bass, which just comes out a sound vague. The weak point of the 5 strings, so so bad ... With a Stingray, I do not have that problem. Even given BEA D.

The doc is also available in French on the web site on classical references.

The effects are callable via patches, each patch of 4 effects are directly controllable by the switches of the pedal (you can choose) and two others by a foot to 2 additional switches.
Possibility of linking a dozen effects ...

The general config is a little clutter because everything is concentrated in a small space, but we made it. The controls are very intuitive by potentiometers. More intuitive freeware setup "GT-6BFxFloorBoard" whose interface is neither more nor less than the standard Boss pedals. One feels immediately at ease.

Editing sounds is easy, but as we have access to a multitude of parameters, it takes time.
A good method is to first get a clear idea of ​​the sounds you want to build, then find sounds "basic" simple, copy the patch bank users, and to use base for other sounds. Guaranteed time saving.


Attention effects should always be slightly assayed. At low volume they tend to overdose, and repeat the spray is ensured.

The effects are simply amazing turns, as always with Boss. Good thing I'm heavy user.

The distos are numerous, but difficult to measure correctly.
The reverb is clear.
I have a little trouble with the compressor, but it does its job.

The sound is very clean. Truly a treat.

I find however that the sound is a bit cold cons. For example, a Hartke 3500, I recommend putting at least 50% of channel lamp.

I mainly use a Stingray 2EQ 1990, and it works wonders with this pedal. Epiphone Thunderbirds are doing well too.
My favorite channel:
- Compressor
- Disto
- Flanger
- Chorus
- Reverb
- Noise gate.

Modeling amps and speakers is bluffing. Thus we can have a sound "Klass" at home or connect direct sound, and even in the studio, adjusting the EQ of the amp in neutral, it has all the time virtually the same sound, which is very practice. Especially in concert, more DIY and roughly with the pedals that are tearing their hair sound makers. One branch, and that's it! Mégacool!


2 years.

Before I was using a CE-1 and BF-2 Boss from home. Well, but there was breath. And opportunities were limited. I bought this pedal for its price (200 €) used, and user reviews. A small trial was enough to convince me.

Robust, simple to use, clean sound, good connections ...
From Matoss pro. The price of the occasion is a very good deal!

With experience I will take a more modern version (eg with USB connectivity ...)

Like any good hardware, it highlights both faults as qualities of things that are above banche: bass, amp, and ... bass player!

phanot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-6B
Enough said
A veritable gas plant


Enough said
I find it necessary to spend much time


Monstrous effects, full of rglages
I regret that we can not have conjuction example, a phaser and a flanger.
lgre mute when switching from one program to another
For an eyeful is gnial; to play in a band, it has a lot of useless things.
Pros: no breath enhancer own.
Note: Compression, equalo, pramplis saturate quickly with an active bass; We must reduce the level of.


I used 2 years. I keep it because the price that I could get is not worth the shot away spare. There are so many possibilities for making samples, get something super space on time, record a guitar part with his bass playing ... or use it for voice! (Beware the very rgler Qualo!)
A can always be useful.
But for my bass I'm back to good old analog pedals, and more scniques essentially functional.
A pdalier, and pedals, they are 2 DIFFERENT things. Over time I go pass one another solution, I know that the ideal is availing oneself of the two.

curly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-6B
- What are the effects or types of effects available?
see data sheet of Audiofanzine.

- What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)
Crank digital analog / digital / analog 24-bit 44.1 kHz (CD quality knowing that it is 44.1 kHz 16 bit. Here deteriorates much less a sound recording in CD quality)

- Are they edited? Via an editor Mac / PC?
Contrary to what was said, the user presets are fully editable with a PC using the I / O MIDI with this freeware:

The use becomes a breeze: you can access in a nod to the options for each effect and strings in any order by dragging and dropping. ausi you can save your presets on your pc etc. ...

- What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)
see data sheet of Audiofanzine.
Note: headphone to play without disturbing anyone.

- Is this a rack or rack-mount model?
It's a pedal.


- The general configuration is it simple?
Is lit, choose a preset and go.
- Publishing of sound effects or is it easy?
Without the software, it will take time to master the beast. Really not simple at the beginning
With the software is extremely simple!

- The manual is clear and sufficient?
English manual available in pdf but the site of FR boss. Full but not really useful.

I put 9.5 because to really tweak everything, if set to 2 seconds with the software, directly from the pedal is not won. However, the factory settings are quite usable as is.

* In this regard, special note for the excellent preset "Underground" is the sound of bass on Deeper Underground Jamiroquai.


The effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?
+: Linear effects (chorus, flanger, delay, reverb) great.

-: For cons, non-linear effects are somewhat less practical: compressors and distos ask you some setup time to actually give something convaicant. it's still usable but it will look a little sting or the settings in the factory presets. The amp models are well made and practical to pass through a PA system. If you have a good amp, you can disable them.

Be careful not to get too level effects to the risk of saturating the output.
- Which instruments do you use?
bass, electric guitar and a guitar électroaccoustique.
+ a strength in so you can use this pedal for a guitar. chorus delay flanger effects etc ... distos and are quite usable with an electric guitar. Of course, in this context, some effects such as défretter will do nothing.

- Which ones you prefer, you hate?
+: 2x2 Chorus, the enhancer (great for the ringing slap), the stereo delay, the reverbs, the defretter (his fretless) and synth bass.

-: The effect Auto-slap is fun if you want to play disco, otherwise it is not very useful. At least to try out sounds really twisted, ring mod effect is useless.


- How long have you use it?
Since a year and a half.

- What is so special that you like most and least?
+: The next all-in-1. All effects can think of for a bass or guitar, from the best boss pedals.
+: The ability to chain effects in any order, which is usually the major weakness of multi-effects pedals from small simple.
+: All this for a emcombrement minimal (as in concert again, it is a significant point).

-: To quibble, the effect of ring-mod not pretty.

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Zoom pedals and a Pod. Ridiculous next to the GT-6B but not the same price range either.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
To date, the most complete for this award.

vinie31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-6B
See the website ROLAND France.
Multi effect pedals.
Prédalier the only gripe is not editable by PC ... difficult to move banks or sound effects or names. 100% digital effect with defects (digitization of sound) and benefits (100% editable).


Very easy to use in its design ... but it will take some time to turn the knobs before finding its covenants given the multitude of possibilities ... You can also change the order of effects, etc ... What do you know a minimum sound and know what you want and then get lucky ... The sounds of the factory unusable ... Maybe not a guitarist?
Manual in good French.
FYI: the tuner is available by pressing the pedal 2 switching. (Must read the manual).


Very good sound quality. I use it as a group even with the amp simulators ... I use it with an amp and a Markbass 210 Jazzbass. Be careful to put your amp settings neutral ....
Even if you are not adept effects simply to modify the equalization of a title to another or to compress a little add really something. I personally did not notice any deterioration in the bypass but a lower gain compared to a direct entry into the amp ... easily compensated with the gain.


I use it for 2 years. What I like most except the color has the strength and the buttons on the front ... I had a V-AMP before GT6B .... nothing to do but this is not the same price.
Over time I no longer use that great effects ... and I bypass the rest of the time except for the slap and I use a special EQ + compressor.
I really want to test the effects of 100% EHX analog type.
Feel free to test it because it is really worth .. especially considering the bargain price that I think is totally outrageous considering the quality of the pedals.
Kirmäha Eanriatt05/15/2007

Kirmäha Eanriatt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-6B
I bought this for my multi-effects bass a year of starting to play. The only effect I had bought previously was a distortion pedal. The GT6B has many possibilities, but a lot of flaws too, and it is on its flaws I'll start. Just for information, I play a Washburn with a Roland DB-700 amp which I love the color.
- Digital sampling is by no means clear: in bypass, the sound is very depleted. The EQ (not too ergonomic ..) would theoretically fill the defect when playing on the pedal, but it is clear that the sound has already killed at the entrance.
- The Wah is horribly broken in the low, and thus a huge boost does not catch up instantly.
- EQ, dynamics processors and all that is used to sculpt the sound clean (modelers Preamp ..) sounds low range.
- The pitchbend induced a large delay when playing quite annoying, however I do not know which induce it. I do not know if it's one in particular or not, but it really bothers me when I play.

I kept this pedal because after all the concerts she has undergone (and despite his own strength to Boss), it is not worth much used. It serves me well when I need to sound very clever hack, and some effects Disto / Phasing it can be conclusive. However it is far from the expected diversity of a multi-effects processor at that price .. Basically I use it only for large effects, and if I switch DAP-Audio when I play around in clean (true bypass, in fact ..).

I do not regret this purchase because it allowed me to do many things that bass players rarely make: D: D: D But I should invest in some good bases (Fuzz, Flanger, Phasing ... ) before I pay it because it's not good to train his ear to the effects.

As for superflux many complain, I do not agree: since this is just a pedal that is effective (in my opinion) than for larger sounds (though grimey in general) all the effects completely twisted and useless are welcome ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-6B
There are many "effects on this machine: compressor, eq, speaker cabinet simulation, simulation of preamp, chorus, flanger, octave, looper (syncrho pm), delay, reverb, defretter, ring modulator, enhancer, phaser, tremolo, autopan, synthbass, distos ... they are all digital bills (COSM).
Of course all these effects are editable with the usual parameters for each of these effects.
connectivity is very comprehensive, audio in (mono unfortunately) in jack, SPDIF out, XLR (it also DI) outputs are stereo, there is midi in / out, headphone jack, pedal ... it's very complete.


There is plenty of control in quickly carved facade to the sound, the pedals are very well thought out as they allow past or the patch on, off the effects in a patch. The foot control can switch to different mode thanks to a interuptor end position (it can also activate effects (wah, ring modulator, tune ...)
If you press the pedal 2 patch at the same time we pass on the tuner that is precise and does not answer.
edition of the effects is simple, there are still menus, but that's normal considering the number of parameter that contains each effet.neamoins, many of these parameters are assignable to third controller (Noon. ..)
we can choose the order of effects very simply.
the manual is not the clearest I've ever met, it lacks some concepts (it's about 80 pages and could have the purpose of clarity be more accurate and detailed over the different effects and different assignment feasible.
but I think a lot of bass that does not care about these gaps.

they could make to make the machine even more moduulaire (assigning multiple parameters of different effects on the expression pedal.
Usage requirements at the beginning is crazy (if you want to return the bacon, but after a few hours learning it is much more free.

edit: you can assign a total of 10 parameters simultaneously with the expression pedal is something crazy, I'm stuck!


The effects are very specific, very clean, despite their original digital no shortage of heat. biensur not the analog but ...
there are many different distortion with different grain, different compressor are interesting to listen to the amp simulation brings something real (at the base I did not care for the amp I wanted simus effects but ultimately, it tripp's enough and what approté of different colors to sound.

I use it on my 5 string noguera term but also mainly on my fretless Fender Jazzbass and my old synth korg monopoly.
well on simus amp imitate bass amps in my opinion is what earned him the appellation indeed low, some effects are more oriented bass (synth bass) but it n'empache not put anything in it entry.
the sound with my korg monopoly is just great, I have serious Tripp.

I like all effects, no real preference as long as he let me experience things.
you can really go to hyper twisted sounds as sound as a very clean sound very synthetic, or more classical effects (wah, for example)

the sound is really good, the signal to noise ratio is very low
(I plug the machine on my monitoring speakers (I have no bass amp).

Bypass is a true bypass circuit passes through an analog (also active only when delay and chorus effects, the respective wet dry are between the analog circuit and the effects ...


I have this past 2 weeks, I bought a little by chance, I tried it in the shop and I was captivated by the possibilities offered to me in a very short time (the looper is great It allows the sampled line with purpose, effect change and completed with a different effect ... the original presetqs are a crap (as so often ...) they have the boss effects with earplugs ... you have returned the machine to understand its true potential.
I really like the proposed number of effects and quality of this. I find it lacks a side more modular machine (aaaahhhhhhh we always want more ...) although it is already very malleable.
I tried many multi-effects pedals as well as simple before buying ...
value for money is interesting. because this machine offers many opportunities and a wide range of his simple manner (one machine) and effective (quality effect)
I do not know if I would do this choice, because each machine its own philosophy that brings a way to work differently, I wanted a machine to get out of his bass and twisted with my other, I took it ... I might have to turn to something else, It has been worked differently mauri ...

in any case I'm really surprised by the sound quality of this machine as well as the opportunities it offers, I hate to experiment, for that matter I have left you there is a red box with lots of buttons flashing on the floor ...

julien_LIV's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-6B
See other reviews
lack a USB connection to PC
otherwise good trs connectors (jack, XLR, MIDI, etc ...)


Configuration gnrale quite simple.
the main effects are hard on the case (knobs on the main rglages compressor, eq, reverb, delay, chorus and amp simulation)
Other settings of this effect and other effects (synth, phaser, flanger, wah, etc ...) in this REGULATE soft on the LCD.
Enormment settings for each effect of making the rather complicated rglage (length ..) but prcis trs.
the manual is clear enough for my taste (even if I rarely watch, I find useful information when I block a rglage)

rglage of the UP / DOWN BANK or PATCH trs is enjoyable. Indeed, "PATCH", you can add or remove some effects of cre patch, then used the 4 pads selection as spars pedals (for example, in a patch DISTO DELAY + + COMP, we can remove the distortion by keeping the other effects)


the effects are of very good quality.
both rock (comp, distortion) in funk (chorus, wah, etc ...), in electro (synth, etc ...) and it's perfect Fully parameter.

Amp simulator: not top .. but I do not care I have an Ampeg SVT 3 Pro Ampeg cabinets and two (4 and 1 * 10 * 15)

I use a 5 string Stingray PLO (until a real Musicman Stingray ...) and the effects go well, even with that bad.


I've had one month (370 euros Occasion with a fly-measure). in nine, even for 450 euros worth.
I love the simulator compressor dbx 160. I leave all the time, he fucks her in the potato.
I do not like the tuner (it is prcis but you have to press a little button to activate it, then bend down, it would prfrable t have a button at the bottom).

MODEL I compare this with the POD XT Live: The Boss is better for effects, and less well for the simulations (the pod is really made for a).

Much better than the Boss ME-50B (not regulating and sounds so good).

I will keep it for a while, I think!

pesson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-6B
hello, I just bought a gt-6b. Very nice machine but where can you find a manual in FRENCH internet ????????????? Help ????


[/ B] Very good sound and easy enough job


Very good qualitbr />

I for 1 month

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-6B
Preamp, bass multi-effects, for details, see below.


Using not too complicated, as always with a clear manual boss.


This is where it Coisse. The sounds are really bad. Unusable in a group, it's just good for the clone Pascal Mulot! Below any definition, not at all realistic preamp, effects for most useless (and I do not mean the factory presets, sad ...)


Some pedals (boss, for example) are well chosen and it is cheaper and it will sound ten times better ...
Doktor Sven08/10/2004

Doktor Sven's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss GT-6B
Pdalier multi-purpose full and trs pr-amp modlisation. Numrique technology. For dtail of the rglages pramp, effects, etc. of the connector, consult the manufacturer's website (which does nothing else, dailleurs).
Two operating modes:
- You select the banks with the switches at the top and patches with the lower four switches,
- Select one or patches with the switches at the top and the bottom four effects operate as spares pedals (distortion, comp, because 1 and 2)

No dditeur Mac / PC despite the pressing demands of users around the world (see this issue advice dHarmony Central difiant EST)
CATEGORY in the multi-effects for bass, cest loud and clear, there is no better. I put 9 Paske perfection is not of this world .. and lacks an external effects loop ...


Relatively simple configuration to for the settings (section pramp, q, compressor, effects, etc..), It is possible either configs OF USE RULES pr-rglages according to current each effect, or you can dive in the dtails paramtrages.
Edition trs comfortable custom settings effects, sometimes a little abstruse for the subtleties of type assignment on the pedals dexpression
Overall, the manual does help, provided of course DTRE compltement bilingual (the manual is in English) and enter what is for the settings
Otherwise a mthode works well, cest edit custom settings and turn the knob to see what was :-)

7 / 10, one point at least for once lost the manual ...

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>Update of 10.8.04: Control the pedals is really a good idea, you can assign any nimporte paramtre almost. Cest very useful to activate a fleeting effect as if a CTAIT deffet pedals, without changing the patch (in fact, there is a little lag time when changing patch, and right mid-piece, may be teachers).
Small dtail which is not a nen: laccordeur Intgr is a disgrace! Hyper inaccurate, not stable, dcroche compltement in the grave. Pass the grave r dun Drop D, must be hanging around for a good 10 seconds that it identifies the note, and he reperd aussitt. To me who only plays on 5-string and detuned often, it's true trs blowing! One point less for this thing to sigh, unforgivable considering the price!</span>


Effects on grain typically Boss (some say cold, I think is a better term prcis adquate). For now used only with the bass, then we'll see if it works for other process instruments
For now jai not yet fully explored but much jaime phaser, wah, loctaver is not bad when pushed to its limits not, and the chorus is cool.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>Update of 10/08/04: As with all effects, care must be taken not to overuse modulations and other flangers, Star Trek-sounding fast if you push a little too over the Dry / Wet. on the other hand, lassign of these effects to the tempo is really convenient, you can lock the note, the black or the white trs cool</span>


I lay for a week, I will wash APRS days a little more time OF USE
Compared my old Korg, the leap is indniable. A patch per song, the possibility dassigner a parameter on the pedals of CONTRL to trigger a fleeting effect without changing the patch, a fully assignable pedals and settings dexpression

Not specially mentioned in the manual in English well and totally dnu pdagogie that my recall of certain manuals infmes magntoscopes coren

The color red is a little less ugly in person than in the image .. only a few

Overall, a good machine trs

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>Update of 10/08/04:

Apart from small criticisms above, I do not regret my purchase. If you intressent effects, consider this machine. Cest cest sure sucks to have to look all the time to edit his pRSET, but once all good rgl EST nickel! Srement can beat the rack, but with the pdalier control MIDI-lugging and then in addition to the rack, cest galre if you add a wah and / or volume pedals we swim fast in the cblage and shit</span>