DigiTech BP200
DigiTech BP200

BP200, Bass Multi-Effect from DigiTech in the BP series.

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All user reviews for the DigiTech BP200

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 9 reviews )
 4 reviews44 %
 2 reviews22 %
 1 user review11 %
 2 reviews22 %
Audience: Beginners
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FateFelledVictim's review

DigiTech BP200
As far as I know, you can plug this into a computer. The effects are a basic chorus, flanger, and other basic modulations, pong, spread, and mono delay, with distortion and other amp modeling and various effects built in as well. It is digital technology, or at least that is what guitar center told me. The main cool aspect of the pedal is that the effects are all editable. I believe you can edit them on the computer, and if not, there are forums to help you through the effects making process. The manual is somewhat unclear, and as it was easier for me to mess around on my own rather than read it, I believe that it is pretty vague. There are the basic midi and audio jacks, with headphone jack and the adapter outlet with input and output.


The Digitech BP200 is, in my opinion, only good for beginners. This pedal is good for those who want to just dab in effects or get started learning and making there own unique sound. The pedal starts off as an amazing purchase, 80 different effects, a built in tuner, and an expression pedal. It is built solid enough to travel with, and isn’t unbelievably bulky or heavy. The first couple effects you make will be lackluster, but will slowly start to be acceptable. The built in tuner is normally decently accurate, but you will need to be able to tune by ear to get your tone exactly right. The cons of this pedal outweigh the positives. The tuner may be right half the time, but as said before, it will make mistakes. The pedal also Another large negative is that over time, one of the stomp pedals wears out, and over time, will stop working. My main complaint though, lies in the effects themselves. Each of them, other than the extremely odd or cool ones, have one that is almost exactly the same. When editing the effects, you run into the problem of everything sounding alike. The menus are also very confusing if you have no idea what you are looking at. The amp modeling often times comes out with either too little or too much gain, which is adjustable to an extent, but really doesn’t help it. Everything also has a tendency to sound really digitalized, which some people want, but this doesn’t sound very real. The only part that is really awesome about this pedal is the strings effect, the expression pedal, and the ability to make kind of cool effects if you know what you are doing. If you want to get a really good multi-effects pedal, go with the boss ME series or the GT’s if you have a lot of extra money.


The effects all sound kind of animated and digitalized rather than fat and solid. The chorus, strings, and the ashdown amp model are my personal favorites, but the delay synth and distortion are alright once you get used to them. The worst effects, in my opinion, are the overdrives and the basic effects, as they all sound the same unless tweaked. The I use a Dean bass with EMG's and an Peavey amp with this pedal, and I have no problem with my guitar on the clean settings, but once I plug this in I get hissing. I have used three different Fender cords and they all did it.


I have been using this product for nearly 8 months, and my favorite thing is the ability to edit the effects. My very least favorite thing, however is that the effects like to change themselves when they are not being used. Despite all the setbacks, this pedal is still better than the lower models. For the price, the list of effects is impressive, but the sound quality is horrid. Overall, I would say that the pedal needs to be a little cheaper, or more authentic to the actual sounds of the effects. Adding to that, I probably would not have bought this bass pedal, but rather the Boss ME-50B.
MGR/Steve H.08/18/2004

MGR/Steve H.'s review"Digitech BP200 Modeling Bass Processor"

DigiTech BP200
I bought this processor off of www.Zzounds.com for $145.99. That may seem a little pricey, but hell its worth it. I play bass and instead of buying one pedal for each effect, i bought this.

I like that this unit has over 10 different effects. It also has 16 different Cabinet models. It has Delay, and Reverb, it also has an expression pedal built in to it so you can control whammy or wah. I also like the fact the you can create you're own effects by combining them and adding different cabinet models.


It has a SOLID metal construction unlike that plastic Zoom 605 Model. This pedal will withstand almost anything.

If you are a bassist and need a few effects, don't spend hundreds on seperate pedals, buy this and you will use it very often. Another great thing about this processor is that it works well with electric guitars too.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Octavio Bassman Beristain.07/04/2004

MGR/Octavio Bassman Beristain.'s review"Digitech BP 200"

DigiTech BP200
Musician Friend $150..

I bought the BP200 because the captions simply said if you can buy, buy! So i did...

Very mixed feeling, I expected very expresive effects, but half are simply noise, and quite similar to "others". the amount was like 150.00 And rather it is a alright system to program your own, I think out of 100 presets I use 4, one I made.

The color is like a hangover ... the knobs work very digital, and unpredictably... You runthem anfor a few instants it ignores you and suddenly it runs... weird.

This unit does not take humuidity at all at a gig it started to funk out seriously, yes it as humid but this was the only piece that blitzed out... Zero tolerance under stress... no gigs again for it.

The apperance and building is tops... Good manual.. And good looks... PERIOD.

Look this unit is okay but not for the price. I feel like I should have bought a BOSS pedal... But gave Digitech a chance.. Maybe next time I will go to an expert... not them.

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MGR/?'s review"Digitech BP 200"

DigiTech BP200
Bought this at local music store for $350 canadian

-Good Value
-Easy to Use
-Highly Customizable
-Built in tuner
-Built in rythym training drum machine

-A considarable amount of hiss can be heard when you're not playing anything, but this can easily be fixed by putting the pedal in an effects loop, or using the built in noise gate

-Well Made, good quality construction

Overall I think This Is a good buy, Much cheaper than buying separate stompboxes and effects. Check out the Digitech site to find out all of the features. If you dont really want the expression pedal I would suggest just buying the bp 50

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Paul Johnson04/10/2003

MGR/Paul Johnson's review"Digitech BP200 Version 1.1"

DigiTech BP200
I bought this unit for $150 at my local Guiter Center store. I had been playing bass for many years, and wanted to consolidate my tuner, compresser, and noise gate together, and also wanted to try some mild effects to slightly color the sound. The type of music I play doesn't lend itself to very bizarre effects, and this unit allows me to taylor your effects to sound exactly like I want them to sound.

Has 40 factory-preset effects and 40 user banks to program your own effects. Very versatile. You can create an almost infinite variety of effects. You can copy any of the presets to any user bank to give you a starting point (Factory default is with all the user banks being identical to the factory preset banks). You can also copy any user bank to any other user bank.

The user interface is very user-friendly and fairly easy to figure out, even without reading the manual. You should read it, though because while it could be a little more detailed, it is well-written and contains a lot of good information that you may not immediately see from just playing with the unit.

The effects are good quality, and most of the factory presets are pretty good as they are without needing to modify them. Of course, this will depend on your own tastes and musical style.

At first, I was skeptical about the expression pedal and didn't think I would have any use for it. However, after playing with the unit and programming some of my own effects, I found that the pedal can be programmed for almost any single parameter of an effect, such as delay time, decay, various gains, and the effect level. This makes it very easy to adjust the effect you are using without having to switch to another bank.

Another cool feature is the built-in tuner. You just press and hold both foot pedals and you have an instant tuner that displays the notes you are playing, and also mutes the output so the audience doesn't hear you tuning.

There is little to complain about except for one thing: the hiss. If you connect it as shown in the manual with your bass plugged into the input and the output connected to your amp's input, the amount of hiss is unacceptable, even with the unit in "bypass" mode. It gave my sound man fits. I ended up plugging my bass directly into my amp and using its effects loop for the Digitech. This gave very good results, with very little noticeable hiss and better sound quality. The hiss without the effects loop was so bad that I would not recommend that anyone buy this unit unless they plan on using it with an effects loop.

Appears to be fairly rugged. Is made out of metal and plastic. No complaints here.

Even if you aren't into effects for your bass and just use the tuner, the compresser, the noise gate, and the amp modeling feature, it's definitely worth the money. You will probably need to spend time programming and tweaking your own effects to get the sound you want, but it's not at all hard to program. When you play on stage or record, just remember to use your amp's effects loop.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/thelighterthief's review"digitech BP 200"

DigiTech BP200
I play in a futuristic band (the verve meets kraftwerk?) and therefore required more versatility of sound than normally desirable from a bassist.

I bought it a couple of months back in Denmark street, London for the princely sum of £149. I am aware of the fact that it can be bought online but seriously recommend buying from a store that allows you to play new gear with a close match to your existing gear (J bass/small stack), and for as long as you need to.

I bought the unit for to increase the number of useable and interesting sounds I would have at my disposal.

Basically this unit digitally models amp/stompboxes and speaker cabinets, then allowing you to add gate, compression and defretted sounds. On top of this there are several effects. An expression pedal is also more useful than you would think (volume, depth of effect, echo length)

Most of the presets are a little extreme but you soon get the hang of it.

Subtlety is the key when making sounds, slight colouration is quite dramatic on the bass. My favourite current sounds are a deep fuzzy bass, a bootsy collins style ring mod, and a detuned defretted slightly distortion that sounds like several bowed double basses at once.

The display area could have been easier to navigate, although you can see the selcted sound clearly even in the dark.

Frankly, the things I don't like about this pedal I have no right to moan about at this price (I could have got 2 stompboxes for this price)

Here is where it stands out. It is a solidly built metal unit with solid feeling pedals. ( not plastic like the zoom 'equivalent')

well I couldn't afford the top end gear but this has definitely enhanced the contribution of the bass in our overall sound.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/reverend tom nob09/27/2002

MGR/reverend tom nob's review"Digitech BP 200 Multi-Effect"

DigiTech BP200
I got mine at guiter center for 149.95 plus tax. I had been looking at multi-effect pedals for a while, and at one point had settled on the zoom 607 (I think that's the right number, but anyway...). But then I found an article comparing it with the bp200(possibly at musiciansfriend.com), and my confidence was blown away. The bp200 had a 6-character alphanumeric (that's numbers and letters to you) display, as opposed to the zoom's 2 letter display. The bp200 had 24 bit converters, meaning that your bass tone stays truer after being processed than with the zoom's 16-bit converters. The bp200 came in a metal casing, while the zoom was all-plastic. I wasn't convinced when I heard that the bp200 cost $50 more, but then I read that it came with a power supply. The zoom one doesn't, and to get one, you have to $25, making the price gap only 25 dollars for an obviously superior product. I was then convinced.

Where to start? The effects are mostly great. They are all very tweakable, generally giving you three parameters to fool with, although some have two. The variety of effects is great - there really is only one thing I wish was here, but we'll get to that. The interface seems a little complicated at first, but it's actually quite intuitive. There is so little noise, that I think you might forget it's on when you aren't playing (which could be a problem live). The inclusion of a tuner was actually a really great idea, and it certainly adds to the completeness of this unit. There's an entire whammy pedal's functionality in here! All the whammy settings and all the harmony settings - and a whammy pedal alone costs $70 more than this multi-effect unit! Each effect is really versatile. The delays and reverbs are very good. You may get carried away, putting a little reverb and delay on every preset you create. This makes this little tool great for recording, besides being great live. If you're goal is to get sounds that are somewhat extreme, you can definitely use this box. You can get tones and effects that would cost thousands to duplicate with single effects and the real amps that are modeled in the bp200. If you're a Tool fan, for instance, you can get closer to Justin Chancellor's tone than I could with the 9-band eq on my amp. This thing does virtually anything a bass player could want, and I use some sounds that the average player does not. One thing that strikes me is that this is just so complete - so many effects, so much stuff to tweak, so many great little things. It's like a video game that really lets you go anywhere - this pedal let's you go anywhere, sonically. No matter what your style is, there's rarely a time when you think to yourself, I wish I could do this, because you really can go to far-out textured soundscapes with one little box.

I hate to pick, but I guess that's the point of an honest review. There are a few models of distortion pedals, but they are all fuzz. I like to use a more raw metal distortion for guitar-like solos, and you can't quite get that with the bp200. This makes sense, though, because I know that most bass players don't use this kind of distortion. It takes some practice to bypass the unit, because you have to press both foot pedals at the same time to bypass. This is kind of silly. Couldn't there just be a dedicated bypass pedal? Also, the unit interferes with eq on my amp, so I have to set the eq on my amp and the tone controls on my bass flat in order to bring out the best in the unit. Which is okay, but then I have to set things back when I want a tone that I want to use my amp for. Overall, though, these things have no effect on my opinion of the unit. They are really just afterthoughts. Probably the only thing that really does suck about this thing is that you cannot use certain effects together. There are various modules in the unit, one of which is the "effects" module. Only one of these effects (chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, octavider, envelope filter, synthtalk, pitch shifter, detune, and whammy) can be used at once. So, you can have one of these, plus fretless simulator/wah, compressor, amp/stompbox models, equalizer, cabinet modeling, noise gate, auto swell, delay and reverb. Why would they do this? I have no idea, but, rest assured it won't inhibit you too much - I mean, sure, I'd like chorus and whammy together, but you won't miss combinations like that too much. You had to make a trade-off for the price eventually. Promise me, it isn't as big of a deal as I thought it would. You can always get a single pedal if you really need a combo you can't get here.

The design is pretty nice - it's a sexy little thing. Nice curves. The paint's nice. The plastic buttons and pedals seem a little out of place in the overall aluminum landscape, but they are by no means flimsy. It would be nice if the thing could use batteries, but I know that it uses a special adapter because it runs on ac power, which is unusual (and, by the way, caused me quite an annoyance at guitar center because I had to deal with a guy other than my usual guy and this new guy thought he knew a lot more than I, but was, in fact, a total moron. End of spiel.) So I guess batteries would be out of the question.

This is a reaaly great pedal - I've already told you why. Great effects, lots of them, and a great package. I suggest any bass player who plays with more than one effect should buy this - it's about the price of 2 pedals, but with this you get like 20. Great for any recording artist or live performer - it will give you tons of ideas and open up entire new world's of bass playing - even if you don't want any other effects, the reverbs and delays are nearly professional quality, and will make you sound a lot better. If you have the money (I got it, and I'm broke. Do a couple of little crappy jobs - it's not much money), and you can get over not being able to use every effect with every other effect, buy it. You will not regret it

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

mattdll's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech BP200
There's the mess of the Modl in, amp, dfretteur, wah, modulation effects (flanger, chorus, phaser, delay ...), octaver, compression, and yammer rverb a speaker simulation with a noise gate. All this is delivered in a sturdy box mtallique (thankfully saw the time I spend the buggers). Ditable and everything is fairly intuitive. The manual is unclear, but in French, to compensate.


Everything is done by pressing two buttons and small with the three pots. The rglages are rapidemment and can play in changing the values ​​to see what we did. We do not lose too much, still happy! The fact that there are only two pedals of Appeal annoying program is trs, trs is confused and can quickly find themselves without sound scne (bad manipulation 'of program call). With three or four it would be easier beacoup.


The effects are a bit cold, the dfretteur ineffective, the wah saturated with slap and there is a big time raction during program change (a work in 12 bits). the rverbes are too numerous to see a diffrence Dlay make the same but everything is pretty flattering level son.je never use the compressor or the simulated amps and speakers that I is totally ridiculous, I only use the noise gate is a helpful and trs distos raliste little but make their case (big muff).


Okay, it's not too expensive but what is this crap. It reeks of numrique (other simulator is much more convincing) but fortunately the box rhythm catches it all, she rvle trs useful for work and home for rp you without a drummer. I think if it was again, just a box j'achterais pace without expression pedals flu ds squeaky pedals or the purchase of additional program call Interior that contact only when the highly sought trs (shot in his face tatane !!!). Average price quality ratio, we can still have fun with the same effect but for the price I prfr did not test the robustness of the case by tapping.

kurly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech BP200
Li are 23 type compressor fuzz simulateurde frettltess chorus of analog technology
they are not editable, connectque audio rack MODEL


It is simple asser for beginners, as the edition of the effects, for manual mine is in German I did not understand


The effects are effective for bass players wanting for beginners but I Basista intermdiare their advisors instead of buying an other models the effects are very realistic for a multi effects but is still below the sound of a pedal IT CAN BE USED I ordinairrs with my basse.tout I like the fact


About 4 months you can change the effect has its basis not like the zoom zoom so I buy the 607